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Lesson Transcript

北枕 [きたまくら North pillow]
Do you know about 北枕? 北枕 means "north pillow."
In Japan, it's believed that it's better not to sleep with your head towards the north.
It's because there is a custom to lay a corpse with the head directed to the north. This is from the story that Buddha died lying down, with his head towards the direction.
According to another belief, it's said that sleeping with one's head to the north brings luck with money.
福耳 [ふくみみ Plump ears]
Do you know about 福耳? 福耳 means "plump ears."
In Japan, it's believed that people with plump ears will be rich in the future.
It's because this was one of the physical features of Buddha, who influenced the figures of the Seven Gods of Happiness, like Ebisu. Their images were created with both Shinto and Buddhism in mind.
It's said that Buddha has 32 large and 80 very small features that are very noticeable on his body.