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Jessi: Want to power up your language? Do it with the only language lessons that matter.
Jessi: Welcome to an Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Jessi and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with my co-host, the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Jessi: In this Sunday News, you’ll find out what it takes to power up your language right now.
Peter: Listeners, picture this... you’re speaking a language without stopping to think...
Jessi: ...You have all the words and grammar to express what you want to say...
Peter: ...And they’re all flowing out as if you were a native speaker
Jessi: That’s when language becomes powerful.
Peter: So... how do you power your language up like that? Books and software won’t help.
Jessi: But... actual practical daily conversation lessons will.
Peter: Native speakers that explain the conversation and teach you how to respond will power your language up.
Jessi: And so will the tools that help you master vocabulary and pronunciation quickly.
Peter: Listeners, that’s exactly what you get when you Power Up with Premium
Jessi: The “Power Up With Premium” sale is your chance to jump in and master language with a big 31% OFF
Peter: Upgrade today and get 31% OFF all Premium Subscriptions until Friday April 26th, 2013.
Jessi: So it ends this week, right?
Peter: Right. There are Only 6 days left to unlock our entire language learning system for a fraction of the cost.
Jessi: That’s hundreds and hundreds of effective audio and video lessons that get you speaking...
Peter: And you should know that we publish new lessons weekly.
Jessi: So on top of the current lesson library... there are even more along the way.
Peter: And whatever your learning level is... we start you off with a lesson right for you.
Jessi: Plus you can track your progress and see how much you’ve mastered with our site Dashboard.
Peter: By the way, seeing your progress really powers up your language.
Jessi: I agree. It’s really motivating to know that I’m actually speaking and understand a language I couldn’t before.
Peter: Excellent point Jessi. Now listeners, you don’t only get just the lessons.
Jessi: You also get detailed notes with each and every lesson...
Peter: ...Meaning, you get the complete lesson in writing and can easily follow along.
Jessi: And guess what! We’ve just upgraded them. The notes are brand new, easier to read...
Peter: ... and work on any device, browser or reader.
Jessi: We’ve worked on them for months and just released them a few weeks ago.
Peter: So, the brand new lesson notes, the lesson library... what else Jessi?
Jessi: As a Premium member, you have unlimited website access which means you also unlock our Premium Study Tools
Peter: You get the 2,000 must-know word list with native pronunciation and sample sentences
Jessi: That’s all the words you need to be conversationally fluent.
Peter: And you master them fast with our smart Flashcards System and the Word Bank.
Jessi: As for your pronunciation, it will be pitch perfect with Line by Line Transcripts...
Peter: ...So listeners, not only do you have all the must-know words...
Jessi: ...But ALSO the correct pronunciation so you sound just like a native speaker
Peter: Now...there’s much, much more to our system than this.. but you’re probably ready to power up your language, right?
Jessi: Use coupon code: POWER underscore UP to get a big 31% discount
Peter: Or.. click on the link in the lesson description above. It’s so much easier.
Jessi: Click on it to save 31% on all Premium Subscriptions until this Friday Friday April 26th, 2013.
Peter: Remember, you have only 6 days left save big and to power up your language...
Jessi: So upgrade right now and we’ll see you on the inside.
Jessi: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Jessi: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.