Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! In Japan, it is really easy to find street food. You can usually get it at festivals or food markets. Street food is not very healthy, but it's always delicious. Most of it originated in Osaka. So that is one of the best places to get some. Let's check out Japanese street food. Where is it?
These are some famous Japanese street foods. Osaka is Japan’s street food capital. First stop is Gyōza. Osaka Ohshō is the king of Gyōza. $2 will get you six fresh pieces. They have been hand making Gyōza since 1969.
(Gyōza to wa, komugiko o genryō to shita kawa ni,)
“Gyōza is a kind of dumpling - of meat, vegetables, or shrimp -”
(o-niku, yasai, ebi nado no guzai o tsutsumikonda tabemono desu.)
“which are wrapped in a flour-based pastry.”
Next stop is Kushikatsu. Deep-fried meat sticks. They bread them upon ordering. Kushikatsu is said to have originated in Osaka.
(Nagoya nado de wa, miso ni tsuketa kushikatsu mo arimasu.)
“In Nagoya, you can find kushikatsu with miso-based sauce.”
Last but not the least, Takoyaki! Battered balls that are stuffed with minced octopus. Osaka was the first place to popularize takoyaki. And it’s Osaka's most famous dish. Be careful because it's hot.
(Mayonēzu to amakarai sōsu ga, shokuyoku o sosorimasu!)
“Mayonnaise and the sweet-salty sauce stimulate your appetite!”
Would you like to try Osaka’s street foods? Japanese street food is delicious. My favorite is… I'd say Takoyaki for today. If you come to Japan, I recommend to trying some. If you have any question about Japanese street food, let us know in the comments. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye!