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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to learn Japanese grammar absolute beginner. In this video series, you learn basic Japanese grammar patterns and phrases through easy to follow audio and visual cues. Here is what we will cover in this lesson. Ready? Let’s get started.
Naomi: 行かないでください。 (Ikanaide kudasai.)
Peter: In this section, you will learn how to tell someone not do something. To tell someone not to do something, we put the verb into the informal negative form and then add で (de). If you want to make a polite request, add でください (de kudasai) to the informal negative form.
Naomi: The informal negative form of a verb is often called the nai-form.
Peter: The explanation we just gave you may have sounded a little complicated but I think once we illustrate with some examples, it will become very clear. Naomi-sensei, can you give us a verb?
Naomi: Sure. 行く (iku) to go.
Peter: What’s the corresponding informal negative form or the nai-form?
Naomi: 行かない (ikanai)
Peter: Won’t go. Change the く (ku) to か (ka) and add ない (nai) . So 行く (iku) becomes 行かない (ikanai) , won’t go. To say don’t go, you add で (de)
Naomi: 行かないで (ikanaide)
Peter: This is the shortened form of please don’t go. If you want to say please don’t go, add ください (kudasai)
Naomi: 行かないでください。 (Ikanaide kudasai.)
Peter: Please don’t go. Let’s do one more example. Can you give us another verb?
Naomi: する (suru)
Peter: To do. The nai-form is?
Naomi: しない (shinai)
Peter: Won’t do. To say don’t do, add で (de)
Naomi: しないで (shinaide)
Peter: And how do we say please don’t do as in please don’t do that or please don’t do this?
Naomi: しないでください(Shinaide kudasai). So 遠慮する (enryo suru) is
Peter: To hesitate, to hold back.
Naomi: So 遠慮しないでください (Enryo shinai de kudasai) is
Peter: Please don’t hold back or please don’t hesitate.
Naomi: 心配する (shinpai suru) is
Peter: To worry.
Naomi: So 心配しないでください。 (Shinpai shinaide kudasai.) means
Peter: Please don’t worry.
Naomi: 行かないでください。 (Ikanaide kudasai.)
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