Lesson Transcript

皆さん、こんにちは。 (Mina-san konꞌnichiwa!)
If you're coming to Japan, you need to visit the Japanese 100 yen shops. These shops are full of weirds goods and must-buy souvenirs. You can find them everywhere and everything only costs 100 yen. That's about 1 USD. Today, we will see all of the strange things you can find at the Japanese 100 yen shops. Let’s go!
Check out a 100 yen store. These are discount shops found all over Japan similar to dollar stores in the USA. They are great for travelers on a budget.
(Hyaku-en kinꞌitsu no koto o tsūshō hyakkin to yobimasu.)
“100 yen shops are commonly called “100-kin.”
(Iroiro na mono ga aru shi, totemo yasui node,
“There are many kinds of items and they are all inexpensive,”
(takusan o-miyage o kaitai toki ni o-susume desu.)
“I’d recommend shopping here when you want to buy many souvenirs.”
They carry everything you can imagine. Fuzzy duck pens? All your pet supplies. Funky Japanese toys. All kinds of accessories. Cute masks and some weird ones.
(O-sushi no katachi o shita kīhorudā yā)
“You can find many novelty goods like sushi-shaped key chains”
(tabemono no katachi no keshigomu nado, kawatta mono mo takusan arimasu.)
“and erasers which are shaped like food.”
Do you want some giant spiders? How about some insect jelly? 100 yen stores are perfect for your costume parties.
(Kisetsu no ibento ni awaseた shōhin ga tentō ga tentō ni narabimasu.)
“Different products hit the shelves to match seasonal events.”
Are you going fishing? Or to the beach? You can find what you need on one of their many floors.
(Ōgata no hyaku-en kinꞌitsu, hyakkin ni wa,)
“At large 100 yen shops,”
(oshare na zakka mo takusan narabimasu.)
“they carry stylish goods as well.”
There are thousands of random things to buy. A one-stop shop for souvenirs. Do you want to visit a 100 yen shop? Pretty cool, right?
If you visit Japan, you need to go to one of these stores. What would you buy at a Japanese 100 yen shop? Let us know in the comments. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye!