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Lesson Transcript

Sakura: おはよう東京、サクラです。
Peter: Peter here and we are back with another edition of survival phrases. We are back.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Survival phrases.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: You, me, part 2.
Sakura: Now we can order.
Peter: Yes.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Now we made it to the register and last time, I was so sorry to leave you there at the register.
Sakura: ごめんなさい
Peter: Sorry. Oh break that word down.
Sakura: ご・め・ん・な・さ・い
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: ごめんなさい
Peter: And what does this mean Sakura?
Sakura: Sorry.
Peter: So sorry. Okay so today’s lesson, we are going to get into ordering your food, okay. We have some really good words in here and again, these are very good for people who’ve been here less than six months, maybe even a year. Some of these words that you know you just don’t come across until you go out to the restaurant with your friends. So Sakura, last week, where did we get up to?
Sakura: いらっしゃいませ。店内でお召し上がりですか?

Lesson focus

Peter: はい。 That’s it. So we are eating at the store. Okay so once we get in and we are eating at the store, what’s the next question? Are you eating here, yes and what comes next?
Sakura: ご注文をどうぞ。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。ゆっくりお願いします。
Sakura: ごちゅうもんを、どうぞ。
Peter: And what does this mean?
Sakura: Your order please.
Peter: Yes, two words in there plus を. So what we are going to do is, Sakura is going to break down the first word. Sakura お願いします。
Sakura: ご・ちゅ・う・も・ん
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: ご注文
Peter: And this is
Sakura: Order.
Peter: Yes and this is a word that you will hear too in restaurants.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Now the go in front of this is the polite prefix, right?
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: So the word itself is.
Sakura: 注文
Peter: Okay. A related topic, if you are waiting in a sit down restaurant, you can use this phrase to ask for the order.
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: By just adding on?
Sakura: お願いします。
Peter: Which comes to
Sakura: 注文お願いします。
Peter: Yes. You don’t use the go. Only the people working in the store will use this.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: And you can just say 注文お願いします。
Sakura: Right.
Peter: And they will come running.
Sakura: Uh.
Peter: In this case in the fast food place, they say ご注文 and then what do they say?
Sakura: をどうぞ
Peter: And what’s this?
Sakura: Please.
Peter: Okay break it down.
Sakura: ど・う・ぞ
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: どうぞ
Peter: Okay. Your order please or order please.
Sakura: Also you might get this phrase ご注文はお決まりですか?
Peter: もう一度お願いします。
Sakura: ご注文はお決まりですか?
Peter: Okay. Notice the first part is the same Sakura お願いします。
Sakura: は、お決まりですか?
Peter: Yes. Now the second half becomes
Sakura: は、お決まりですか?
Peter: ゆっくりお願いします。
Sakura: は、おきまりですか?
Peter: Okay now this は(va) is the magical は(va). So ご注文は we can push that to the front and now let’s just worry about the last part which is
Sakura: お決まりですか?
Peter: And this is
Sakura: Decided.
Peter: Yes. Did you decide your order? Okay so can you give us the two possibilities that can come next one more time お願いします。
Sakura: ご注文をどうぞ or ご注文はお決まりですか?
Peter: Yes okay. Your order please or did you decide your order? What we want to do now is take you from the top, okay Sakura お願いします。
Sakura: いらっしゃいませ。店内でお召し上がりですか?
Peter: はい。
Sakura: ご注文をどうぞ。
Peter: Or
Sakura: ご注文はお決まりですか?
Peter: Yes. Okay now you are up, time to perform. What to get, what to get.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: Now since we are raving about Mosberger, we are going to make today’s setting at Mosberger.
Sakura: You like Mosberger ね。
Peter: Yes. Now when you order, it might not be enough for you. A lot of my friends when they come to Japan and they eat this, they say but it’s not enough. I need two, I need three, four, five. So Sakura is going to give us a quick counting system that’s a little different from what we showed you up to now.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: But this is very, very useful because this counting system can be used in many different situations.
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: Okay. You hear about all the counters in Japan but what we are going to introduce you to now will give you a lot of levy. It’s not going to cover them all but it would cover quite a bit.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Sakura お願いします。
Sakura: 1つ(ひとつ)
Peter: What’s this?
Sakura: One.
Peter: Now remember, up until now, we introduced you to
Sakura: 1(いち)
Peter: Yes. Now we are going to introduce you to
Sakura: 1つ
Peter: Which means one. Then we also have
Sakura: 2つ(ふたつ)
Peter: Two.
Sakura: 3つ(みっつ)
Peter: Three.
Sakura: 4つ(よっつ)
Peter: Four.
Sakura: 5つ(いつつ)
Peter: Five. Okay one more time and then break them down.
Sakura: 1つ、ひ・と・つ、2つ、ふ・た・つ、3つ、みっ・つ、4つ、よっ・つ、5つ、い・つ・つ
Peter: With these, you can order items of food, right?
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: We will give you lots of different variations on how you can use this in a second but for our practical case, we want to order one MOS cheeseburger, Mosburger cheeseburger but it’s against the – the more I think about it, the more MOS. It doesn’t sound so appealing. We have to take our word for it.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: So Sakura, we come to the restaurant and we want to order one MOS cheeseburger.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガー1つ。
Peter: Okay ゆっくりお願いします。
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを、ひとつ。
Peter: Couple of things in here. Let’s leave the first part alone although you might have got that. After the first part, we have
Sakura: を1つ。
Peter: Yes. Meaning one and we can even add お願いします to make this more polite which would be
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを1つお願いします。
Peter: Okay and again, if you want to order something different, the only thing that changes is the first part.
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: The を for one doesn’t change. Okay, now let’s look at the first part. Break it down.
Sakura: も・す・ち・い・ず・ば・あ・が・あ
Peter: One time fast.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガー
Peter: Now, what’s burger in Japanese?
Sakura: バーガー
Peter: Yes and then we have the Mos which is
Sakura: モス
Peter: So we have
Sakura: モス
Peter: And
Peter: Yeah. So we have those two. So if you are just getting the Mosburger, you are all set with
Sakura: モスバーガー
Peter: Yes but we need the cheese Sakura, we need it. So how do we say cheese in Japanese?
Sakura: チーズ
Peter: Break it down.
Sakura: ち・い・ず
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: チーズ
Peter: Now interesting – now when you take pictures, before you take the pictures, in English, we have cheese. We can also use this right?
Sakura: Right, right.
Peter: So if you are taking a picture for Japanese people, you can surprise them by saying
Sakura: ちいず!
Peter: Yep.
Sakura: Yeah. So in Japanese, it’s ず isn’t it, the last one.
Peter: It's a zoo.
Sakura: ず、違うよね。
Peter: Yep okay. Let’s pick up our train and get it back on the track.
Sakura: Okay sorry, sorry.
Peter: It’s my fault. I was the one. I am a bad conductor Sakura, bad, bad, bad. Okay so we got the Mos cheeseburger now. So give us the whole sentence?
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを1つお願いします。
Peter: Or if we wanted regular Mosburger, we could say
Sakura: モスバーガーを1つお願いします。
Peter: Okay. Now let’s give you a little bit of a test. Sakura, one is not enough, I need two Mos cheeseburgers.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを2つお願いします。
Peter: Give me three.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを3つお願いします。
Peter: Give me four.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを4つお願いします。
Peter: Give me five.
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーを5つお願いします。
Peter: For all practical purposes, five should be enough.
Sakura: Uhh I think so, yes.
Peter: Okay?
Sakura: I hope so.
Peter: Or eat the first five and then go back.
Sakura: Right, right, right.
Peter: Okay. As you might not be able to read the menu, most Japanese menus have pictures.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: But here is the problem. If what looks good is in a set and you don’t want the set, how do we get just the burger Sakura?
Sakura: 単品でお願いします。
Peter: もう一度お願いします。
Sakura: 単品でお願いします。
Peter: ゆっくりお願いします。
Sakura: たんぴんで、おねがいします。
Peter: Okay and this is individual and it took me a year of eating set meals. I didn’t want them but I got them. Okay can you break this word down for us?
Sakura: た・ん・ぴ・ん
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 単品
Peter: Yes, a beautiful word and just means individual. So if you don’t want the set, just point to the burger and say
Sakura: 単品でお願いします。
Peter: And I guess you could do it for the fries.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: You can point at the fries and say
Sakura: ポテトを単品でお願いします。
Peter: Yes. If you remember, last week we had French fries which is
Sakura: ポテト
Peter: Okay. Now if you remember, what was the word for without?
Sakura: 抜き
Peter: Yes. If you remember my cousins, they don’t like onions. So they would say
Sakura: オニオン抜きでお願いします。
Peter: Yep no onions, okay. And then what do you want to drink Sakura?
Sakura: Ice tea.
Peter: Okay now we know some of you don’t want ice. No ice. And one of our listeners, Crimson, he brought this to our attention. So we are just going to give you this quick detail. While it would seem logical that you would say the word for ice plus 抜き it’s actually the word for ice plus
Sakura: なし
Peter: Yes. For some reason, ice gets なし. Can you break it down for us?
Sakura: な・し
Peter: Okay. And what’s the word for ice?
Sakura: 氷
Peter: Break it down.
Sakura: こ・お・り
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 氷
Peter: Okay. So how do we say ice tea no ice?
Sakura: アイスティーを氷なしでお願いします。
Peter: Yes. 氷なしでお願いします Notice this お願いします being used over and over and over. Okay so to end your order, what do we say?
Sakura: 以上です。
Peter: And that means that’s it.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: I am done ordering. Can you break this down for us?
Sakura: い・じょ・う・で・す
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 以上です。
Peter: Okay. Lots of information thrown at you but what we want to do now is we are going to run through it once. Okay here we go.
Sakura: いらっしゃいませ。店内でお召し上がりですか?
Peter: はい。
Sakura: ご注文をどうぞ。
Peter: モスチーズバーガーを1つお願いします。単品でお願いします。オニオン抜きでお願いします。アイスティーをお願いします。氷なしでお願いします。以上です。
Sakura: はい。530円でございます。
Peter: Okay. Now Sakura is going to run that back so you get the proper Japanese. I am getting my Japanese out of here. Sakura?
Sakura: いらっしゃいませ。
Peter: Welcome.
Sakura: 店内でお召し上がりですか?
Peter: To stay.
Sakura: はい。
Peter: Yes.
Sakura: ご注文をどうぞ。
Peter: Your order please?
Sakura: モスチーズバーガーをお願いします。
Peter: MOS cheeseburger please.
Sakura: 単品でお願いします。
Peter: Individual hamburger please.
Sakura: オニオン抜きでお願いします。
Peter: No onions please.
Sakura: アイスティーをお願いします。
Peter: Ice tea please.
Sakura: 氷なしでお願いします。
Peter: No ice please.
Sakura: 以上です。
Peter: That’s it.
Sakura: はい。530円でございます。
Peter: Okay. That will be 530 yen.
Sakura: I think that would be too much お願いします maybe when you are actually ordering. So you might like to keep a couple and drop some as well.
Peter: Yes. This again was an example just to give you an idea but…
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Yes. Like Sakura just said, you can drop a few, just add one at the end.
Sakura: Yeah.
Peter: And that would be-
Sakura: Or mix them, yeah.
Peter: Yeah because one after every single thing is a bit much.
Sakura: Bit much ね
Peter: It’s good for practice…
Sakura: Yeah it’s good for practice. You can say like モスチーズバーガーをお願いします。単品で。
Peter: Yeah.
Sakura: Yeah.
Peter: Everything that had a day, you can leave out the お願いします。
Sakura: Right モスチーズバーガーを、オニオン抜きで、アイスティー氷なしで like that.
Peter: And then finally you can add
Sakura: お願いします。
Peter: Yes okay. So now it’s interesting. In some fast food places, your food will take a little while to come out. So instead of you waiting at the counter, they will give you a number and they will say please sit down and then they will actually bring the food to you. They are not going to call you. They will actually bring it to you which is shocking, almost like a real restaurant. Only in Japan. So oh I should take that back. I don’t know about the rest of the world. Everybody out there, please let us know but if they say something you don’t understand and they hand you a number, you can go sit down. They will bring you the food.
Sakura: Right, right.
Peter: What will they say to sit down?
Sakura: 座ってお待ちください。
Peter: And this means, please sit down and please wait a minute. They are bringing the food out to you.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Okay so we will cover this in another lesson but if you hear that phrase or if you see a number up here,
Sakura: Yeah.
Peter: Take it and go sit down.
Sakura: Right. So MOS is like that especially, yeah.
Peter: Yes. Okay that’s going to do it.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: All right Sakura, fun.
Sakura: Fun.
Peter: Yes. And we can finally eat healthy again.
Sakura: Good.


Peter: Free! Okay that’s going to do it.
Sakura: また明日ね。
Peter: See you tomorrow.


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