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January 31st, 2006 at 08:30 AM
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ロンダさん! As we said before, the pleasure is all ours! We are still in the midst of heavy development, so for now, the best way to help is Itunes reviews, Yahoo reviews/ratings, podcast alley votes and posting!:grin: You're great at posting. Also spreading the word helps a lot too! Right now you're doing all those things, and you're helping so much! Thank you!

Please let us know about ideas for the show, and anything else we can help with! Say hi to the class!

ロンダ (Rhonda)
January 30th, 2006 at 01:21 PM
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Wow, thank you so much for the "shout out". ;)

でも、日本語がまだじょうずじゃありません。I am only the *assistant* to the Japanese 2 students! We have a wonderful instructor 箕浦先生。

ありがとうございました! I love the podcasts, I listen to them on the way to work every morning, and now I'll be looking for the Intermediate lessons as well!

Thanks to all of you on the Japanesepod101 team for everything that you are doing and for taking the time to do these create and record these podcasts. Is there somewhere we can donate via paypal or something? I'd be happy to help!

~ ロンダ

January 30th, 2006 at 04:34 AM
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Scott-san, Book-off is quite a funny story! Actually the reason I know about it is I saw a tv program about it here! It was pretty interesting, about their business model, and how they are implementing it. I have not actually been to the Book-off in NY yet!! As for you question, first if I had some time, I would probably ask, "Book clubって(と言う?chopped down)何ですか?" Even if I didn't really want to know, but just to get some practice!:wink: Then, regarding politely refusing, you can take your pick of the following:

結構です。いいです。(This one can actually mean both.) But perhaps the phrase you're looking for is: ちょっと考えさせて下さい。

I use this one a lot, but we better have Sakura verify it! Sakura!! Help!!:grin:

Marcos-san, as we said, our listeners are what make Japanesepod101.com what it is, and you guys and girls are the best! It was our pleasure! And we were so happy to hear that we got the name right!!:grin: We were also so happy to hear from you so quick!! Thank you!! Please keep the posts and participation coming, and feel free to ask us anything! Thank you for listening!:grin:

January 29th, 2006 at 11:53 AM
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Konnichiwa Peter-san and Sakura-san! Guys you are so unbelievable! I couldn't believe when I listened to Sunday's News on my computer about my question during the week. It even came with a note! I also heard my name and lots of sugoi features! Wow! You said my town's name so perfectly, Sakura! I think Sakura also speaks Portuguese right,Peter? :wink:. You guys deserve the best for all that you are doing to us; taking the time to help us out with these podcast lessons, and also for being so kind in answering our questions promptly.

Now I can say my country's name thanks to you guys. And this is very important because I heard it spoken the right way, by a native speaker. My best regards to you guys! Bai bai

January 29th, 2006 at 09:00 AM
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But I also have a language question for you all, and I guess it kinda relates to your shopping lesson this week. I go to this Japanese bookstore pretty often and all the employees speak to me in Japanese. Peter, since you're from NY, you might be familiar with it. "Book Off" in midtown Manhattan.

Anyway, this store has some kind of "Book Club" promotion going on, and every time I go to buy a book, the cashier asks me (in Japanese) if I want to join it. I never do, and I feel a little stupid and rude when I shake my head and only say "いいえ". So what do you think is the most polite way to decline the cashier's offer? What is the Japanese equivalent to "Thanks, but no thanks," in this kind of situation?