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Lesson Transcript

Yoshi&Jun: おはよう東京。ワールドカップスペシャルでございます!ウーッ!
Yoshi: ヨシです。
Jun: ジュンです。
Peter: Peter here. Today we have a very special World Cup special. That didn’t make much sense. We interrupt today’s usual broadcasting to bring you a World Cup special. Now as many of you know Japan made the World Cup and today is their first game. To speak about that game we brought in a special guest. Now this guy knows football, or for the US, soccer. How much does he know about football? His illustrious career started in elementary school. He played through middle school, then high school. Then rather than going to university here he went all the way to England, not to study, not to learn English, not for the girls, but for what did you go for Jun San?
Jun: Playing football.
Peter: Come on baby, it’s the World Cup today.
Jun: Yeah.
Peter: When was the last time you played soccer?
Jun: I usually play it every weekend.

Lesson focus

Peter: Yeah. He knows all about soccer. The minute one of the most important players from the Japanese squad was cut he got an email. Simultaneously we have him in here today to speak about the team, let you know about the prospects, let you know all about what’s going on here in Japan because let me tell you, right now the only talk at the office is about tonight’s game. Now Jun San, who is Japan playing tonight?
Jun: Australia.
Peter: Australia. Now we have a lot of listeners in Australia, a lot of listeners so we would like to wish you two the best of luck. We are not playing favorites here, well I am not playing favorites here. Maybe Jun, Jun, who do you want to win?
Jun: Of course Japan.
Peter: So we can’t, we can’t promise a non bios show but we can wish you luck right now. So the best of luck to you. We know that your squad is very improved and we are looking forward to seeing today’s match. Ok Jun, so let’s let the Australian people know who is good out there, what’s going on with Japan’s team. So first who should the Australians watch out for? Who is the best player on the Japanese team?
Jun: Nakata.
Peter: What’s his first name?
Jun: Hidetoshi Nakata
Peter: Yoshi San do you agree?
Yoshi: Yes.
Peter: What’s so good about him?
Yoshi: His hair cut.
Peter: Alright Jun. Tell us about Nakata. What’s so good about Nakata?
Jun: I think Nakata is our key player and he’s very developed for a long time to play and he had lots of experience to play against the European people.
Peter: He is the one to watch out for?
Jun: Yeah
Peter: He is gonna make it happen. Nakata, what position does he play?
Jun: Defensive midfielder but I think he always plays upfront.
Peter: He is all over the field, that’s why he is so good. Alright. Who is next?
Jun: I think Nakamura. He is also a very good player and he is usually making, you know, control the game.
Peter: Alright. So he is another player to watch out for. He is also a midfielder?
Jun: Yeah.
Peter: Ok. So the Japanese midfield is the strongest point?
Jun: Yeah
Peter: Alright. Now any other players to watch out for?
Jun: Umm, Takahara.
Peter: I heard about him. Yoshi San, have you heard about this guy?
Yoshi: Yes.
Peter: What about him? Tell me something about this guy?
Jun: He played in Germany and scored lots of goals, a lot of goals. And he played in Germany and he scored a lot of goals.
Peter: Alright, so he is up on the attack. Who else? Who else do the Aussies have to watch tonight?
Jun: Fukunishi
Peter: Fukunishi? I never heard of him, come on. What’s so good about him?
Jun: Fukunishi is always, just trying to make a balance of the team so when the balance is not very good, like you know, he is trying to adjust the team position.
Peter: So Fukunishi, he kinda plays the role of if Nakata goes he falls back
Jun: Yes.
Peter: If Nakata is back he goes up or they kinda work in tandem.
Jun: Yeah.
Peter: Alright. So this is it. These are the players you want to listen for.
Jun: Yeah so basically like a midfielder, it's like a very important point of Japan. If the midfield doesn’t play well, which means, you know, Japan is gonna lose.
Peter: So everything rests on the feet of these guys, I got it. Alright. So now we got that established. Let’s talk a little bit about the team itself. Now who is the coach? We hear so much about the coach.
Jun: Coach is Zico, the famous Brazilian person, historically famous. He played 3 times in the world cup and everybody knows him.
Peter: What do you think of him?
Jun: He is a great player.
Peter: Like this is on the player.
Jun: Yeah, he is special as a player, but as a coach
Peter: Say it Jun, let it all out.
Jun: Have some questions about him, you know, his tactics or his way to choose, you know, any tactics or just every doubt about this...
Peter: His methods I know.
Jun: His methods and his, yeah, thinking.
Peter: Now recently young people are very passionate about soccer and today everybody is talking about the game tonight. The game, the game, the game. So we are gonna wait and see what happens but again, more about what’s going on here. Now this year’s what’s the name of the team? Yoshi San, they have a special name and it’s associated with the color. Give us that name in Japanese please?
Yoshi: サムライブルー
Peter: One more time.
Yoshi: サムライブルー
Peter: And break it down.
Yoshi: さ・む・ら・い・ぶ・る・う、サムライブルー
Peter: What do you think of the name?
Yoshi: Sounds cool.
Peter: Jun San how about you?
Jun: Yeah it’s not, not bad, but
Peter: I think it’s pretty good.
Jun: Yeah, but you know, samurai its, I don’t know, I meanなんつーのかなあ, cool
Peter: Come on.
Jun: Quite old stuff and that’s, you know, 何て言うの…。
Yoshi: Some people think it’s kinda cheesy.
Jun: Yeah, I think but cheesy, yeah, I think so.
Peter: Yeah. I think it's split into 2 camps in Japan. People who like it and the ones that are like come on, we can do better than that. Because the color didn’t change, all they did was add samurai in front of it. It’s the same color as the last time. Just, well at least they are getting good at marketing, it’s all about the marketing.
Jun: Yeah I think so. But no play at the samurai anyway so
Peter: Ok. Ok. So what’s the name? Why don’t we start with the name of the World Cup? Give us the name in Japanese. When you are talking to your Japanese friends, how do you say World Cup in Japanese?
Jun: ワールドカップ
Peter: There it is. カタカナ work. Can you break this down for us?
Jun: ワールドカップ
Peter: Now the interesting thing is when it’s written how is it written in many cases?
Jun: W杯(だぶりゅーはい)
Peter: The English letter W and the Chinese character, the 漢字 for cup. W cup. So whenever you see advertisements all around Tokyo you will see W and then the 漢字 for cup, which is the same one that’s in 乾杯. So it’s actually W杯, World’s Cup, tonight’s game. There are probably gonna be a lot of Japanese people there and we know there are gonna be a lot of Australians there. So what are the Japanese gonna be saying to support the team?
Jun: ニッポン!
Peter: Yes. We went over this one if you remember from the Olympics JCC. Break it down for us one more time.
Jun: にっ・ぽ・ん、ニッポン
Peter: And they usually bring these plastic things with them that make a lot of noise when hit together and it kind of sounds something like this. You will probably hear this tonight.
Peter: Give you something like what you will hear tonight. Now there is also a song that they sing. What’s the name of the song?
Jun: 日本代表の歌、日本代表の歌
Peter: And the song for the Japanese representatives. Break it down.
Jun: にっ・ぽ・ん・だ・い・ひょ・う・の・う・た、日本代表の歌
Peter: Ok. Now what we are gonna do is give you some soccer terms. Most importantly, what’s the word for goal?
Yoshi: 得点
Peter: Break it down
Yoshi: と・く・て・ん、得点
Peter: And there is also?
Jun: ゴール、ゴール!
Peter: Alright, break it down.
Jun: ご・お・る、ゴール
Peter: How about foul?
Jun: 反則、は・ん・そ・く、反則
Peter: So if a Japanese player is tackled hard and the fans think it’s a foul you may hear them say
Jun: 反則!
Peter: If it’s a bad foul what kind of card is coming out?
Yoshi: イエローカード
Peter: Yellow card.
Yoshi: い・え・ろ・う・か・あ・ど、イエローカード
Peter: And if it's really bad?
Jun: レッドカード
Peter: And if someone gets a red card?
Jun: 退場
Peter: Exit. They are out of there. Break that down.
Jun: た・い・じょ・う、退場
Peter: Now there is one more important player on the Japanese team and that player, what position does he play?
Yoshi: ゴールキーパー
Peter: Goalkeeper
Yoshi: ご・お・る・き・い・ぱ・あ
Peter: What’s his name?
Yoshi: Karaguchi.
Peter: Now Jun San what do you think of this guy?
Jun: I think he is a great player.
Peter: Yeah, this is one guy that can really change the game.
Jun: Yeah
Peter: I think a lot depends on how he plays.
Jun: I think he is not tall enough. Sometimes he can play amazingly.
Peter: I don’t know. It’s him and the midfield that is gonna make and break for Japan. Now who else is in Japan’s group?
Jun: クロアチア
Peter: Croatia
Jun: く・ろ・あ・ち・あ、クロアチア
Peter: And last but not least.
Yoshi: ブラジル
Peter: Brazil
Peter: ぶ・ら・じ・る、ブラジル
Peter: Oh yes. You know it’s a really tough group that Japan finds itself in. The Japanese team has been improving, making great strides in recent years. They are the current Asian champions winning the last Asian tournament and I think I believe they are the highest ranked Asian team. However this group is quite tough. Now the question everyone wants to know. Jun San what is gonna happen? Give us your prediction. Keep in mind there are people who are gonna be betting out there based on what you say.
Jun: In order to get through the round Japan must win this game.
Peter: So tonight it’s pretty much
Jun: So any team, you know, who won the first game, 87% goes through the second round.
Peter: Are you serious?
Jun: Yeah
Peter: That’s huge.
Yoshi: Last World Cup 2012 in Japan and Korea only one team which is Turkey
Peter: Lost the first game and then went on to the second round?
Yoshi: Yeah, that’s right.
Jun: Only one team.
Peter: Really stressful. So it all comes down to tonight. How are you feeling about tonight? Give me a prediction, outcome?
Jun: I hope the score is 2:0, 1:0. Anyway Japan has to win and Japan will win.
Peter: There it is. Yoshi San what do you think?
Yoshi: The samurai blue is gonna beat the kangaroo yellow.
Peter: It’s gonna be a good game tonight. And also, by the way the US is playing too, so best of luck to them. Now we are gonna try and get this podcast out before the games start so we are wishing both teams the best of luck in true sportsmanship. That’s one of the most amazing things about Japan is the sportsmanship they display. So how can we wish the Australians the best of luck? Not only the Australians, everybody else who is in the tournament. How can we wish them the best of luck?
Peter: And now how about a little support for your team, the samurai blue.


Peter: Alright. So that’s gonna do for today. Best of luck to all the teams in the tournament. We are looking forward to the game tonight.


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