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Hey, guys! Do you know about the superstitions in Japan? Our superstitions are very different from Western cultures. I think you'll find it very interesting. Let's have a look.
Numbers 4 and 9 are considered to be unlucky numbers because 4 in Japanese is sometimes pronounced し (shi) which means “death”. In Japan, hospitals and some hotels don't have a 4th floor. Often, the room number 4 and rooms 40 through 49 are not there. When you give a gift of a set of plates or cups to somebody, it is usually 3 or 5 rather than 4. So if you are giving presents in Japan, be careful not to give 4.
Nine is also considered to be unlucky because it sometimes is pronounced く (ku) like the kanji that means “suffering”.
In western parts of the world, 13 is considered unlucky. So just remember, 4+9=13, death plus suffering equals bad luck.
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残念それはトピックから離れているが、「コップ言うかわりに」をちょうど「cupsto」を置き、そのワードは意味を成していない。 格言、Risaを固定するでしようか。