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Hi, everyone! It's Risa. Today I'm here in Hachioji to see Hachioji fireworks festival!
You might see fireworks on new year's day or some special events, but in Japan, in the summertime, you see fireworks almost every weekend!
Hachioji fireworks festival is one of the festivals which is held in Tokyo. Last year, 80 thousand people came to see fireworks!
Bam! Bam!
あ、虫。 (A, mushi.)
Kanji for 花火 (hanabi) literally means "fire flower".
Hana means "flower"
Bi means "fire"
And paired together, hanabi "fire flower".
Let's see "fire flower" tonight in Hachioji!
むっちゃきれい。 (Muccha kirei.)
きれい。 (Kirei.)
I've never seen fireworks this close! It's beautiful!
きれい。 (Kirei.)
うわぁ、来た、きれい。 (Uwā, kita, kirei.)
すごい。 (Sugoi.)
花火落ちてきそう、こっち。 (Hanabi ochite kisō, kocchi.)
花火落ちてきそうだった。 (Hanabi ochite kisō datta.)
暗くなればなるほどすごい花火が鮮やかに見えますね。 (Kuraku nareba naru hodo sugoi hanabi ga azayaka ni miemasu ne.)
ちょうどその棒があって見えないね。 (Chōdo sono bō ga atte mienai ne.)
でもほんとめっちゃ近いんだけど、花火が。 (Demo honto meccha chikain dakedo, hanabi ga.)
If you've never been to a fireworks festival, I'll give you some tips.
One, fireworks festival can get really crowded, so if you want to have a good view, you better come early and get your space and wait.
Two, you'll probably want to sit on the ground, so don't forget to bring this, ground sheet.
見えない (mienai).
Three, you better go to the bathroom beforehand. Usually, at the fireworks festival, you have to wait in a long line, long queue, for the toilet.
So it's better to go beforehand.
I did!
Four, it'd be a good idea to wait, not going home right after the fireworks finish, because it's going to be really crowded, especially on the train. You'd be like a piece of bread.
So, wait for 30 minutes, 1 hour, why not!
熱い熱い。 (Atsui atsui.)
めっちゃきれい、うわぁ、すごい。 (Meccha kirei, uwā, sugoi.)
So, thanks for all the company sponsors, they can do fireworks, so she's been calling out the sponsors names.
It's worth seeing, it's beautiful.
きれい。 (Kirei.)
花火見てたら蝉の…蝉の羽化する前の虫が来ました。 (Hanabi mitetara semi no... semi no uka suru mae no mushi ga kimashita.)
花火見てたらメグの服に蝉が付いてました。 (Hanabi mitetara megu no fuku ni semi ga tsuite mashita.)
After the fireworks.
(Kyō, hanabi taikai de ima made de konna ni nagaku matta koto nai gurai, ni-ji ni kite, iroiro go-han toka mawattari shite.)
(De, koko no sutajiamu ni haitta no ga daitai yo-ji goro dattandesu kedo, hanabi ga hajimaru no ga shichi-ji nanode,)
(san-jikan gurai zutto matteta ndesukedo, suggoi kireina hanabi ga miretanode, ii keiken ni narimashita.)
The fireworks just finished, and...
みんな片付けてます。 (Minna katazukete masu.)
Here's today's keywords.
花火 (hanabi) "firework"
花火大会 (hanabi taikai) "firework festival"
浴衣 (yukata) "yukata"
綺麗 (kirei) "beautiful"
夏 (natsu) "summer"
レジャーシート (rejāshīto)"ground sheet"
人混み (hitogomi)"crowd of people"
場所取り (bashotori)"saving the spot"
Now, do you want to come to Japan and enjoy firework?
Thank you for watching! And if you like the video, don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, JapanesePod101.


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Have you ever seen a firework in Japan?

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Hi Mr. Daryl K Tickles Jr,

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Semi is cicada in Japanese. There are lots of cicadas in summer in Japan and sometimes they are very noisy during day. But seeing a cicada before hatching is quite uncommon. Risa and her crew were very lucky!😄


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semi? omoshiroku

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Hi ahaad saif,

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Yes, hanabi is amazing!

You'll see a lot of cicadas in summer in Japan😅

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oh my god , that was unbelievable ,

it is so beutiful, but that baby insect scared me.

are there much of insects inthere

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Hi Mina,

Thank you very much for the nice comment! Risa is a great host of these Japanese culture video, isn't she?

Thank you for studying with us!


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This is a stunning video - kirei hanabi! And Risa is the best! Thank you!

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Hi René,

Thank you for your comment!

We hope you will visit Japan and watch fireworks someday?

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Simply beautiful :)