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Hi, everyone! It's Risa. Today, I'm here at konbini. Konbini is short for "convenience store".
コンビニはとっても便利で、生活に欠かせない一部となっています。 (Konbini wa tottemo benri de, seikatsu ni kakasenai ichibu to natte imasu.)
There is more than 6,000 convenience store in Tokyo, and it's normally open for 24 hours! Wow! How convenient.
Convenience store is very convenient but normally it's a little bit more expensive than supermarket. And I'm here at FamilyMart. I like FamilyMart because they have a freshly-made cafe latter for 100yen!
There's another popular convenience store such as 7-eleven, Lawson... I like Natural Lawson, they normally sell some kind of organic products.
In a convenience store, you can buy drinks, food, sweets and snacks, ice-cream, and there is an ATM as well. And you can do photocopy here, so, pretty much everything.
Sometimes, convenience store has a place to eat so you can just buy food from the convenience store then, maybe, go upstairs to eat bento.
Let's go and get it!
Ice cream!
Oh! Seasonal flavor!
My favorite is yukimi-daifuku.
This ice-cream is FamilyMart-brand, so you can only get them at the FamilyMart.
I like these drinks, the warm drinks.
熱っ。 (Attsu.)
I like this one, 伊右衛門.
These are the bento boxes, and if you buy bento box, normally, they'd ask you if you need to warm up the bento, you can warm it up.
This is 鶏そぼろ弁当。 (Tori-soboro-bentō.)
鶏のそぼろと、あと卵、とあとこれ唐揚げかな?が入ってます。 (Tori no soboro to, ato tamago, to ato kore karaage kana? ga haittemasu.)
お寿司の中に唐揚げが入ってます。 (O-sushi no naka ni karaage ga haittemasu.)
There's fried chicken inside the sushi ball.
There are many kinds of グミ (Gumi.)
I recommend you to buy this one - 果汁グミ。 (Kajū gumi.)
Fresh strawberry juice, 100%.
100% of fresh strawberry juice.
This Kajū Gumi has different flavors, my favorite is orange and grapes.
果汁グミ。 (Kajū gumi.)
Oh look! Natto.
豆腐、納豆、めかぶ (tōfu, nattō, mekabu)
Natto is fermented soy beans. I like them, it's healthy.
There is a can coffee which is collaborated with Star Wars.
May the force be with you!
Oh my god! Meg! 桜ラズベリーミルク (Sakura razuberī miruku.)
期間限定のスターバックス・桜ラズベリーミルク。 (Kikan-gentei no sutābakkusu sakura razuberī miruku.)
Cherry blossom raspberry milk.
あ、何か新しいやつある。 (A, nanka atarashii yatsu aru.)
これ買ってみよう。 (Kore katte miyō.)
Chai tea latte.
There's so many different flavors, like tantan-men, dandan-men?
Chili tomato, Tom Yam noodle, curry noodle.
Oh! This one is quite famous one.
Afuri 柚子 (yuzu), they are quite popular for people from overseas.
My favorite cup-ramen? I normally don't really eat cup noodles because I know it's not really good for your health.
But I like... I don't know.
This looks nice.
I like this, 求肥 (gyūhi)
すいません、えっとカフェラテひとつください。 (Suimasen, etto kaferate hitotsu kudasai.)
ホットカフェラテで。 (Hotto kaferate de.)
はい、パスモで払えますか? (Hai, pasumo de haraemasu ka?)
はい。 (Hai.)
ありがとうございました。 (Arigatō gozaimashita.)
ありがとうございます。 (Arigatō gozaimasu.)
え~、まず置いて、カフェラ…なんかすごい出てくるんだけど。 (Ē, mazu oite, kafera... nanka sugoi detekurun dakedo.)
カフェラテ。 (Kaferate.)
Press the button.
I'm gonna put sugar in it.
あ、後の方がいいか。 (A, ato no hō ga iika.)
いつもそうやってやるからさ。 (Itsumo sō yatte yaru kara sa.)
で、砂糖とかいろいろあるから、砂糖を入れて、あといろんなこういうココアシュガーとかキャラメルシュガー、バニラシュガー、キャラメルとかあるので、好きなのを味付けできます。 (De, satō toka iroiro aru kara, satō o irete, ato ironna kōiu kokoa shugā toka kyarameru shugā, banira shugā, kyarameru toka aru node, sukinano o ajitsuke dekimasu.)
ココアにしよう。 (Kokoa ni shiyō.)
ココアシュガー。 (Kokoa shugā.)
じゃあいただきます。 (Jā itadakimasu.)
桜餅です。 (Sakura-mochi desu.)
新発売 (Shin-hatsubai)
130円。 (Hyaku-san-jū-en.)
桜餅って、なんか桜の葉っぱで包まれたお餅。 (Sakura-mochi tte, nanka sakura no happa de tsutsumareta o-mochi.)
桜の葉っぱの匂いがする。 (Sakura no happa no nioi ga suru.)
Smells good.
It makes me feel like, spring is coming.
いただきます。 (Itadakimasu.)
手で食べますよ。 (Te de tabemasu yo.)
生クリームと、粒あんと…うん。 (Nama kurīmu to, tsubu-an to... un.)
うん、おいしい。 (Un, oishii.)
This is eat-in space, you can buy food or drink you bought in FamilyMart and you can eat them in here, in this area.
That's it! That's how the convenience stores are like in Japan.
すごく便利でほんとにいろんな物を置いてます。 (Sugoku benri de honto ni ironna mono o oitemasu.)
Here are some phrases you might use in a convenience store, or you might hear in a convenience store:
いらっしゃいませ~ (irasshaimasē) "Welcome in~"
お弁当 (o-bentō) "Japanese lunchbox"
カップラーメン (kappu rāmen) "instant noodles"
写真プリント (shashin purinto) "picture printing"
未成年 (mi-seinen) "a minor (below 20 years old)"
あたためますか。 (Atatamemasu ka.) "Do you want it heated up?"
袋はいらないです。 (Fukuro wa iranai desu.) "I don't need a bag"
Do you have a memorable experience in Japanese convenience store or in your country? If you have, please let us know in the comment. Bye!


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What do you want to do if you are in Conbini?

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad to hear you like the series.

Regarding your questions:

"In this video the word 'hotto' is used. In travel phrase books the word 'atsui' is more often used. I assume both are correct, but is there a difference in usage?"

>> ホット/Hotto is used for coffee and tea when "iced" one is available. ホットコーヒー (Hot coffee) vs. アイスコーヒー (Iced coffee). We don't say "atsui kōhī" as much as we say "hotto kōhī".

"Risa always says ‘Itadakimasu’ before she eats or drinks something, even when she is on her own. Is she just a very polite person?"

>> It's very common for Japanese people to say "itadakimasu" before eating/drinking something even when you are alone.


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This is a good series. It is very good for listening comprehension. I can play at slower speed and follow printed dialogue. Also, it is useful to hear real exchanges between customer and staff.

I have two questions about Japanese words. In this video the word 'hotto' is used. In travel phrase books the word 'atsui' is more often used. I assume both are correct, but is there a difference in usage?

In this video, and in the other videos about sweets, street snacks and so on, Risa always says 'Itadakimasu' before she eats or drinks something, even when she is on her own. Is she just a very polite person?


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I love you Risa. ❤️️

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I wanna try the cocoa sugar.

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I love Lawson convenience stores!!!!😄

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Are there Japanese markets in your hometown? So you can cook Japanese food!


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みき様、 そうですね。残念ですがこちらのコンビニはあんまり好きではないんですが。日本のように新鮮で美味しいものをあまり売っていないんです。買い物する時に普通のマーケットか日本のマーケットを妻と一緒によく行きます。コンビニに行く必要はありません。Mikisama, Unfortunately, I don't really like convenience stores where I live. They don't sell any fresh and delicious items like they do in Japan. I often go to regular supermarkets or Japanese markets with my wife when we go grocery shopping. The is no need to go to convenience stores.