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Okay, today’s topic is:
4 Rules for Staying Motivated with Language Learning
You’re going to learn…
1. The mistake people make with motivation,
2. The 4 rules for motivation,
and 3. how you can apply the 4 rules to your language learning
Do you wish you were MORE motivated about language learning? You watch motivational videos. You feel good for a second. But none of it sticks. This lesson may have some tips to help you!
First, listen up! Here are this month’s new lessons and resources.
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4 Rules for Staying Motivated with Language Learning
Want to know how to really stay motivated? Then listen closely to these 4 rules. These rules might be a little different from the advice that you often hear. Ready?
Rule #1: Action Comes First.
Are you the type of person who prefers to make things happen? Or are you the type that waits for things to happen to you?
One of the best ways to stay motivated with language learning, is to NOT think about motivation. Instead take action and start learning. The mistake that most people make is that they have this backwards. They think they should wait to feel motivated FIRST, and THEN start learning. But really, it's the other way around.
First you do a language lesson. You learn a basic conversation. Then you do another. And then you start feeling like you can do more and learn more. You see results. So, results bring motivation.
Thinking about motivation does not bring motivation. Thinking about motivation is like reading an article about how to go outside for a run instead of actually going outside for a run.
So, action comes FIRST.
Rule #2: Always Have an Outside Influence.
It’s very easy to lose motivation if you’re learning language alone. So, what do you do?
Here are some examples:
You get a study buddy. You hire a tutor. You join a meetup group. You plan a trip to a country that speaks the language. Or, you sign up for a proficiency test, like many language learners do.
Why do this? Because now, you have other people depending on you. You have outside factors that keep you going with the language. For example, if you signed up for a language proficiency test, you know you have a few months to study, and you have to take the test on a certain date. Someone is going to pass or fail you. This is a lot more motivating than learning alone.
If you’re learning with our program, you can get your own teacher with the Premium PLUS plan. They’ll hold you accountable, send you homework, and give you feedback.
If you have a study buddy, well, now you have someone that expects you to show up and improve. And if they’re better than you, that should give you extra motivation, because you want to be at their level.
So, get some outside influence!
The next rule is...
Rule #3. Always Have a Go-To Study Method.
When you arrive at work or the gym, or when you start your homework, you always have that one thing you do first, right? What do you do?
For example, with work, maybe the very first thing you do is check emails. Then, you check your tasks for the week. After that, you get started.
Well, you need to make the same kind of habits with language learning. You need a go-to study method that you’re comfortable with. An easy starting point.
And this totally depends on you and your style. Choose something you enjoy. Some people listen to audio lessons. Some people like flashcards. For some people, writing is easy. You can write out song lyrics and translate them. It’s up to you.
The point is, you should give yourself an easy first step to get you started and get into the flow of learning.
If you’re learning with our program, you can start with the word of the day email or do a quick 3-minute audio lesson. You can copy out the lesson dialogue. Read through the lesson notes. Or, even easier, just review and relisten to a lesson you took the day before.
If you have your own go-to study method, you’re already miles ahead of most learners. Leave a comment and tell us about it!
And finally...
Rule #4: Always Be Working on Something.
So, here, I want you to stop and think about your friends. Do you have a friend that’s always up to something - some project? They’re working on a song. Or, they’re making videos. They finish one thing and they start another.
Well, if you wonder how they stay motivated, it’s because they are always working on something.
And this goes back to “taking action.” If you’re not learning or working, you can’t stay
So, you need to apply this to language learning.
How? For example, like I mentioned in Part 2 about outside influence, you can make a plan to travel to a country that speaks your target language, or you can sign up for a language proficiency test.
If you do that, you’ll have something to look forward to; something to do.
If you’re traveling, you need to learn travel phrases. If you have a proficiency test coming up, you have to study grammar and do exercises.
What else can you do?
If you already have a textbook or workbook, make it a goal to finish that book.
If you have a learning program, make it a goal to finish it, or reach a certain level.
If you’re using our lessons, make it a goal to finish one learning pathway.
Then, when you’re done - give yourself something else to do. Something to stick with. Something to look forward to.
So, let’s recap:
1. Action comes first.
2. Always have an outside influence.
3. Always Have a Go-To Study Method.
And 4. Always Be Working on Something.
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