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Lesson Transcript

Sakura: はい、ジャパニーズポッド101でございます。おはよう東京、こんばんはニューヨーク、こんにちはロンドン。
Peter: おっ!ジャパニーズポッド101ドットコムでい!エァクレーレンの提供だよ!てやんでい!持ってけドロボー!ヨシです。
Takase: タカセです。
Peter: Peter here. Survival phrases #19. As always, we are brought to you by Erklaren, the translation and interpretation specialists. All right, things are getting pretty wild down at the studio.
Takase: Yes.
Peter: Yoshi, what was that?
Yoshi: Ah! Edokko dialect.
Peter: Edokko dialect. What’s Edokko?
Yoshi: Edokko is the people who grew up in Tokyo area.
Peter: Ah yes this rings the bell. Give it to us one more time nice and slow.
Yoshi: Edokko.
Peter: And Takase, break it down.
Takase: え・どっ・こ
Peter: And one time fast.
Takase: 江戸っ子

Lesson focus

Peter: Okay. Today we are back with survival phrases. Now Yoshi, what were we working on two weeks ago?
Yoshi: Pharmacy.
Peter: Yeah. We were giving you terms for the certain illnesses, kind of common sicknesses and illnesses that you may come in contact with on your trip. So today, we are back in the pharmacy for pharmacy part 2 but today it’s a bit different because we are going to be covering an area that recently has garnered a lot of attention. Now Takase, what are we going to talk about today?
Takase: 栄養補給
Peter: One more time please.
Yoshi: 栄養補給
Peter: Nutrition supplement. Yoshi, can you break this down?
Yoshi: え・い・よ・う・ほ・きゅ・う
Peter: Now past laws in Japan have regulated this industry very tightly in the past. This was associated with the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Very tight regulations but I believe about 1999 or late 1990s the law changed and allowed nutritional supplement drinks to be sold in various places according to the way they were named. Now, the way they were named in the past was
Takase: 医薬品
Peter: Pharmaceutical good or medical good. Break this down Takase.
Takase: い・や・く・ひ・ん、医薬品
Peter: And 医薬品 pharmaceutical goods, medical goods can only be sold at pharmacies. So you can’t find these at a convenient store, you can’t find these at a supermarket but with the change in the law, if you label things
Takase: 医薬部外品
Peter: Quasi pharmaceutical goods. Goods that fall outside the medical and pharmaceutical label. These can be sold in pharmacies, convenient stores and supermarkets. Now can you give us the word one more time.
Takase: 医薬部外品
Peter: Yoshi, please break it down.
Yoshi: い・や・く・ぶ・が・い・ひ・ん、医薬部外品
Peter: Yes it’s the same word as
Takase: 医薬品
Peter: But what do we add into this, Yoshi?
Yoshi: 部外
Peter: And this means outside the section. Goods that fall outside the medical and pharmaceutical label. Okay blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now let’s get down to it. Now these drinks recently have become quite popular in Japan and what we want to do is introduce you to some of the kind of lighter side of these because this industry is booming. There is so much out there, right Yoshi?
Yoshi: Right.
Peter: We went to the pharmacy to do some research for this. How many products were there?
Yoshi: There were tons of them.
Peter: I think it was one whole wall.
Yoshi: Aha.
Peter: And they had everything from growing hair, stomach illness, getting your energy back, battling the hot summers here and some other products that we are not at liberty to discuss here right?
Yoshi: The good stuff.
Peter: Takase..
Takase: Which one Yoshi?
Peter: Yoshi which one? I know. All right, I feel we shouldn’t talk about this on the air. So what we are going to do is, we are going to put a little section in the PDF about this. It has to do with a snake. What was the name of the snake?
Yoshi: マムシ
Peter: Break that down.
Yoshi: ま・む・し、マムシ
Peter: And we are going to have a little detailed section about what we found out about supplement drinks, nutritional supplement drinks and this snake. It’s pretty interesting. All right but enough about that. Now let’s get into some good stuff, the stuff that is commonly used. Takase, what is the first one on our list?
Takase: リポビタンD
Peter: Yoshi break this down.
Yoshi: リ・ポ・ビ・タ・ン
Peter: Now this product is an extremely popular supplement drink and this can be found in pharmacies, convenient stores, supermarkets, newsstands, kiosks. You can find a supplement drink anywhere. Right Yoshi?
Yoshi: Right.
Peter: Now what do you think about this drink? Have you tried it?
Yoshi: Uhoo.
Peter: And what do you think?
Yoshi: Ah it’s pretty good.
Peter: Yeah. Well come on, taste, feeling, come on, give us something.
Yoshi: I would say it’s almost like Red Bull.
Peter: Yes.
Yoshi: リポビタンD
Peter: There it is, the D. Hey you forgot the D there Takase.
Takase: I did. I did say D.
Peter: All right. I am sorry.
Takase: Yoshi forgot it.
Yoshi: Ah I need to drink it right now.
Takase: Yes please.
Peter: We actually have one on hand but we are not giving you that because Takase can you imagine, we gave this guy a Red Bull on here?
Takase: We had fun.
Peter: All right. You calm down too right. Back on track guys. Now so I often take it when I need a bit of a boost, a little bit of energy if I am studying for a test or something, I drink one of these and I get the energy. The only problem is, after the energy wears off, you feel really tired. Takase, what do you think about this one?
Takase: No I don’t like the taste and I don’t like the color either.
Peter: What color is it?
Takase: It’s bright yellow, very bright yellow.
Yoshi: That’s what I like about it.
Peter: Oh Yoshi, you are too much. Okay now this name, can you give us the name one more time Takase?
Takase: リポビタンD
Peter: Now the name perplexed us so much that we actually called the company and their research team came up with this. The first part of the name
Yoshi: リポ
Peter: This is the short for
Yoshi: Lipocrisis.
Peter: And this is a synonym for Lipolysis. And this is a breakdown of stored fat in cells. So when they chose the name and apparently, this name was chosen a while ago. The person that we spoke with on the phone said, ah the name was chosen so long ago that we are not really sure. So we kind of put her on the spot but she gave us that information, the breakdown of fats and that was one of the goals I believe of this back when this was defined as a medical or pharmaceutical good. Now again that changed and with the change in the law from 1999, they switched over to outside the pharmaceutical goods so they are sold everywhere but the name has stayed. Hmm well that’s what we have. Don’t all jump in at once. I know it’s very interesting story. Takase?
Takase: Umm. Okay I understand.
Peter: Yoshi?
Yoshi: Good to know.
Peter: All right. Give us the next one.
Yoshi: タケダC
Peter: A vitamin C supplement drink.
Yoshi: タ・ケ・ダ・シー
Peter: Now this is a supplement drink with a 1000 mg of Vitamin C. And this one I particularly love. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I run to the store, I buy two of these, drink them and I don’t know why. Magically the illness disappears. This one – can’t get enough of. Yoshi, what do you think about this one?
Yoshi: I like it a lot.
Peter: We got to put some feeling into it.
Yoshi: It’s really sour.
Peter: Okay Takase. I want to switch to you. Takase, what do you think?
Takase: Are you going to ask me the same question every time because I don’t like any of them.
Peter: Oh oh! Well, that really brought the show to a halt. Umm okay let me give you a little bit more about what that person said. Now umm all right yeah good point Takase. All right, let’s move on to the next one.
Takase: Okay ヴァーム
Takase: ヴァーム、ば・あ・む、ヴァーム
Peter: This drink is made from amino acids found in
Takase: スズメバチ
Peter: Wasps. Break it down.
Takase: す・ず・め・ば・ち
Peter: This one I’ve actually never had. Yoshi, have you had this one?
Yoshi: Ah ah.
Peter: And Takase, we are not going to ask you. So but what we are going to do, we actually brought one to the studio and everyone is going to try it. So just hang on one second. We are going to open this up and see how it goes. Takase, come over here. Just get nice and close.
Yoshi: Oh no!
Peter: Oh that went everywhere. Ah see what I get with joking around too much. All right Takase, give it a try. Say something Takase, say something.
Takase: It’s good.
Peter: It took you like 30 seconds to come to that conclusion. You look like you are in agony. Let me try this. I can’t describe it. Oh it’s – it contracts your face muscles. Yoshi, what do you think?
Yoshi: It’s weird.
Takase: It is.
Peter: What a bad – we need another one. Yoshi is going back for more. Yoshi is going back for more.
Yoshi: It doesn’t taste anything.
Takase: What!
Peter: It doesn’t taste like anything.
Yoshi: No.
Takase: Yoshi, are you okay?
Yoshi: Aha! Should I try it again?
Peter: No thank you. I mean I would never go to eat with you. I -
Takase: It has very strong taste.
Peter: Yeah tastes like something, I don’t -
Takase: It’s very chemical like orange.
Peter: All right. We will try to write a little bit more about what we kind of tasted but can you recommend this one?
Yoshi: Uhuu…
Peter: Yoshi recommends it. Takase?
Takase: And I say no.
Peter: Yes. Yeah you can. Umm me too. I am kind of torn like I don’t know if I’d recommend that. I’d recommend trying it once but I don’t know. Wasps! All right, what do we have next?
Takase: オロナミンC
Peter: Oronamin C drink and this one is also carbonated and supposed to supplement some of the vitamins you are supposed to get on a daily basis. Okay next.
Yoshi: ファイブミニ
Peter: FiberMini.
Yoshi: ふぁ・い・ぶ・み・に、ファイブミニ
Peter: And this is a drink high in fiber content. Now I’ve actually never tried this one either. Yoshi, have you had this one?
Yoshi: No, umm yes.
Peter: All right. Thanks for that input. Takase?
Takase: No.
Peter: All right. So let’s try this one. Open it up. And the verdict is
Takase: I don’t like it.
Peter: Kind of the taste is all right. Yoshi, what do you have for us? Are you okay?
Yoshi: It’s really good.
Takase: Yoshi! I am worried about you.
Peter: All right Takase, what’s next? Running short of time.
Takase: カロリーメイト
Peter: CalorieMate.
Takase: か・ろ・り・い・め・い・と、カロリーメイト
Peter: It’s a very popular nutritional supplement snack. It comes in a box that really, really needs a marketing makeover. It’s just yellow. Inside, it contains four nutritional bars. Now again, the taste here is [0:13:03.8] Yoshi, do you like these?
Yoshi: Uhuu.
Peter: Well I think you like everything.
Yoshi: I do.
Peter: Takase, do you like these?
Takase: No.
Peter: Yeah. I used to like them, then I didn’t like them. Then I liked them. It kind of depends on the day with me but again if you come to Japan and you know, you are traveling, this maybe a bit of a energy pick up for you. All right, so I think we covered quite a bit today. What do you think?
Takase: Enough.
Peter: Yeah. Yes. Now the reason we chose this topic today is, we thought that many people would come to Japan and when you come here, you are traveling around backpacking, it’s taking a lot of energy out of you. So we wanted to introduce you to some of the nutritional supplements that you could find in the stores. Give you some of the energy back. All right, so any last recommendations Yoshi.
Yoshi: I feel like I am a wasp now.
Peter: Oh! All right, Takase, anything for us?
Takase: Umm I am feeling sick now.
Peter: What do you recommend people do? They are backpacking here, it takes so much out of them. What should they do?
Takase: Just have good food instead of taking them.
Peter: All right. I say take them. Yoshi?
Yoshi: Definitely take them.
Takase: No.


Peter: All right. That’s going to do it for today. Thanks guys for joining us in the studio.
Takase: ありがとうございました。
Yoshi: またね。Oh by the way, can I finish those? They tasted really good.
Peter: Get him out of the studio.


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Mina-san, Hope everyone had a grrrreeat weekend!! :grin: Things are slowly returning to normal, and publishing times should be back to normal sometime this week. Some of the delay has stemmed from formatting the new PDFs, but as is evidenced by today's PDF - it's well worth the wait!! Don't miss today's PDF, complete with staff reviews of Vaam! よろしくお願いします。

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It might be already cold in England now. I've stayed in England from October to February and it was so cold...

Even so, it was a great stay for me.

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マムシ has the worst snake bite in England because it's too cold for cobras luckily :D

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Hi Savannah,

Thank you for the comment and answering the question about 江戸っ子! You are amazing:smile:

Yes, this is a fun episode. I think some words used in pharmacy might be essential when you are sick:wink:

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February 10th, 2017 at 02:41 PM
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Hi muaz,

Thank you for the comment!

Actually 江戸っ子 is a very conversational and informal expression, and if it didn't have "っ", it must have read "edoko", not "edokko".

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Team JapanesePod101.com

December 10th, 2016 at 02:20 AM
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Why is this in the playlist for "Essential Japanese for Emergencies in Japan"? This is a fun episode, but I'd hardly call this essential to anything, much less emergencies.

December 10th, 2016 at 02:15 AM
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muaz, 江戸っ子 ("Edokko") isn't an exception; they're just two completely different cases.

学校 ("gakkou") contracts 学 from がく ("gaku") to がっ; so っ is already part of the word 学, and doesn't need to be written separately. (If it was written separately, that would imply that 学 is complete with just が.) Another example is 日本 being read as にっぽん ("Nippon"): Since 日's full reading is actually にち ("nichi"), this reading demonstrates that it's a contraction, where にち is contracted to にっ, and ほん becomes ぽん (since ほん can't be geminated). Again, っ is part of 日, so it can't be written separately.

By contrast, in 江戸っ子 ("Edokko"), 江戸 ("Edo") and 子 ("ko") are already complete words; nothing is being contracted. The っ isn't part of either word; it's an addition. Another word that is like this is 一人っ子 (hitorikko, "only child").

December 10th, 2016 at 01:55 AM
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Takase continues to be hilarious in her off-putting bluntness. "Are you going to ask me the same question every time? Because I don't like *any* of them!" XD

November 23rd, 2016 at 01:07 PM
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I noticed that edokko 江戸っ子has a small つ when it is written in kanji. Usually they display the small つ in furigana.

For example 学校they wouldn't display the small つbut instead they would display it in furigana 「がっこう」。

Why is edokko an exception?

I hope this make sense.

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It isリポビタンデー.:smile:

Yuki  由紀

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November 21st, 2016 at 12:47 PM
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Is RipobitanD リポビタンデーor リポビタンデイー