Lesson Transcript

Learn 4 techniques to stop translating in your head
and start thinking in your target language!
This will allow you to have conversations with ease
read smoothly, and comprehensively understand natives
1. Surround yourself with your target language
You will completely immerse yourself in the language
Without realizing it you'll be learning pronunciation
sentence structures, grammar, and new vocabulary
Play music in the background while you're cooking
or have a radio station on while you study
Just use one of our endless podcasts available to you
easy to listen to as background noise!
2. Learn through observation
This is how we all learned our native languages as kids
The words will have their own meanings
Rather than meanings in reference to your tongue
3. Speak out loud to yourself
It makes you listen to how you speak
And makes it easy to spot grammar mistakes
4. Practice daily
If you practice all in 1 day you don't retain the information
little of the information will be absorbed
The brain can realistically only focus for 30 minutes
Studying everyday allows you to absorb better
Follow the steps and have patience to achieve your goals
Make sure to remember those 4 tools!
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