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Jessi: BIG NEWS: A Premium-only feature is now available for everyone. Sounds too good to be true?
Jessi: Welcome to an Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Jessi and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with my co-host, the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Jessi: In this Sunday News, we've opened the doors to one of our most popular new features! Keep listening to learn more!
Peter: Big news listeners! Remember the Mobile Web App we released last November?
Jessi: That’s the one only 12- and 24-month premium users could use, right?
Peter: That's the one. Well, some of you may have noticed that over the new year that we've added access to your account!
Jessi: What? I wasn’t around for this!
Peter: You weren’t! But I decided to give the listeners a gift for New Year’s.
Jessi: Just in time for their New Year’s Resolution too! I hope they like it!
Peter: I think they’ll love it. Even in beta mode, the feedback was amazing.
Jessi: And just in case this is all completely new to you, listeners, here’s what we’re talking about:
Peter: The Mobile Web App is our newest...
Jessi: And our most requested feature.
Peter: It lets you take all your favorite language lessons and lesson notes on the go...
Jessi: ...And on any mobile device like the iPhone or Android
Peter: And tablets! Don’t forget tablets, Jessi.
Jessi: Tablets like the Kindle and iPad?
Peter: Exactly. It fits snugly on any screen so you don’t have to pinch and zoom.
Jessi: Ah, so it’s super easy to navigate...
Peter: Yep. Bigger buttons, bigger font, and starting a lesson takes just a few taps.
Jessi: Do listeners still have to download and sync their lessons to their device?
Peter: Not at all. All you need is a wifi or 3G connection to stream the lessons
Jessi: And you get the same lessons you’d normally see on our website, right??
Peter: Correct. And we’ve opened up the Mobile Web App to everyone!
Jessi: So whether you’re a Free, Basic or Premium subscriber...
Peter: It’s all yours! That’s our New Year’s gift to you!
Jessi: Just use your usual login details to access your lessons...
Peter: interrupts But wait, Jessi, before they log in, they have to know where to get it first!
Jessi: Right, right! Just look for the link in the lesson description.
Peter: Put that link in your device’s browser.
Jessi: Oh, and be sure to save it on your home screen for easy access.
Peter: Good tip, Jessi! So once you’re logged in, listener, you’ll see two icons...
Jessi: Browse and History
Peter: To start learning, tap on “Browse” and simply scroll through the different seasons and choose one that’s right for you.
Jessi: And the history icon?
Peter: This lets you see what lesson you’ve done last and stay on track with the next one!
Jessi: Sounds simple enough! So, if you’re tuning in right now...
Peter: ...And if you have a mobile device – any smartphone, iphone, android, or tablet...
Jessi: Get the Mobile Web App right now and start learning on the go!
Peter: Just grab the link in the description, or even easier... open up your mobile device’s browser and type this address in...
Jessi: mobile dot site URL dot com
Peter: Try it right now and let us know what you think in the comments section!
Jessi: No excuses, listener. It’s 2013 and you have a language resolution to crush!
Jessi: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday news!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Jessi: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.


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January 20th, 2013 at 06:30 PM
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January 25th, 2013 at 04:37 PM
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Wow, you're doing great! すごいですね!わたしたちも嬉しいです:grin:

Be careful driving! :mrgreen:


Team JapanesePod101.com

January 23rd, 2013 at 01:46 PM
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:grin: This makes listening to the lessons on my phone much easier now. I have a 40 minute drive to work & can usually listen to 2 lessons on my drive. ありがとう ございます! 嬉しいです。 

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January 23rd, 2013 at 12:28 PM
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Hi Savannah,

You're welcome! :D Glad to hear that you like it!!


Team JapanesePod101.com

January 23rd, 2013 at 08:23 AM
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Thank you so much for this app! My computer has been giving me issues, and makes learning online hard sometimes. It's such a relief to know that when I can't access my computer, I can learn on my ipod. You've taken the worry right out of me. よかった! ありがとうございます!