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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone!
みなさん、おげんきですか。(Mina-san, o-genki desu ka.)
Have you ever exchanged a business card?
If you want to make a good impression, it is important to know the custom on how to give or exchange business cards here in Japan. Let's learn how we do it today!
これはめいしといいます。(Kore wa meishi to iimasu.)
めいし (meishi) means “business card” in Japanese.
It's not just a piece of paper with contact information, but something you need to treat carefully to show your respect to someone who you get the card from.
これはめいしいれといいます。(Kore wa meishi-ire to iimasu.)
めいしいれ (meishi-ire) means “business card holder.” This is a wallet for business cards. Japanese business workers have it.
When to exchange business cards?
When you meet someone for the first time, you exchange your business cards at the beginning of the meeting, not at the end. We usually exchange business cards while standing, so make sure to be prepared.
How to exchange cards
1) Hold your card with both hands making sure to have the card face toward the person you are going to greet.
2) Give your self-introduction briefly, your company name and your name.
3) Slightly bow and exchange cards.
4) Use two hands when accepting a business card.
5) After sitting at a table, put the card on your card wallet. Don't put the card into the wallet or pocket right way.
しつれいします。こんにちは。(Shitsurei shimasu. Konnichiwa.)
“Excuse me. Hello.”
すみません。ありがとうございます。(Sumimasen. Arigatō gozaimasu.)
“Pardon me. Thank you very much.”
If you’re visiting the company, you should give your business card first.
こんにちは、イノベーティブ・ランゲージのリサともうします。よろしくおねがいします。(Konnichiwa, Inobētibu Rangēji no Risa to mōshimasu. Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu.)
“Hello, I am Risa from Innovative Language. Please treat me well.”
When you do simultaneous exchange it is a little different.
“Simultaneous exchange” is called どうじこうかん (dōji-kōkan).
When exchanging cards at the same time, use your right hand to give your card and receive card on your left hand.
Now, let’s look at the situation of us exchanging cards.
では、よろしくおねがいします。(Dewa yoroshiku o-negai shimasu.)
“So, please treat me well.”
どうじこうかんのときは、りょうてであいてにめいしをわたすのではなくて、みぎてでわたしましょう。(Dōji-kōkan no toki wa, ryōte de aite ni watasu no dewa nakute, migite de watashimashō.)
“When you exchange cards simultaneously, use your right hand instead of your both hands.”
ラララ・カンパニーのリサともうします。(Rarara kanpanī no Risa to mōshimasu.)
“I'm Risa from the Rarara Company.”
ハハハ・コーポレーションのユウキともうします。(Hahaha Kōporēshon no Yūki to mōshimasu.)
“I'm Yuki from the Hahaha Corporation.”
よろしくおねがいします。(Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu.)
“Please treat me well.”
ハハハ・コーポレーションのユウキさんですね。(Hahaha Kōporēshon no Yūki-san desu ne.)
“You're Yuki from the Hahaha Corporation.”
ラララ・カンパニーのリサさんですね。(Rarara kanpanī no Risa-san desu ne.)
“You're Risa from the Rarara Company.”
はい、よろしくおねがいします。(Hai, yoroshiku o-negai shimasu.)
“Yes, I am. Please treat me well.”
These are the key words and phrases for today:
めいし (meishi) “business card”
めいしいれ (meishi-ire) “business card holder”
えしゃく (eshaku) “nod”
どうじこうかん (dōji-kōkan) “simultaneous exchange”
かいしゃめい (kaishamei) “company name”
ほうもんしゃ (hōmonsha) “visitors”
How was it?
Now you can do めいしこうかん (meishi kōkan) which means “exchange business card” in Japan!
Good luck!
If you have anything you want us to make a video about please, let us know in the comments!
Bye bye.
じゃあ、こんどのポケモンゴーのせっていばしょなんですけども… (Jā, kondo no Pokemon GŌ no settei basho nandesu kedo mo…)
“So, I'd like to discuss a location for the next PokemonGo…”