Lesson Transcript

Ah, maybe first, you can pretend like you
know the person from somewhere, ok?
That always works.
Nice of you.
Hey! Oh my god, that's English.
There is sexy inside.
Mexican? No no no no no.
Is it Spanish?
Okay, I'll read you a phrase. Alright?
So maybe it's Spain Spanish, like...
It's in Spain.
Oh! How do they say it?
I don't know how to say it in English... Catalan?
Yeah, Catalan.
¡Hola! Cómo estás?
¡Hola, Max! Cómo estás?
No se...
I know.
Wow, this is like a love confession.
I have to admit that it's kind of romantic. Like, the pronunciation and stuff. But, yeah, the content is a bit cheesy. Sorry about that.
Is this Spanish language, right?
I don't know, you think so?
It's Castellano.
我喜欢跟你在一起的感觉。(Wǒ xǐhuān gēn nǐ zài yīqǐ de gǎnjué.)
我能请你喝杯东西吗?(Wǒ néng qǐng nǐ hē bēi dōngxī ma?)
你怎么那么可爱?(Nǐ zěnme nàme kě'ài?)
It was so suddenly.
This is easy.
Are you willing to come to my place afterward?
Yeah, just like to be kind of like spice things up a bit.
Like, it's Mandarin.
Yes! How come you know?
I've got a lot of Chinese friends.
This is obvious for me.
It means, do you want to drop by my house and eat instant noodle with me?
This sounds like something, like Chinese or Vietnamese to me.
They really use it?
This line is from a movie, so actually, everyone knows.
That's it?
Korean, right?
Okay, so let's say, Korean.
Please remember this...
because this line is usually used by female.
Oh! Today, I will try.
また食べた。It means no, baby!
I didn't expect the answer.
Oh, I got excited.
And now I get really shy because she understands.
It means like, I'm going to protect you.
It's like you know they don't say it in real world.
Yeah, but sometimes you see in drama.
It's too romantic, I think.
I want to give a message from here to the world, don't watch so much drama, come and experience real life first, right?
That's true.
Wow! This one is hard.
You're so beautiful, you give the sun a reason to shine.
It doesn't look like something European or... I feel like, it might be Hindi?
Oh yeah, this is a good one.
Ok, it looks so different to me right now, like, I feel like it's something European right now, and like, something Germany but not German.
And what's the letter it starts with?
The letter it starts with? S.
Can you say it again, this one?
Not because I like the compliment.
I'll say it as many times as you like.
Okay, this is like something European because I hear a bit clear now.
Is it a European language?
Swedish, right?
Yeah! I know, because I have friends from Sweden.
Hello again!
Oh! You're a beautiful girl!
I thought it was a girl!
Oh! Hello!
Usually, I've got some bad stereotypes about, like, Spanish but the Spanish one was quite good, I think. But that's not the winner. To me, like, okay, I think it was Korean mainly because I couldn't understand like what it meant.
I don't know, I just think Spanish sounds, maybe, the most sexist of the languages I've heard today.
Yeah, I don't, I didn't know much of Catalan, the sound of that and that was really nice as well.
Since my husband is Korean, Korean was attractive, I think, because that's why maybe I fell in love with him, right?
But also it's really hard to decide because Castellano, and also, the Canton language, it sounds also very attractive. I don't know maybe it's because of their intonation. I don't know why, but even though I like I don't know the meaning, it sounds very natural, very confident, so I like that language, too.