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Lesson Transcript

Natsuko: こんにちは。夏子です。
Akihiro: あきひろです。
Sachiko: Sachiko here. Video Game Guru. Do you guys play video games still?
Natsuko: Not recently.
Sachiko: No I don’t either. When was the last time you played?
Akihiro: あ~わたしはもっと古いですね。 I used to play Invader game, Space Invader.
Sachiko: So today’s conversation is obviously about two people talking about video games.
Natsuko: One guy is asking the other how to use the controller.
Sachiko: Ah and what do you think the politeness level would be between two friends playing games?
Natsuko: Pretty casual.
Sachiko: Okay well let’s take a look and see what the Gurus teach in the apprentice.
ヨシオ: ねえ。コントローラーの使い方を教えてよ。
アツシ: OK。簡単だよ。まず、Aボタンを押してみて。
ヨシオ: うん。パンチだね。
アツシ: 次はBボタン。
ヨシオ: 今度はキックだね。
アツシ: 次はCボタン。
ヨシオ: おっ、ジャンプだ。
アツシ: 最後に、A+Bを一緒に押してみて。
ヨシオ: おっ、なんかすごい技がでたっ!
アツシ: 必殺技だからね。この必殺技は1ステージで2回しか使えないから、強いボスキャラの時に使った方がいいよ。
ヨシオ: わかった!
ヨシオ: ねえ。コントローラーの使い方を教えてよ。
YOSHIO: Hey, show me how to use the controller.
アツシ: OK。簡単だよ。まず、Aボタンを押してみて。
ATSUSHI: OK. It's really easy. First, press the A button.
ヨシオ: うん。パンチだね。
YOSHIO: OK. That's for punching.
アツシ: 次はBボタン。
ATSUSHI: Now, push the B button.
ヨシオ: 今度はキックだね。
YOSHIO: This one's for kicking, eh?
アツシ: 次はCボタン。
ATSUSHI: Next the C button.
ヨシオ: おっ、ジャンプだ。
YOSHIO: Oh, this is for jumping.
アツシ: 最後に、A+Bを一緒に押してみて。
ATSUSHI: And lastly, push the A and B button together.
ヨシオ: おっ、なんかすごい技がでたっ!
YOSHIO: Wow. I just did something really cool!
アツシ: 必殺技だからね。この必殺技は1ステージで2回しか使えないから、強いボスキャラの時に使った方がいいよ。
ATSUSHI: That's a special trick. You can only use the special one twice in a level, so you'd better leave it for the strong boss character.
ヨシオ: わかった!
YOSHIO: Got it!
Sachiko: Natsuko san, Akihiro san, what did you think of the conversation?
Natsuko: うーん。こういう難しいゲームやったことないなぁ。
Sachiko: うーん。確かに。I like role playing games because you don’t need to use the controller so much.
Natsuko: Ah I see, I see.
Akihiro: うーん、結構好きですね。そういう戦いのゲームは。
Natsuko: あ、そうなんですか。え、どういうところでやるんですか?
Akihiro: えー。たまにゲーセンで…
Natsuko: ゲームセンター。 We abbreviate Game Center or Arcade into ゲーセン in Japanese.
Akihiro: 結構忍者とか、なんかそういうゲーム、面白いですよ。忍者が襲ってくるから、あの戦う。そういうゲーム。
Natsuko: すごい。
Sachiko: Wow!
Akihiro: かなりリアルで、恐いです。
Sachiko: Sounds tough, fighting against ninja. Is that what ninja did in real life?
Natsuko: But I think that should be a topic of some history lesson or something.
Sachiko: Ah Marquee will give us a culture class on the history of Ninja.
Natsuko: I am sure he knows a lot.
Sachiko: Let’s go over the vocabulary for the day. 一つ目をお願いします。
Akihiro: コントローラー
Sachiko: Controller.
Akihiro: (slow)コントローラー (natural speed) コントローラー
Sachiko: Now all you tech savvy people out there, remind me what exactly is a control. Is that the remote control or the thing you have in your hand to play the game?
Natsuko: I think it’s the handset or the handset that you practice. You can also use that for a remote controller but it’s usually the handset thing. Joystick and all those things.
Sachiko: I learned a new vocabulary today too. Okay 次の単語をお願いします。
Natsuko: 使い方
Sachiko: The way to use something.
Natsuko: (slow)つかいかた (natural speed)使い方
Sachiko: This seems like a pretty useful vocabulary. Let’s hear a sample sentence.
Natsuko: パソコンの使い方を習う
Sachiko: To learn how to use a computer.
Natsuko: That’s what I need to do. Are you guys pretty tech savvy, computers, video games.
Sachiko: Not really. I can use it for my work but not really.
Akihiro: わたしも簡単なことしかわかりません。
Sachiko: Akihiro! You just introduced our next vocabulary. How convenient. What is it?
Akihiro: 簡単
Sachiko: Simple, easy.
Akihiro: (slow)かんたん (natural speed)簡単
Sachiko: Now this can be used for anything right?
Natsuko: Yeah almost anything.
Sachiko: The technology is easy, the way to use it is easy. You can talk about recipes being easy.
Natsuko: Yes.
Sachiko: When you turn this into an adjective, how would you use that?
Natsuko: 簡単な So it’s a な adjective.
Sachiko: Okay. 簡単な料理。An easy cooking. That’s what I like.
Natsuko: Me too.
Sachiko: Okay the next vocabulary is pretty easy to figure out. What’s that?
Natsuko: パンチ
Sachiko: Punch.
Natsuko: (slow)パンチ (natural speed)パンチ
Sachiko: Wow! Would you ever use this in daily life? Punch パンチをくらったんだよ。
Natsuko: 彼女と喧嘩してね。
Sachiko: So you got into a fight with your girlfriend and you got punched.
Natsuko: I use this word for my cat.
Sachiko: What?
Natsuko: She used to punch me 猫パンチ。痛いんですよ。
Sachiko: Really it hurts?
Natsuko: It hurts.
Sachiko: But it’s a tiny little cat.
Natsuko: 猫パンチと猫キックがね、痛いんですよ。
Sachiko: 猫キック!うそ~。
Natsuko: Because they scratch at the same time.
Sachiko: Ouch! Ouch! Now how do you do to defend yourself from the 猫パンチ?
Natsuko: Oh there is virtually no way to defend against cats. We just have to tolerate it.
Sachiko: Oh yeah, yeah, you can wear, like, thick padded gloves when you are in the house.
Natsuko: But in that case, we can't, you know, have fun with cats.
Sachiko: Oh that’s true and the next word is very similar.
Akihiro: キック
Sachiko: Kick.
Akihiro: (slow)キック (natural speed)キック
Sachiko: Yeah when you watch, like, professional wrestling on TV.
Natsuko: Oh yes.
Sachiko: There are lots of different kinds of kicks right. Sidekicks and overhead kicks and I guess you use these words in martial arts maybe…
Natsuko: Yes and also for soccer games, football games, rugby games.
Sachiko: Ah that’s true. Let’s go to the next vocabulary. お願いします。
Natsuko: 技
Sachiko: Technique.
Natsuko: (slow)わざ (natural speed)技
Sachiko: What kind of situations can you use this word in?
Natsuko: I think almost anything.
Sachiko: Sports?
Natsuko: Oh yes sure.
Sachiko: Yeah.
Akihiro: 柔道で技ありってありますよね。
Natsuko: あ~そうですよね。
Sachiko: Oh yes. When you do in Judo and you actually get the guy down, it’s 技あり meaning a technique was acknowledged or accepted.
Akihiro: Right, right but they are weaker than 一本 right?
Sachiko: Oh yes right.
Natsuko: Ah one notch weaker right?
Akihiro: Yeah.
Sachiko: Lower. Because 一本 would actually determine the win or loss of the game.
Akihiro: Right.
Natsuko: But this is not only used for sports but it can be used for, like arts or handicrafts. Anything involving you know kind of techniques…
Sachiko: Right. And special skills maybe which brings us to the next vocabulary which is
Akihiro: 必殺技
Sachiko: A special move. An unusual one unique to a certain fighter or a fighting style.
Akihiro: (slow)ひっさつわざ (natural speed)必殺技
Sachiko: Uhh..Now this is a word I hear a lot in professional wrestling.
Natsuko: Oh yes right.
Sachiko: Boxing definitely. Do you guys have 必殺技?
Akihiro: 必殺技?
Sachiko: Yeah in anything like fighting off a boss or fighting in the trains or grabbing a seat in the train.
Natsuko: I know one.
Sachiko: Uhh…
Natsuko: I know one with Peter.
Sachiko: Oh what did you do?
Natsuko: Peter’s 必殺技。 Look up at the PDF. Check out the PDF.
Sachiko: Right. That’s his 必殺技. Okay let’s go to the next vocabulary.
Natsuko: ボスキャラ
Sachiko: Boss character in a video game.
Natsuko: (slow)ボスキャラ (natural speed)ボスキャラ
Sachiko: Obviously キャラ is the abbreviation of character and it’s combined with the boss to make ボスキャラ. Do we use this in daily life? I don’t think so. Do we?
Natsuko: I think almost you know…
Sachiko: Unique to the video game.
Natsuko: Yeah game exclusive.
Sachiko: And the last word
Akihiro: 強い
Sachiko: Strong.
Akihiro: (slow)つよい (natural speed)強い
Sachiko: Now can we use this for physical and psychological strength?
Akihiro: You can use it for both.
Sachiko: If you were psychologically strong, what would you call that?
Akihiro: 精神的に強い。

Lesson focus

Sachiko: Okay so Natsuko san, let’s take a look at today’s grammar point.
Natsuko: はい。今日のグラマーポイントはなになにの使い方を教えてください。
Sachiko: Please show me or teach me how to use blah, blah, blah. Okay では I will be the consumer and you can be the sales assistant.
Natsuko: Okay.
Sachiko: You can tell me how to use this microwave.
Natsuko: 電子レンジの使い方を教えてください。
Sachiko: Please teach me how to use the microwave.
Natsuko: 電子レンジ。 This is the word for microwave.
Sachiko: Microwave.
Natsuko: So something you want to know how to use will come before this expression right?
Sachiko: Right at the very beginning of the sentence.
Natsuko: 電子レンジの使い方を教えてください。
Sachiko: So 電子レンジの使い方 would be how to use the microwave.
Natsuko: Yes.
Sachiko: Okay and the answer would be
Natsuko: 電子レンジの中にラップのかかったお皿を入れてドアを閉じます。
Sachiko: Literally translated, this would be into the microwave, you put a dish covered with surround wrap and shut the door.
Natsuko: そして、時間を設定してボタンを押します。
Sachiko: Then you set up the time and push the button. なるほど。I didn’t know that. Yeah now I know how to use the microwave. Oh thanks to Natsuko san.
Natsuko: よかったですね。Civilized now.
Sachiko: Yes I am civilized. I can make myself a TV dinner. Yes, I feel so cultured now and in Japan, what sound does a microwave make when it kind of sets off the timer?
Natsuko: チーン
Sachiko: Exactly. That’s why sometimes in Japanese, we use this word to refer to the action of using a microwave.
Natsuko: Yes it’s actually used as a verb チンする。
Sachiko: Yeah which sounds really weird. So チーン。
Natsuko: Yeah チーン。That means to microwave something.
Sachiko: Right and we actually use this a lot in daily life.
Natsuko: Yes and I actually see some on recipes. 三分間チンします。
Sachiko: Let’s look at a cell phone.
Natsuko: 携帯電話の使い方を教えてください。
Sachiko: Please tell me how to use the cell phone.
Natsuko: 携帯電話 This is the word for cell phone or mobile phone.
Sachiko: Right exactly and the answer is
Natsuko: 電源を入れて、電波が届いているか確認して、相手の電話番号を入力します。
Sachiko: So the first phrase 電源を入れて means power it on or switch it on and the middle phrase
Natsuko: 電波が届いているか確認して
Sachiko: What’s a 電波.
Natsuko: That’s the electric wave.
Sachiko: Yeah so make sure you are getting the electronic waves. 届いている means it’s reaching you.
Natsuko: Yes.
Sachiko: So and 確認する means.
Natsuko: To check.
Sachiko: Right so check to make sure that you are getting the electromagnetic waves and then
Natsuko: 相手の電話番号を入力します。
Sachiko: 相手の refers to who, to someone you are making a call to.
Natsuko: Call to, right.
Sachiko: So to the partner の電話番号 which is the phone number.
Natsuko: はい。
Sachiko: 入力する means
Natsuko: To enter
Sachiko: Right so in a nutshell, 相手の電話番号を入力します means to input the phone number of the person you are trying to dial.
Natsuko: そして通話ボタンを押します
Sachiko: Then you press the talk button, 通話ボタン? What does 通話 mean?
Natsuko: 通話 means to talk on a phone.
Sachiko: Right. So it’s the act of calling.
Natsuko: Yes. So there is a button specifically for calling or initiating a phone call.


Sachiko: Yes じゃあ夏子さん。次のレッスンでは、電子レンジの使い方をまた教えてください。
Natsuko: Well some days, maybe.
Sachiko: Okay very soon.
Natsuko: Japanese cooking lesson.
Sachiko: Ah that’s very nice. Yeah Japanese food, Japanese recipes, Japanese words for utensils.
Natsuko: Yes.
Sachiko: Because there are so many Japanese utensils that don’t exist in the western world.
Natsuko: Right.
Sachiko: That’s a great idea. Okay.
Natsuko: Maybe we can do some series about it.
Sachiko: Yes, that will be our next course.
Natsuko: Okay
Sachiko: Japanesecuisines.com So stay tuned for next week and be sure to print out the PDF because it will have a lot of information about how to use electronic gadgets and these vocabulary are really useful. So make sure you check them out.
Natsuko: Yes.
Sachiko: So see you next week.
Natsuko: それじゃあ、また今度。
Akihiro: また来週。


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こんにちは!Pablo Ignacio Scaletta さん


日本語で、punch は”殴(なぐ)る” ”kick” は”蹴(け)る”と言います。

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Andy san,


Please note the corrections below.


These days I don’t play video games very often, but when I was a child, I played Super Smash Brothers with my friends.


We played on the Nintendo 64.


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The character I used the most was Samus.


When I found out that Samus was actually a girl, I was so surprised!

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These days I don't play video games very often, but when I was a child, I played Super Smash Brothers with my friends.


We played on the Nintendo 64.


Was it popular in Japan?


The character I used the most was Samus.


When I found out that Samus was actually a girl, I was so surpirsed!

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