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Lesson Transcript

Now, I am going to teach you how to send a Japanese postcard.
First, I am going to teach you where to write the address of the recipient.
If you write vertically, address goes here.
If you write horizontal, address goes here.
You put the postal code here of the recipient, and your postal code goes here.
Post code… ゼロ、ゼロ、五、二
So the recipient’s name goes in the middle. So this is where you put recipient’s name.
Now, I am going to put 山田太郎さん。
山田太郎 様。I don’t know him. It’s just a popular name.
Next, you write your address here on the left side. And a small letter for the recipient’s address.
The postal code…
And finally, write your name on the left side of your address.
And at last, put the 切って。切って。Stamp.
And you put your stamp.
And behind the stamp, you need to lick it, or if you don’t want to, you just put the water, then… ちょっとずれたかな。。。
Put it on the postcard. The price of stamps is, in side Japan, as you can see, 52 Yen. For overseas, by surface mail, it is going to cost 60 Yen. Or 70 Yen by airmail. And normally, there is a space to write a message on the front of the postcard, so you just need to write your message here.
So, what if you want to write it horizontally, how would you do it?
The postal codes are the same.
I am going to show you how.
The name, 山田太郎さん。
Here. Like this.
This is how it looks when you write horizontally.
I don’t usually send a postcard to my friends, but on New Year’s, I send them. Like new year’s greeting to my friends or family or coworkers… stuff like that. I am looking forward to New Year’s to receiving postcards. But recently, I don’t write them, so I don’t get them. Sad!
And also, sending a postcard in summer is called 暑中見舞い。
It’s not as popular as New Year’s 年賀状。Normal; you write messages like… “Please stay healthy,” “I am looking forward to seeing you soon” or something like that.
Okay, now you know how to write Japanese postcards ハガキ。
You should send them to your friends, especially Japanese friends. They will be surprised, and they will love you.