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Okay, today’s topic is:
The 2 Minute Rule to Cracking Through the Hard Parts of Language Learning
If you’re learning a language…
There is a 100% guarantee that you have a whole list of grammar rules or words… that you struggle with. Or, maybe it’s a whole skill like listening. Either way, you’re likely very aware of your specific pain points… or you could say, hard parts of the language.
But, what if you could crack these hard parts and master them… with something called the 2 minute rule?
Today you’ll discover…
How to use the 2 minute rule
Why you’ll need to apply this tactic daily to make it work
And much more
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The 2 Minute Rule to Cracking Through the Hard Parts of Language Learning
Part 1: The 2 Minute Rule for Breaking Through
If you think about the language you’re learning, what are the specific points that you’re struggling with? Is it conjugating certain verbs? Or a certain tense? Leave a comment below and tell us what your trouble spots are.
It’s practically a guarantee that if you’re learning a language, that you’ll always have trouble at any given time.
So, how do you deal with these pain points?
Well, there’s something called the 2-minute rule… for creating habits.
If you want to start a new habit…and do something new, do it for just 2 minutes a day. Once those 2 minutes are up, you can walk away and come back to it tomorrow.
You can apply this very same rule… toward cracking the hard parts of language learning.
But the trick is, you have to keep up with it almost daily… or do it every time you’re learning a language.
How? For example, you can spend about 2 minutes… on creating sentences with grammar rules you recently learned.
But why just 2 minutes? If it’s hard, you’d think you’d want to spend MORE time on it, right?
If you can spend more than 2 minutes, you should. But the fact is, the parts you struggle with - whether grammar or otherwise - are not fun to do and probably not your favorite things to do. So, it’s unlikely that you will put in 10 or 30 minutes towards something you struggle with and don’t like.
But usually… that hard part…if you can master it… will take your language to the next level.
So, the first reason is… The 2-minute rule makes things easier. If you only have to do 2 minutes, practicing the language isn’t so bad. And second, you could put in more time upfront, but… that’s not the best way. Language becomes natural to us over time, not overnight… or after a 3 hour study session. Meaning, you have to chip away at it daily. You need time to review, to rest, to let your brain sort it out, and come back to practice some more.
So, what do you currently struggle with?
Chances are you’re going to avoid these pain points because, well… you’d rather do what’s fun or easy — passive stuff like watching YouTube.
So that's where the 2-minute rule comes in.
Part 2: How to Apply this Learning Tactic
To start, all you have to do is put in 2 minutes a day… or per session if you want to do multiple sessions a day.
So, think about what it is you’re struggling with right now. It could be conjugating verbs. It could be a specific grammar point. Or, it could be the alphabet for now.
If you’re using a notebook, which I strongly recommend, at the top of the page, write down the one pain point you want to focus on.
And just put in at least 2 minutes practicing that specific thing.
You can do more if you want, but keep it short for now and walk away before it feels like a struggle. There’s no rush to do it all now.
Then, at your next learning session, do it again first thing.
Open up your notebook, write down that same point you want to focus on, practice it, and then move on to the easier things.
And bit by bit, you’ll start getting used to the grammar point, the pronunciation, or whatever else that you’re struggling with
…and it’ll slowly become natural for you over time.
Again, it’s not about mastering everything right now, but making it easy to do and putting in the time consistently.
The point is not to overwhelm yourself… which can easily happen if you’re practicing something you’re not good at.
The point is to end it before it gets frustrating.
And if you keep at it daily, you’ll start cracking through the hard parts of your target language.
So, thank you for watching this episode of Monthly Review
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