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Lesson Transcript

Natsuko: こんにちは。ナツコです。
Peter: Peter here. Celebrity survival phrases, lesson 5. Where Would You Like to Visit?
Natsuko: Umm.
Peter: Yes.
Natsuko: That’s a very common question as well, right?
Peter: Definitely and since Japan has so many places to visit, yeah it’s going to pop up. So today we are going to work on understanding the question and responding. Now, we should warn you Natsuko san, what do you think of the Japanese level, I mean grammatical level and well, the overall level of this lesson?
Natsuko: Umm quite advanced.
Peter: Yeah this is definitely not your – yikes! I don’t know what to do but since Natsuko san is here, it won’t be a problem. Now Natsuko san, if you are coming to Japan and you are a celebrity, Natsuko san will be more than happy to show you around.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: For hire interpreting. What do you think, Natsuko san?
Natsuko: Interesting.
Peter: Yeah I think more than that, what’s interesting is, I’ve been throwing my propositions and things at you for a year and a half now and this is the first time that we’ve had a really positive result and response from…
Natsuko: Okay.
Peter: Okay. So we are back with the interviewer and our Japanese Johnny Depp. Now anything we want to warn them about?
Natsuko: Just start.

Lesson focus

Peter: Okay here we go.
Female staff: 滞在中、プライベードで行ってみたい所はありますか?
Johnny: はい、京都に行ってみたいです。
Female staff: なぜですか?
Johnny: 日本の歴史に興味があります。
Female staff: 東京でも、明治神宮という大きな神社がありますよ。
Johnny: そうですか。ぜひ行ってみます。ありがとうございます。
Female: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Female staff: たいざいちゅう、プライベードで、いってみたいところは、ありますか?
Johnny: はい、きょうとに、いってみたいです。
Female staff: なぜですか?
Johnny: にほんの、れきしに、きょうみが、あります。
Female staff: とうきょうでも、めいじじんぐうという、おおきなじんじゃが、あります。
Johnny: そうですか。ぜひ、いってみます。ありがとうございます。
Female: 次は英語が入ります。
Female staff: 滞在中、プライベードで行ってみたい所はありますか?
Male: On your own time, are there any places that you’d like to try and see during your stay?
Johnny: はい、京都に行ってみたいです。
Male: Yeah I’d like to try and see Kyoto.
Female staff: なぜですか?
Male: Why?
Johnny: 日本の歴史に興味があります。
Male: I am interested in Japanese history.
Female staff: 東京でも、明治神宮という大きな神社がありますよ。
Male: But in Tokyo, we have the famous Meiji-jingu
Johnny: そうですか。ぜひ行ってみたいと思います。ありがとうございます。
Male: Oh really, I will definitely try and go. Thank you so much.
Peter: So Natsuko san, what did you think?
Natsuko: Um Kyoto is highly recommendable.
Peter: Yeah. More than that, it is the Japanese history, interest of Johnny Depp but yeah if you do like history, that is the place to go.
Natsuko: Even if you don’t like history, Kyoto is a nice place to visit.
Peter: Excellent point. Oh Natsuko, you are really on today. Okay let’s take over – I am just going to relax.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: お願いします。
Natsuko: 滞在中
Peter: During a stay.
Natsuko: た・い・ざ・い・ちゅ・う、滞在中
Peter: Next.
Natsuko: プライベート
Peter: Private.
Natsuko: ぷ・ら・い・べ・え・と、プライベート
Peter: Followed by
Natsuko: 京都
Peter: Former capital of Japan, Kyoto city.
Natsuko: きょ・う・と、京都
Peter: Next we have
Natsuko: 歴史
Peter: History.
Natsuko: れ・き・し、歴史
Peter: Finally we have
Natsuko: 興味
Peter: Interest.
Natsuko: きょ・う・み、興味
Peter: Okay. Natsuko san, let’s get right in. What do we have first?
Natsuko: 滞在中、プライベードで行ってみたい所はありますか?
Peter: During your stay in Japan, is there someplace you’d like to visit in your free time? Let’s take a look at the components. First we have
Natsuko: 滞在中
Peter: During the stay. So in this case, it’s during Japanese Johnny Depp’s stay in Japan.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: During the stay followed by
Natsuko: プライベートで
Peter: Private. And here we have the particle で. Here it is by way of. So private. Natsuko san, what are we talking about here, private?
Natsuko: Not on business.
Peter: So on leisure, on your free time when you are not tied up with these conferences, these meetings, these dinners.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: When you have some time, your free time.
Natsuko: 行ってみたい
Peter: Want to try to go. Next.
Natsuko: 所
Peter: Place.
Natsuko: は
Peter: Topic marking particle.
Natsuko: ありますか?
Peter: There is.
Natsuko: か
Peter: Question. Literally ‘during your stay in Japan, in your free time, want to try to go place, is there.’ So is there some place you want to try to go to on your stay in Japan? The answer to this is
Natsuko: はい。
Peter: Yes.
Natsuko: 京都に行ってみたいです。
Peter: I want to try to go to Kyoto. Now I keep saying I want to try to but you will see why we are putting this in here. You know, we kind of want to get this into your mind. The translation will be, I want to go to Kyoto but I guess it kind of works here. I want to try to go to because he is going to be tied up. So he is going to be busy.
Natsuko: Yeah right.
Peter: So you want to try to get there. Let’s have the parts.
Natsuko: 京都
Peter: Kyoto.
Natsuko: に
Peter: To. Here again, we have a direction verb. So we are going to use this as a direction marking particle, to.
Natsuko: 行ってみたい
Peter: Want to try to go.
Natsuko: です
Peter: Here this is for politeness. So the です here is then translated as a verb. It’s for the politeness level, increasing the politeness level of the sentence.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: So we have Kyoto to want to try to go. Again no subject inferred that it’s you that wants to try to go.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: Then the interviewer
Natsuko: なぜですか?
Peter: Why, why is that?
Natsuko: 日本の歴史に興味があります。
Peter: I am interested in Japanese history. First we have
Natsuko: 日本
Peter: Japan.
Natsuko: の
Peter: Possessive.
Natsuko: 歴史
Peter: Japan’s history.
Natsuko: に
Peter: Here a direction, in.
Natsuko: 興味
Peter: Interest.
Natsuko: が
Peter: Subject marker.
Natsuko: あります
Peter: There is. Polite form of ある, the verb to exist for inanimate things. Again check the PDF for these detailed grammar write ups but we have here Japan’s history in interest there is. I am interested in Japanese history and we stop there. Now, a couple of things we want to point out here. First is, this structure てみたい Now way beyond the grammar of this lesson, you can check the PDF but we want to work on a structure with you and its location followed by the particle に followed by
Natsuko: 行ってみたい
Peter: So I want to try to go to the destination.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: So if I come to Japan and I want to try to go to Kyoto, I would say
Natsuko: 京都に行ってみたいです。
Peter: How about Sapporo in Hokkaido?
Natsuko: 札幌(さっぽろ)に行ってみたいです。
Peter: How about Kyushu?
Natsuko: 九州に行ってみたいです。
Peter: So wherever you want to go is placed before the particle に and followed by
Natsuko: 行ってみたい
Peter: You can add the des to increase the politeness level.
Natsuko: You can also use this for general places like ラーメン屋に行ってみたいです。
Peter: I want to try to go to a Ramen shop. That sounds nice. Yeah, wherever you want to go, you put that in front and it’s followed by this. Now the nuance here is that you would like to go but you don’t know if the schedule is going to allow for it.
Natsuko: Yeah. Also you’ve never been there before.
Peter: Yes.
Natsuko: It’s the first time.
Peter: First time to do something. And the schedule will or won’t allow for it. So it differs from the fact that I want to go to. Now I want to go to here. It’s a different structure. This is – has those two nuances to it.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: One more structure, interested in something.
Natsuko: 興味があります。
Peter: Yeah and the thing you are interested in is marked by
Natsuko: に
Peter: So if someone who comes over is interested in baseball, they would say
Natsuko: 野球に興味があります。
Peter: The word for baseball being.
Natsuko: 野球
Peter: Break it down.
Natsuko: や・きゅ・う、野球
Peter: Then this will be followed by
Natsuko: に
Peter: Particle に and then
Natsuko: 興味があります。
Peter: 興味があります So ‘ever interested’ in comes first followed by に and then
Natsuko: 興味があります。
Peter: And this is a really nice and sophisticated way to tell someone what you are interested in.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: So between these two structures, you can now tell people what you are interested in if you have the word and where you want to go.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: So yeah, we are starting to build it up. I think some of these celebrities will be able to get there, make their way through some of these interviews.
Natsuko: Yeah I hope so.


Peter: Yeah. So I think that’s going to do it for today.
Natsuko: じゃ、また今度。


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