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Lesson Transcript

Norico: おはよう東京、ノリコです。
Peter: Peter here and we are back with another edition of survival phrases. Okay, as promised, we are back with Noriko. Hey Noriko,
Noriko: Hi Peter.
Peter: How are you today?
Noriko: Good, good I guess.
Peter: Come on, don’t guess. You know you are good. You look good, you sound good, you are doing great.
Noriko: Thanks Peter.
Peter: Okay. So Noriko, last week Sakura and I talked about banks, banks in Japan because when foreigners come to visit Japan or when they move to Japan, banks play such an important role in everything they want to do. Now when you were in Canada, wasn’t the bank your lifeline?
Noriko: Yeah.

Lesson focus

Peter: You are so convincing about it. So today, we are going to have part 2, the bank series. Now, since last week, we’ve gone and we’ve done a lot of research about what’s going on at banks and we got some really, really useful information for you. So today, in addition to some phrases, we are going to provide you with this information and we hope that this helps your trip and your move here work out all the smoother. Okay so without further ado, let’s get into today’s first phrase which is
Noriko: お金を替えたいのですが。
Peter: I’d like to exchange money もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: お金を、替えたいのですが。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: おかねを、かえたいのですが。
Peter: Now what we want to do is get into some details of this sentence. Now what’s the first word in there, money.
Noriko: お金
Peter: Break it down.
Noriko: お・か・ね。お金
Peter: And the word for money is actually?
Noriko: 金(かね)
Peter: But it’s much more polite to say
Noriko: お金
Peter: And the prefix O is just honorific. Next we have
Noriko: 替えたい
Peter: Break it down.
Noriko: か・え・た・い
Peter: And one time fast.
Noriko: 替えたい
Peter: Now this phrase means what Noriko?
Noriko: Want to exchange.
Peter: The grammar behind this is a little beyond the scope of this lesson but this mans
Noriko: Want to exchange.
Peter: And next we have
Noriko: ~のですが
Peter: Now we have seen des many times before. Now the が, this is when you want something, you add が to soften your request. So it’s just a very polite way to say, instead of I want to exchange money, it comes out, I’d like to exchange money and this が acts as a softener on your request. Okay so can you give us the expression one more time?
Noriko: お金を替えたいのですが。
Peter: Now we had a long debate whether to introduce this one to you or not but in the end, we decided to. While it is more complex, it is also more correct when you walk into a bank as opposed to the phrase we introduced you to last week which is
Noriko: 円に両替をお願いします。
Peter: Now this phrase is perfect when you get to the counter. Once you get to the counter, this is the correct phrase to use, but when you first walk into the bank and you are looking for where to exchange your money, you are better off using.
Noriko: お金を替えたいのですが。
Peter: You will actually use these two in sequence. So when you first walk into the bank, you would say
Noriko: お金を替えたいのですが。
Peter: Once you get to the counter, you would say
Noriko: 円に両替をお願いします。
Peter: Okay and with this 1, 2 combination, you can get all the money you need. Right you Noriko? Why are you…
Noriko: That will be nice.
Peter: Okay yes Noriko, we need more than just the words. We need the actual money but the words help too right? Okay a few things about exchanging money at banks. I went into the bank and I was doing some research and what I found out is that you cannot exchange money before 10 AM.
Noriko: Really?
Peter: Yes and why do you think this is the case Noriko?
Noriko: Umm I have no idea why.
Peter: What the bank guy told me, the bank guy, I am sure he has a better name than that, maybe a manager but for our purposes, the bank guy. He said that the exchange rate comes in at 10 AM. So before that, yes they can’t exchange the money for what I hear. So if you are low on cash and you are thinking, I will get to the bank at 9 AM and exchange money, err! Think again. 10 O’ clock is where you want to start. So very, very important. Now we did some more research and the bank that I went to today, I went in and asked, can I exchange money and they said, I can but they only take
Noriko: USドル
Peter: もう一度お願いします。
Noriko: ユーエスドル
Peter: And this is?
Noriko: American dollars.
Peter: Yeah they only take American dollars. So if you got euros, if you got Canadian dollars, you are going to be out of luck in some banks. Again if you are heading into the bank, just keep this in mind. Now I am sure there are banks out there that take different currencies but you got to make sure, okay. If you are coming from somewhere besides the US, please check around and find out which banks are going to work out for you. Now we have another very important thing that we’d like to share with you. Noriko, where do you think the best place to, kind of, do banking in Japan for foreigners coming to visit is? Which financial institution gives foreigners the best option?
Noriko: みずほ銀行
Peter: Which is?
Noriko: Mizuho bank.
Peter: Not Mizuho bank. One more time, try again.
Noriko: UFJ.
Peter: UFJ, not UFJ. The best option foreigners have out there is actually the post office.
Noriko: ああ、本当!
Peter: 本当。 This kind of boggled my mind. Now the post office which is
Noriko: 郵便局
Peter: And we actually introduced this about two episodes ago is actually one of the best financial options for everybody out there. Before you come to Japan, please verify, please make sure that you can use your banking card at post offices throughout Japan but in many cases, you can actually withdraw money from the post offices in Japan with your banking card and you can actually get money from debit cards. Can you believe that?
Noriko: Oh wow!
Peter: Unbelievable. I was shocked when I heard this and not only that, how many post offices are there in Japan, Noriko?
Noriko: Ahh counting, millions.
Peter: What! I don’t know if there’s millions but yes there are a lot. Well enough that you can find one on every corner. So I went there today and we got a telephone number. So if you are heading towards Japan, we are going to have this number up and this is actually an English speaking hotline and you can call to see if you can use your bank card there. So after you call the number and you verify that you can use your card, when you go into the post office, you are going to want to ask, is there an ATM. So Noriko, how do we say in Japanese is there an ATM? Well actually more than “where is,” first we should ask, is there an ATM. Okay so how do we say, is there an ATM in Japanese?
Noriko: ATMはありますか?
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: ATMは、ありますか?
Peter: もうちょっとゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: エーティーエムは、あ・り・ますか
Peter: Okay. Is there an ATM? Now after you ask this question, they need to know the answer. Now there are two possible answers that they can give us. One is
Noriko: はい、あります。はい、あります。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: Or
Noriko: いいえ、ありません。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: いいえ、ありません。
Peter: Okay. Now in the case they have it which is
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: You then want to ask, where is it?
Noriko: ATMはどこですか?
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: ATMは、どこですか?
Peter: Okay. Where is the ATM and in the case they had it, we used
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: Okay break this down.
Noriko: は・い、あ・り・ま・す。
Peter: And one time fast.
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: Yes there is. Okay and where is it?
Noriko: どこですか?
Peter: Now the possible answers are here, there and over there, right?
Noriko: Right.
Peter: Okay. So how do we say “here”?
Noriko: ここ
Peter: Now we introduced you to the word here, there and over there but in this case, it’s polite Japanese since they are running a business. So what we are going to do is, we are going to give you the possible answers in polite Japanese, okay. So what’s the polite way to say “here”?
Noriko: こちら
Peter: Break it down.
Noriko: こ・ち・ら
Peter: One time fast.
Noriko: こちら
Peter: There.
Noriko: そちら、そ・ち・ら
Peter: Over there.
Noriko: あちら、あ・ち・ら
Peter: So let’s do a little example. So I called up the phone number on our site to see if I can use my card overseas. I ask them the questions, they tell me yes and we don’t need the Japanese for this because the number they will give me is the English hotline. So we talk to them, we find out everything. Then we get here, I go into the post office. So I need to know, is there an ATM and where is it? So I go in and I say, すみません。ATMはありますか?
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: ATMはどこですか?
Noriko: あちらです。
Peter: Okay. Now Noriko will give you the whole conversation and I will give you the translation. Here we go.
Noriko: すいません。ATMはありますか?
Peter: Excuse me, is there an ATM?
Noriko: はい、あります。
Peter: Yes there is.
Noriko: ATMはどこですか?
Peter: Where is the ATM?
Noriko: あちらです。
Peter: It’s over there. Okay and it’s not easy and once you get to the ATM, they have a little button, punch it for English and work your way through. Few more things that we’d like to point out. If you are running low on money, you can actually use your credit card to get money at a bank. Did you know that Noriko?
Noriko: Yes I did.
Peter: Wow, that’s impressive. I didn’t know that. I just found that out today going around to the banks and asking them.
Noriko: Yeah.
Peter: Yeah. So if we want to get money from our credit card, we can go into a bank and we can say
Noriko: ウィズドロール(withdrawal)お願いします。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Noriko: ウィズドロール、お願いします。
Peter: Okay and this means withdraw please and if you go into a bank and you say this to the bank manager or the person in the uniform we talked about last time, they will take you to the proper counter. You can also say…
Noriko: クレジットカードでウィズドロールお願いします。
Peter: And this might be a little bit better, withdrawal with the credit card.もう一度お願いします。
Noriko: クレジットカードでウィズドロールお願いします。
Peter: Can you give us first word withdrawal, break it down.
Noriko: うぃ・ず・ど・ろ・お・る、ウィズドロール
Peter: Withdrawal. How about a credit card?
Noriko: クレジットカード
Peter: Break it down.
Noriko: く・れ・じっ・と・か・あ・ど、クレジットカード


Peter: Okay. We are out of time. That’s going to do it for today. We hope these banking tips helped you out and best of luck.
Noriko: Good luck.
Peter: See you tomorrow.
Noriko: また明日!


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