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Lesson Transcript

プレッシャー、えいや! “Pressure, go away!”
Hey, guys! It’s Risa. Today, I’m here at Chiba Makuhari Messe to see the very first Comic Con in Japan. Are you guys excited to see Tokyo Comic Con with me? Let’s go!
スタン・リーさん! “Mr. Stan Lee!”
どうぞー!テープカット!“Go ahead! Please cut the tape!”
テープカットの終わったあとです。 “This is after they cut the tape.”
Darth Vader is walking.
おめでおめでとうございます。 “Congratulations.”
本当にオタクなんですよ。 “I’m actually an otaku.”
I hope you see my back. My message is I think you’re all wonderful. I think it’s terrific that we have such a big convention here. I would have thought I was in America if I hadn’t known that I’m in beautiful Tokyo.
Expecto Patronum!
Woah! That’s what you’re going to find here in Tokyo first ever Comic Con. We’ll have more videos about Tokyo Comic Con on our channel so don’t forget to subscribe. See you next time! またね!