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Okay, today’s topic is:
Your 'Why' will Guarantee Your Learning Success
Did you know that your reason for learning a language can increase your chances of success? And if your reason isn’t exactly a motivational one… did you know that you can actually increase your motivation? Stick around. Today, you’ll discover…
One: Why your why is crucial to your motivation
Two: How to increase your motivation to guarantee success.
And much more.
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Your 'Why' will Guarantee Your 2024 Learning Success
Part 1 Why your why is crucial to your motivation
What's your reason for learning the language?
In other words, what is your why?
The reason we ask…about your reason… is because your reason is directly related to your motivation.
Anyway, the point is - the greater your motivation, the better your results, and the more likely you will succeed with the language.
For example…
People learn a language…
Because of a loved one...
Because they're interested in the culture or want to visit the country...
Because they’re planning to live there…
And the reason, your why, does play a role in just how motivated you’ll be to learn the language.
If you’re going to live in that country, you will need it to survive and handle everyday life, which means your motivation will be high. Like a 10 out of 10 on the motivational scale, if there was one.
If your family member is a native speaker, that’s another strong reason to learn. Maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10.
But, what if you just like the tv shows or music and want to understand them? Or what if you just like how the language sounds?
Compared to reasons like, “I need it to survive,” your motivation may not be as high.
So, you can see just how your why is directly related to your motivation.
Now, you may be watching this and thinking… “hey, my reason isn’t anything serious. Am I doomed?”
Of course not. A strong “why” can increase your motivation… but it does not guarantee language success. So, stay calm. People with not-so-serious reasons can and do succeed. And we know this because we see with the no-so-serious learners using our system who go on to learn the language. They can and do indeed succeed. Of course, it’s better if you had more motivation and a more motivational reason on your side.
But the good news is… there are ways to boost your motivation… if your initial reason is not as serious as, “I need the language to survive.”
And this is where we get into the second point.
Part 2. How to increase your motivation to guarantee success.
So, what if you don’t have a highly motivational reason to learn?
Well there is good news. If you stick with the language long enough… you will discover that the reason why you started is not the reason why you continue. That point is worth repeating. The reason why you started will not be the reason why you continue. Reasons always change and evolve over time, and almost every learner experiences this when they stick with the language long enough.
For example, if you started learning a language with a vocabulary app… because you were slightly interested…
One day, you’ll get the idea to study in that country, or visit for a vacation. Maybe you’ll become friends with native speakers. Maybe you’ll sign up for a proficiency test.
And your reason for continuing to learn is completely different from the reason why you started.
But that depends on whether you stick with the language long enough.
Now, what if your reason is a 2 out of 10 on the motivational scale…but you don’t want to wait that long…
Well, there are ways to take your low score and crank it up higher on the motivational scale… giving you a better chance of reaching your language learning goal.
How? By making extra connections with the language… right now… instead of waiting for someday. What kind of connections? You’ll find out now.
Number one: Invest in a program.
If you’re using our program, you already made a connection - you invested, not just your time, but also your hard earned money. And believe it or not, one way you can predict where a person will be in life is what they spend their time and money on right now.
If a person spends time and money on fitness, there’s a strong chance they’ll become fit. If it’s language, they’ll become better at the language. If it’s potato chips… well, you fill in the blanks. You need to spend time to get better but money is kind of like energy — it allows you to do more and multiplies your results.
Number two: Get a tutor or a teacher. Not only is that an extra connection to the language, it’s also a relationship… which makes it more likely that you’ll stick with the language.
Number three: Start watching TV shows or movies in your target language… Look for music in that language that you enjoy.
Number four: Visit a restaurant with dishes from the target country of that language. If you’re learning Japanese, a Japanese restaurant. If French, a French restaurant. You may even get to practice a bit.
Number five: Plan a trip to the country or enroll in a language proficiency test. Once you have a set date, you’ll be more motivated to improve.
These are just a few examples… but the point is… the more connections you make to the language… whether friends, music, tv, programs, and so on… the more the language becomes part of your life and the stronger your motivation will be to actually master it.
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