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Lesson Transcript

Sakura: おはよう東京。サクラです。
Hatsumi: ハツミです。
Peter: Peter here and we are back with another edition of survival phrases. Okay big, big show for you today. Lots in here. So we are going to jump right in but first Sakura, what are we talking about today?

Lesson focus

Sakura: About checking into a hotel.
Peter: Yes, hotels are on the menu. Now in Japan, there are many different types of places to stay. So today what we are going to do first is show you, introduce you to the different types of places there are, okay and then after that, we are going to give you a little conversation about checking in. So Hatsumi can you give us the first place?
Hatsumi: ホテル
Peter: Okay and break it down.
Hatsumi: ホ・テ・ル
Peter: And one time fast.
Hatsumi: ホテル
Peter: Yes and what is this?
Sakura: It’s a hotel.
Peter: Hotel.
Sakura: Yes. Western type of hotel.
Peter: Perfect word there. Western type of hotel.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Kind of a standard hotel you would find anywhere in the world. Of course some amenities might be a little different and there might be a couple of Japanese features but the hotel is pretty much standard.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: Okay next we have.
Hatsumi: 旅館
Peter: Break it down.
Sakura: りょ・か・ん
Peter: And one time fast.
Hatsumi: 旅館
Peter: Okay and what is this?
Sakura: It’s Japanese type inn.
Peter: Yes Japanese type inn. Okay can you tell us something about this Sakura?
Sakura: Well there are various ranks in 旅館 and very good high rank inns are very expensive like 50,000 yen per night or you know and sometimes they have 温泉 attached to the room.
Peter: Yes okay uhh what is this, the word you just said? One more time please.
Sakura: 温泉
Peter: Break it down.
Sakura: お・ん・せ・ん
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 温泉
Peter: English please.
Sakura: Hot spring.
Peter: Yes hot spring.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: And a very, very well kept hot spring.
Sakura: Yes and 旅館 often have big hot spring bath for everybody but in really very expensive umm 旅館 rooms, they have very tiny hot spring 温泉 bath attached to each room.
Peter: Yes.
Sakura: Very expensive.
Peter: Very expensive but very nice. And again the key about the 温泉 and the way it gets its name is, the water must be heated by the earth.
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: And it must be certain temperature and then it can be officially called an 温泉
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Okay.
Sakura: And it has, you know, various effects. It’s good for you. It cures diseases, makes you look nice like beautiful skin and…
Peter: Sakura, we are introducing, we are not selling here.
Sakura: Oh okay.
Peter: You have a great future in sales.
Sakura: Yes and they have 旅館 has Japanese style meals usually.
Peter: Yes. This is a key point.
Sakura: Yes. Sometimes they have that in a dining room but sometimes they serve you inside your room. They bring you the food.
Peter: Yes it’s a great, great experience. If you really want to test out – have a Japanese vacation, you definitely want to try a 旅館 a Japanese style inn.
Sakura: Yes and they usually have 浴衣 to sleep in.
Peter: Okay break that down.
Sakura: ゆ・か・た
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 浴衣
Peter: And what’s this?
Sakura: It's a cotton kimono, very, very brief style kimono and it’s almost night wear.
Peter: Yeah, very light.
Sakura: Yes and you can wear 浴衣 and walk to the common 温泉 bath like you can walk in the corridor in that 浴衣
Peter: So instead of staying at the hotel every single night, you might want to try a 旅館
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Okay next we have.
Hatsumi: 民宿
Peter: Break it down.
Hatsumi: み・ん・しゅ・く
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 民宿
Peter: And what’s this Sakura?
Sakura: Okay in places where there are not many hotels, they have 民宿 which is Japanese style house, a large house and you stay in one of the rooms there at B&B.
Peter: You know, to bring in some extra cash, these people open up their houses and let you stay there.
Sakura: Yes and they get them the business license 民宿 business license.
Peter: Ah so anyone can’t do this?
Sakura: No. So you can look up 民宿 from the list of 民宿 places.
Peter: So it’s a standardized business but rather than having a separate hotel or something, you stay at that person’s house?
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: In a room especially or it might not be in a house, it might be in an adjacent building that they have on their property that you stay in and then in the morning, they might have – they might offer you breakfast or something depending on the details.
Sakura: Yes. So usually breakfast and also dinner as well but you can choose with or without dinner.
Peter: And this is very, very economy class right?
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Very cheap.
Sakura: So like bath, they don’t have a big bath like 旅館
Peter: Yeah.
Sakura: It's smaller but it might be a good idea to, you know, try it out like what it’s like you know Japanese – they are really Japanese old traditional style houses.
Peter: So this might be a good option for backpackers or something like this?
Sakura: Yes, yes.
Peter: So where is the 民宿 usually located?
Sakura: 田舎
Peter: Ah one more time?
Sakura: 田舎
Peter: Break it down.
Sakura: い・な・か
Peter: And one time fast.
Sakura: 田舎
Peter: What’s this?
Sakura: Countryside.
Peter: Yeah countryside, rural. So it might be a little tough to get to but if you can get there, it’s going to be cheap. So it might be a good option for some people out there.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: I have not been to one. Have you been to one Sakura?
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Really?
Sakura: Yes. When I was a child though.
Peter: Ahh..
Sakura: Yeah, family trip.
Peter: Family trip. How about you, Hatsumi?
Hatsumi: Never.
Peter: Never. Yeah so, they are really adventurous. This is something I think even Japanese people haven’t experienced. So for those adventurous people out there, this might be worth taking a look at.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: Okay next we have.
Hatsumi: ペンション
Peter: Break it down.
Hatsumi: ぺ・ん・しょん
Peter: And one time fast.
Hatsumi: ペンション
Peter: Okay and what’s this Sakura?
Sakura: It’s also a private home offered for overnight stay and they have dinner and breakfast as well but usually it’s western style.
Peter: Western style.
Sakura: Yes, like a modern home and they have many rooms. So it’s like B&B with dinner.
Peter: Ah.
Sakura: Kind of, yes and sometimes they have like…
Peter: A B&D?
Sakura: A B&B.
Peter: Bed &Breakfast right?
Sakura: Yeah.
Peter: Bed &Dinner?
Sakura: B&D ね B&D ね right…ごめんごめん
Peter: I am going to work on my jokes…
Sakura: すいません、えっとね… And they sometimes have like a French dinner or…
Peter: Wow!
Sakura: The ペンション owner cooks it usually but sometimes they have you know – there is fancy dinner. So it’s popular among couples as well, young couples.
Peter: Ah like a romantic getaway?
Sakura: Yes, yes and it’s cheaper than like resort hotels, more reasonable.
Peter: Okay. Next we have
Hatsumi: ビジネスホテル
Peter: Break it down.
Hatsumi: び・じ・ね・す・ほ・て・る
Peter: And one time fast.
Hatsumi: ビジネスホテル
Peter: Okay. Sakura, there are two words in there. What two words are in there?
Sakura: ビジネス
Peter: And
Sakura: And ホテル
Peter: Yes, so business hotel.
Sakura: Yes. So there is no fancy thing there. It’s just for practical business purposes.
Peter: Sleeping.
Sakura: Sleeping only.
Peter: Yeah.
Sakura: And there might be a very, very small bath or – and it’s very cheap.
Peter: Yes.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: And since so many people go on business trips in Japan, this is kind of their way to save money for business expenses. So…
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Picture a hotel with 20 rooms with 20 businessmen in a hotel and that’s where I get the theme from. Okay next we have.
Hatsumi: カプセルホテル
Peter: Break it down.
Hatsumi: か・ぷ・せ・る・ほ・て・る
Peter: And one time fast
Hatsumi: カプセルホテル
Peter: And what’s this Sakura?
Sakura: Capsule hotel.
Peter: Yes capsule and hotel.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: Now what kind of hotel is this Sakura?
Sakura: It’s like mini-capsules.
Peter: This is like a beehive.
Sakura: Yes, yes, yes and you can just sleep in that capsule.
Peter: Yes.
Sakura: You can lie down.
Peter: Just lay down.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: You can’t sit up.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: Well maybe you could get up there a little bit but...
Sakura: Maybe….
Peter: But it’s pretty tight.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: It’s probably the one that you have seen on TV when they are doing the shows about Japan.
Sakura: That’s right.
Peter: It looks like a big beehive.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: They got the little door. You swing it open.
Sakura: Yeah.
Peter: Inside it’s got the TV.
Sakura: Yeah that’s right.
Peter: A pillow, bed. Again I haven’t stayed in one of these.
Sakura: Neither have I.
Peter: Maybe we will go do some research for the show.
Sakura: Maybe you should.
Peter: Sakura…
Sakura: 赤坂カプセルホテル
Peter: Do we have it?
Sakura: I don’t know.
Peter: You are too funny. How about you Hatsumi, have you?
Hatsumi: No.
Peter: No again.
Sakura: No….Hatsumi would not sleep in a カプセルホテル
Peter: Ah but I think if we travel here, you might have a tough time getting your bags in there. I don’t even know if it’s possible to – you could check into a hotel and then for fun go check into a capsule hotel.
Sakura: Okay.
Peter: Too funny. Okay well, I think we ran a little long with this.
Sakura: Yes.
Peter: So what we are going to do is this will be part 1 of a series of 2.
Sakura: Right.
Peter: So next week, we are going to give you, hotel conversation. This week, we wanted to introduce you because maybe everybody doesn’t know about all the different options in Japan. So first we wanted to introduce you to this and next, we are going to give you the conversations. How does that sound?
Sakura: Umm okay.


Peter: Okay. So that’s going to wrap it up for today.
Sakura: また明日ね!
Hatsumi: Bye bye.
Peter: See you tomorrow.


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