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Lesson Transcript

Chigusa: チグサです。
Peter: Peter here. Celebrity survival phrases #8. You have the wrong person. Chigusa san, what are we working on today?
Chigusa: Today?
Peter: You can be honest. What are we working on?
Chigusa: We are working on how to tell someone that they’ve got the wrong person.
Peter: So in short for these people at least, for these celebrities?
Chigusa: They are lying.
Peter: There it is.
Chigusa: And trying to get away.
Peter: So nice lying lesson for you.
Chigusa: Yes.
Peter: So we have Johnny Depp and we also have another person just a random stranger. We are going to show you how Johnny gets away and we are going to work on actually some other ways to get away. Sound good?
Chigusa: Let’s get away.

Lesson focus

Peter: Sounds great. Here we go.
Johnny :明治神宮はどこですか?
Female: あの鳥居が入り口です。
Johnny: ありがとうございます。
Female: あのお……もしかして、ジョニ-・デップさんじゃないですか?
Johnny: ああ、いつも間違われます。彼は私の兄です。そっくりでしょ?
Female: きゃああ! ジョニーデップの弟さん? サイン下さい!
Johnny: ええっ? 似てるだけです。
Female: なーんだ……。
Female: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Johnny :めいじじんぐうは、どこですか?
Female: あの、とりいが、いりぐちです。
Johnny: ありがとうございます。
Female: あのお……もしかして、ジョニ-・デップさんじゃ、ないですか?
Johnny: ああ、いつも、まちがわれます。かれは、わたしの、あにです。そっくりでしょ?
Female: きゃああ! ジョニーデップの、おとうとさん? サイン、ください!
Johnny: ええっ? にてる、だけです。
Female: なーんだ…。
Johnny :明治神宮はどこですか?
Male: Where is the Meiji shrine?
Female: あの鳥居が入り口です。
Male: That archery is the entrance.
Johnny: ありがとうございます。
Male: Thank you.
Female: あのお…もしかして、ジョニ-・デップさんじゃないですか?
Male: Ah by chance, are you Johnny Depp?
Johnny: ああ、いつも間違われます。彼は私の兄です。そっくりでしょ?
Male: Oh people are always making that mistake. He’s my older brother. I look just like him, right?
Female: きゃああ! ジョニーデップの弟さん? サイン下さい!
Male: Wow! Johnny Depp’s younger brother, your autograph please.
Johnny: ええっ?
Male: What?
Male: I just look like him.
Female: なーんだ…。
Peter: I see.
Peter: So Chigusa san, what did you think?
Chigusa: Umm pretty good but um the stranger still wants the brother’s autograph too right. So it didn’t really…work.
Peter: Yeah. We need a little better strategy, yeah.
Chigusa: But still.
Peter: Not effective but…
Chigusa: But the phrase itself should be
Peter: Yeah maybe we save them a picture you know like their autograph would have been followed by hey can I have your picture. So maybe yeah he’s lucky that he only got away with the autograph.
Chigusa: Yeah.
Peter: Now Chigusa san, have you ever been approached for an autograph?
Chigusa: Um…A few times.
Peter: Really? And what did you say?
Chigusa: I was happy too.
Peter: Really? What did you do?
Chigusa: Because it really rarely happens.
Peter: Trust me. If you ever show up to one of these japanesepod101.com get together, oh that would be in high demand. In fact I know because I met some listeners on a train once. They have the PDFs out and I was like, are those japanesepod101.com PDFs and they were like yeah.
Chigusa: Wow!
Peter: And so we started talking and they weren’t that interested in me like oh you’re Peter, oh that’s great but the other girls, hey Natsuko, Sakura, Chigusa, do you know them? Do you work – you work with them right?
Chigusa: Ah are you serious?
Peter: Serious.
Chigusa: Wow!
Peter: So just got to find some listeners and your autograph would be in high demand. So what we are going to do here is go over some terms and then we are going to work on some patterns, some escape patterns. So Chigusa san, what do we have first?
Chigusa: 鳥居
Peter: Shinto shrine archway.
Chigusa: と・り・い、鳥居
Peter: Followed by
Chigusa: 入り口
Peter: Entrance, gate.
Chigusa: い・り・ぐ・ち、入り口
Peter: Now this word is great because you can use this with the magical va to let people know you are looking for the entrance to anything すみません、入り口は? and Chigusa, that pretty much sums up the fact that you are looking for the entrance and you want directions. 入り口は? there it is. So, great word. Now, opposite, if you want to get out of some place, what would you say?
Chigusa: 出口は
Peter: Where is the 出口where is the exit? Now the ‘where is’ part is inferred. That’s where the magical は(va) comes in here but that is a topic for another day. Here we want to focus on 入り口 entrance and 出口exit. Next we have
Chigusa: そっくり
Peter: Just like. The spitting image of.
Chigusa: そっ・く・り、そっくり
Peter: Is it the spitting image or the splitting image? I always thought it was this, like a spitting image.
Chigusa: Spitting image?
Peter: I always thought it was the splitting image. So maybe we got a typo here. Yeah so we are going to have to look into that one, the spitting image. All right yeah and next we have
Chigusa: サイン
Peter: Autograph, signature.
Chigusa: サ・イ・ン、サイン
Peter: Now this can also be used to mean sign as in sign something. You will hear a Japanese person say サインしてください please sign it.
Chigusa: Yes.
Peter: And next we have
Chigusa: 似てる
Peter: Look like.
Chigusa: に・て・る、似てる
Peter: There were two escape patterns in today’s conversation. Now the first part it’s kind of, we are not going to go over the first part. It is very straightforward. Where is Meiji shrine, there is the entrance. Thank you, hey wait a second! Aren’t you? Let's think of – well actually before we do this pattern, so let’s just look at that line.
Chigusa: あのー…もしかして、ジョニー・デップさんじゃないですか?
Peter: Hey umm maybe aren’t you Johnny Depp. So you will hear this pattern when someone has some knowledge. So they know – they’ve seen his picture. They’ve seen his movies. So this じゃないですか is the pattern for a tag question. ジョニー・デップさんじゃないですか? Mr. Johnny Depp, aren’t you? First part adds just the degree of certainty もしかしてmaybe. Why would Johnny Depp happen to be here. So not complete certainty but this tag questionじゃないですか Aren’t you this person チグサさんじゃないですか? Aren’t you Ms. Chigusa?
Chigusa: ピーターさんじゃないですか?
Peter: Aren’t you Peter? So this is the pattern and then we have the escape routes. Here we go. First one was
Chigusa: ああ…いつも間違われます。
Peter: Ah people always make that mistake.
Chigusa: 彼は私の弟です。
Peter: He is my brother.
Chigusa: そっくりでしょ?
Peter: I look just like him, right? Again Johnny comes up with this really good Japanese. Now what’s nice in here is the そっくりでしょ like look just like him. This really adds the fact that the person is making a mistake that he can say yeah, no I look just like him. Okay we will use Chigusa Yamaguchi. So how could we say, it’s my sister because here it’s Johnny Depp. This wouldn’t work if it's an actress. So if it’s an actress, let’s just change this pattern to suit a female speaker.
Chigusa: ああ…よく間違われます。彼女は私の妹です。そっくりでしょ?
Peter: And let’s just have that middle sentence one more time?
Chigusa: 彼女は私の妹です。
Peter: So the word for he is substituted and we add the word for she which is
Chigusa: 彼女
Peter: Just break that down.
Chigusa: か・の・じょ、彼女
Peter: Then we have
Chigusa: 私の
Peter: Followed by
Chigusa: 妹です
Peter: Which is ‘younger sister.’ Just break this down.
Chigusa: い・も・う・と、妹
Peter: Well, in today’s conversation, it worked out. Johnny was able to make the person think that he was the younger brother but it didn’t work because as Chigusa san pointed out, he had a sign anyway. Now the second pattern is pretty good too. I just look like him. Can we have that?
Chigusa: 似てるだけです。
Peter: I just look like him. So these are two ways to get out of it and both are very effective. Now if you want to be nice and give the person the signature, what can you say?
Chigusa: はい、もちろん。
Peter: Of course and that’s really one way to keep a fan. Can you just break this down for us?
Chigusa: も・ち・ろ・ん、もちろん
Peter: All right. So what do you think? I think people are going to use this.
Chigusa: Yeah.
Peter: And if you stop by japanesepod101.com, we are going to test you on this because we are going to ask for your signature.
Chigusa: Yes.
Peter: Sign our wall of fame for all visitors. All right, Chigusa san, so any other advice for our celebrities out there?
Chigusa: I am sure a lot of people would use もちろん because a lot of celebrities are nice right?
Peter: I think so too. Yeah they are just – they are down to earth, approachable and it’s a great chance to practice your Japanese while you are in Japan?
Chigusa: Yeah. Oh so you can say 似てるだけです or 彼は私の弟ですand then say うそー!  もちろん。
Peter: Wait! Let’s just back up which is うそ is
Chigusa: Just kidding or just lying.
Peter: Well so you can say, I look just like him or I am the younger brother and then if you had the うそ it’s just kidding and then you can add the
Chigusa: もちろん
Peter: Because you are a nice celebrity.
Chigusa: Yes. Then you can make the perfect impression on your fan.


Peter: All right. So that is going to do it for today.
Chigusa: またね!
Peter: Chigusa san, thank you again for stopping by.
Chigusa: Thank you Peter for having me too.
Peter: All right, see you next time.


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