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Lesson Transcript

夜爪を切る [よるつめをきる Cutting nails at night]
Do you know about 夜爪を切る? 夜爪を切る means "cutting nails at night."
In Japan, it's believed that you won't be able to attend your parents' deathbeds if you cut your nails at night time.
It's because in ancient times, cutting nails at night wasn't safe due to the poor lighting conditions.
The word "(cutting) nails at night" is the same pronounciation as "short life," which has a negative connotation.
白蛇の夢 [しろへびのゆめ A dream of a white snake]
Do you know about 白蛇の夢? 白蛇の夢 means "a dream of a white snake."
In Japan, it's believed that something very lucky will happen to you when a white snake appears in your dream.
It's because white snakes are extremely rare, and through the ages, it's been believed that they have mysterious powers.
It's said that if you meet a white snake in your dream, you'll have luck with money.