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Lesson Transcript

しゃっくり [Hiccups]
Do you know about しゃっくり? しゃっくり means "hiccups."
In Japan, it's believed that you will die when you hiccup 100 times in a row.
It's believed that if you have the hiccups many times, it's a sign of possible illness.
In Japan, common ways to stop the hiccups are to be surprised, to drink water, to hold your breath, and so on.
ツバメの巣 [ツバメのす Swallow's nest]
Do you know about ツバメの巣? ツバメの巣 means "swallow's nest."
In Japan, it's believed that houses where swallows come to build their nests will have good luck.
It's because swallows were considered very important to Japanese people. This is because swallows eat insects that are harmful to rice fields, and people thought that they would bring a good harvest.
The type of swallow that migrates to Japan usually makes its nest under the roofs of houses or stores. It's said that it's to protect themselves from crows which are their natural predators.