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Lesson Transcript

Now that we know how to get to a table at a restaurant, we will cover getting by the table. First, you may have to get a hold of the staff. You can accomplish this by saying Sumimasen which means excuse me in Japanese. Su-mi-ma-se-n. Let’s break it down by syllable. Su-mi-ma-se-n. Altogether it’s Sumimasen. Once the waiter or waitress comes to your table, you can simply point to the menu and say this please. In Japanese, that would be Kore kudasai. Ko-re-ku-da-sa-i. Let’s break it down by syllable. That would be Ko-re-ku-da-sa-i.
Altogether it’s Kore kudasai. The first word kore means this. Let’s break this down and hear it one more time. kore, kore. This is followed by kudasai which in Japanese is please give me kudasai. ku-da-sa-i. kudasai. So altogether it’s Kore kudasai to mean this please. Now if you are feeling a little bit more ambitious, you could also ask, what do you recommend? In Japanese, that would be Nani ga o-susume desu ka? Na-ni-ga-o-su-su-me-de-su-ka? Let’s break it down by syllable. Na-ni-ga-o-su-su-me-de-su-ka? Now let’s hear it once again Nani ga o-susume desu ka? The first word nani means what, that’s nani, nani. This is followed by ga which in Japanese is a subject marker. This is followed by o-susume which means recommendation o-su-su-me. o-susume. That is followed by desuka. desu is copula and ka is the particle that turns the sentence into an interrogative.
Altogether now, it’s Nani ga o-susume desu ka? Na-ni-ga-o-su-su-me-de-su-ka? Got that so far? And now for Sachiko secret, the great thing about Japanese restaurants is that their menus often have pictures of the foods they are serving. So you can really get a feel for what is being served without being able to read the menu. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Sometimes they even have life size models of the meals displayed in a glass case outside their restaurant. Have you seen those in diet books? They are really useful not to mention really cute but beware. The portions might be much smaller than they seem in the picture or displays.
I felt betrayed many a times. Okay so to close our today’s lesson, let’s practice what you have just learned. I will give you the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud in Japanese. You got that. I will give you a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck Ganbatte kudasai. excuse me. Sumimasen. Su-mi-ma-se-n. Sumimasen. This please Kore kudasai. Ko-re-ku-da-sa-i. Kore kudasai. and lastly what do you recommend? Nani ga o-susume desu ka? Na-ni-ga-o-su-su-me-de-su-ka? Nani ga o-susume desu ka? All right, that’s going to do it for today. See you later which in Japanese is Matane.