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Okay, today’s topic is:
Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? And How to Speak More of Your Target Language
Since you’re learning the language… then you’re very much aware of the importance of speaking. Which can be easy, if you’re an extrovert… or hard, if you're an introvert. So, how can you speak more if you’re on the shy side? Keep watching this month's episode. You’ll discover:
Who learns faster - extroverts or introverts?
Why learning a language can help you become more extroverted
And 5 ways to speak more, even if you’re an introvert
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Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? And How to Speak More of Your Target Language
Part 1: Do Extroverts or Introverts Learn Languages Faster?
If you’ve ever wondered whether introverts or extroverts learn the language faster…
There have been studies done on this.
And as you’d expect, extroverts do have an advantage when it comes to speaking and overall conversational skills. Of course, these studies didn’t take into account mistakes you may make, such as grammar, vocab, etc.
And introverts? Introverts tend to observe and listen more, and tend to be better listeners.
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So the key takeaway is, they each have their own advantages. One has something that the other lacks.
And that makes sense, doesn’t it?
If you speak less, your speaking skills will be weaker.
And if you want to just speak a lot… you get good at speaking but miss out on the other skills like listening and reading.
So, unfortunately, you can’t really say who learns faster, based on personality alone. Just that each one has their advantages and disadvantages.
But personality aside, success with a language will always depend on your attitude towards learning itself and how much time you put in.
The person that has a better chance of becoming fluent … will always be the one that puts in more time… to learn, practice, get feedback, adjust with the feedback… and not so much whether they’re extroverted or introverted.
But, what if you’re an introvert who wants to be able to speak more? Is there a way to become more extroverted?
Part 2: How to Speak More, Even if You’re an Introvert
There are ways to become more extroverted… at least more than your usual self.
Well, first by learning a language.
When you learn a language, you have a natural desire to connect with native speakers… even if you’re shy.
Also, native speakers tend to be very supportive and welcoming when you’re trying to learn their language. So, even if you are shy, It's kind of hard to stay shy in the long run when the people you speak with are so encouraging.
In your native language… Even if you know a million ways to start a conversation, you might not try to speak to someone because you’re worried about whether you have something clever to say, or the timing, or some other social aspect.
But in another language, where you may only know a few phrases, you’re not bogged down by that. You just do the best you can with the few phrases you have.
Plus, learning a language alone gives you a chance to reinvent yourself. “To learn another language is to acquire another soul” as the quote goes.
So, learning a language alone puts you on a path towards becoming more extroverted.
But if you want specific tips, here are 5 ways to speak more… even if you’re an introvert.
Number one. Learn how to listen like an introvert. How can this help you speak more?
Introverts tend to listen more, and the better listener you become, the better questions you can ask… which results in a more meaningful conversation. Which also means more speaking time for you. So you can speak more, even if you consider yourself an introvert, by listening well and asking relevant and pertinent questions.
By the way, if you want to learn how to ask questions...then check out our Top 25 Questions You Need to Know, where you’ll learn all about what to ask and answer regarding the most common conversational questions.
Number two… Increase speaking time and confidence through experience.
Simply put, the more experiences you have in life… or experience with certain topics, the more knowledgeable you become. And as your life or work experiences grow, so will your audience.
You’ll find people coming to you to talk to you. It could be about business, travel, or just your own life stories. If a conversation is about France…and if you’ve been to France, the conversation will gravitate towards you. Having all that experience makes things easy for you as an introvert. People will come to you, so you don’t have to find them.
For a language learner… the trick is to one: be knowledgeable about something…and two: be able to talk about your experience in the target language.
Number three: Find the right audience.
Imagine talking to someone that’s not interested in learning languages. They’ll give you 100 hundred reasons why they can’t learn. Never reasons why it might work out for them, right?
But, when you’re talking to an audience that’s interested in languages. Then, you can have a conversation that could go on for hours. So, find the right audience to share with.
With language learning, it means… you need to find native speakers that share the same hobbies or interests as you.
Number four. Talk about what you know best.
The introvert-extrovert dynamic also depends on how much you know about a topic and what you’re most comfortable with. There are topics you may not know enough about so you won’t talk as much. But even the biggest introvert can become a confident speaker… once you touch upon a topic they know well. That’s where they shine.
So, if your goal is to be more extroverted, then focus on the things you know about. Or, you can always gain experience in topics you don’t know much about, so you can speak more.
Number five. Create opportunities to speak.
How? Well, It’s hard to stop a stranger and start talking with them without any context, right?
But what if you need help finding something at a store? Or have a question about a dish at a restaurant? Then it’s much easier, since you’re there with a purpose.
So, you can create these opportunities… by going to a restaurant from the country that speaks your target language and speaking with the staff. Or, asking a taxi driver a question…or asking staff at an information booth a question.
So, to recap: If you want to speak more… even if you’re an introvert:
One: Listen like an introvert.
Two: Increase speaking time and confidence through experience.
Three: Find the right audience.
Four: Talk about what you know best.
And Five: Create opportunities to speak.
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