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Simone: How do you go from failure to achieving your language goals for 2013?
Simone: Welcome to an Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Simone and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with my co-host, the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Simone: In this Sunday News, all you need to know about reaching your language learning resolution is here. Tune in to find out more!
Peter: 2013 is here, so lets talk New Years resolutions.
Simone: Listeners, what’s your new year’s resolution?
Peter: And how will you make sure you succeed?
Simone: A lot of people fall short... don’t they?
Peter: They do. Even I almost failed my 2012 resolution of learning Chinese.
Simone: So what happened? Did you achieve it?
Peter: Simone, I smashed through my resolution. Do you know how I did it?
Simone: Uh, oh. Listeners, listen up because this is a GREAT lesson.
Peter: A few simple changes to my goal made a massive difference.
Simone: Like what?
Peter: I started aiming for smaller, more measurable goals. For example: I changed my New Year’s resolution from “Master Chinese” to “Speak 10 Minutes of Chinese per study session with my tutor”
Simone: Smart! You can’t expect to magically become fluent. You put a number on it.
Peter: No magic here, Simone. Once I made that small change, I hit my goal in 3 months and extended 10 minutes to 15 then 20...and now I’m up to 30 minute conversations. I’m blown away at how easy it was once I changed my mindset.
Simone: What are a few other changes you made that our listeners can copy in 2013?
Peter: Write down your new measurable goal and place it somewhere where you’ll see it everyday. It sounds a little strange, but it keeps you focused on your goal.
Simone: And that doesn’t just apply to language learning but really, any goal you’re trying to achieve in life!
Peter: It works Simone. So, listeners, take these tips and apply them right now..
Simone: And once you do that, we challenge you to master a language in 2013.
Peter: Start your New Years resolution today and join our 12-month language learning challenge!
Simone: When you join, you'll receive more bonus secrets to language mastery...
Peter: And more motivational tips on your Dashboard to make sure you're on track
Simone: So join the challenge. Get any 12-month Premium Subscription for just $99 until January 18th, 2013.
Peter: That’s a massive 45% discount on our most popular plan.
Simone: Why is Premium so popular, Peter?
Peter: Good question Simone. With Premium, you unlock our entire language learning system.
Simone: That means, all our lessons and lesson notes AND Premium learning tools.
Peteri: And I happen to know for a fact that audio and video lessons are what our users love best.
Simone: And with Premium you get them all!
Peter: And don’t forget our newest features like the Dashboard and Mobile Web App.
Simone: The Mobile Web App lets our listeners take all our lessons on the go, right?.
Peter: Right. On any mobile device. Android, iPhone, Kindle, it doesn’t matter.
Simone: And with our system...
Peter: ...No matter what your learning level is, you’ll start with a lesson right for you!
Simone: And you’ll start speaking minutes into the first lesson. And how about the Premium tools?
Peter: Can’t forget the Premium tools, Simone.
Simone: You get the tools to cut your study time in half and master language fast.
Peter: Exclusive Premium tools include the 2000 core word list, smart flashcards for vocabulary learning, line by line dialog break down, personal wordbank and much more.
Simone: So in a nutshell, all the words, pronunciation practice and tools needed for fluency are at your fingertips.
Peter: Simone. Our listeners can’t wait any longer. Let’s give them the coupon code so they can get a head start on their language resolutions!
Simone: Okay, listeners - just use coupon code CHALLENGE to grab this $99 Premium Deal.
Peter: Or even easier, click on the link in the lesson description right now.
Simone: It’ll take you to the subscription page. Just choose Premium, then, select 12-months from the dropdown menu.
Peter: And you’re ready to start the 12-month challenge and master your language.
Simone: But hurry, this $99 Premium deal ends January 18th, 2013.
Jessi: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday news!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Jessi: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.


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