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Japanese food is famous for being delicious. One of the most famous Japanese foods is, of course, sushi!
Today I am going to tell you about self service sushi, or kaiten sushi. If you come to Japan, you must try this kind of sushi.
Let’s eat!
This restaurant has no waiters. Sushi practically flies to your table!
Welcome to ‘Uobei Sushi’, a self service sushi restaurant
回転寿司とは、お寿司の乗ったお皿がベルトコンベアーの上を流れてきて、自分で好きなお皿を取り食べることができる、半セルフサービス型の比較的お手頃な寿司屋のことです。 (Kaitenzushi to wa, o-sushi no notta o-sara ga beruto conbeyā no ue o nagarete kite, jibun de suki na o-sara o tori taberu koto ga dekiru, han serufu sābisu gata no hikakuteki o-tegoro na sushiya no koto desu.)
Touch screen displays make ordering quick and easy.
Order from the interactive menu.
Plates slide to you via the racks.
Press the order button after deciding, and
Fresh sushi has arrived.
ハイテクノロジーですね!(Haitekunorojī desu ne.)
写真もついてるので分かりやすいです。 (Shashin mo tsuite iru node wakari yasui desu.)
Press the button after you take the plate.
Keep ‘em coming...
Avocado tuna,
Smile cheeseburger sushi,
Yakiniku sushi...
回転寿司には変わった寿司ネタもあります。 (Kaitenzushi ni wa kawatta sushineta mo arimasu.)
エビフライ寿司は私もたまに頼みます。甘いソースをかけると美味しいですよ。 (Ebifurai zushi wa watashi mo tama ni tanomimasu. Amai sōsu o kakeru to oishii desu yo.)
The system is genius!
And you can order at your own pace.
Stack your plates to see how much you ate.
積み上げたお皿を見て自分が大食いな事に気づくかもしれません! (Tsumiageta o-sara o mite jibun ga oogui na koto ni kizuku kamo shiremasen.)
Don’t forget to make some fresh green tea.
Matcha powder is at each seat.
Pick your desired amount,
and add boiling water.
私も緑茶は大好きです。 (Watashi mo ryokucha ha daisuki desu.)
抗菌作用があり、お寿司を食べた後にリフレッシュさせてくれます。 (Koukinsayou ga ari, o-sushi o tabeta ato ni rifuresshu sasete kuremasu.)
緑茶以外にガリと呼ばれる生姜の甘酢漬けも置いてあります。 (Ryokucha igai ni gari to yobareru shouga no amasuzuke mo oite arimasu.)
Technology meets sushi.
Are you hungry now? Which sushi do you think is the most delicious?
I’ll see you next time! Bye-bye!


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