Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! Risa here.
Look! Spring is here.
In spring, we like to do 花見 (hanami).
Do you know what hanami is?
Hanami literally means "flower viewing".
But in Japan, it almost always means having a picnic under the cherry blossom trees.
It's also known as "cherry blossom viewing party".
People have a picnic under cherry blossoms, eat food, drink, listen to music, and enjoy their time with their friends.
ドーナツ (dōnatsu)
優しい味がします。 (Yasashii aji ga shimasu.)
「やさしいダイズ」だから。 (”Yasashii daizu” dakara.)
大豆 (daizu) "soybean"
You can usually see cherry blossoms at the end of March till the beginning of April. It may be different depending on the year and where you are in Japan.
There are many hanami spots in Tokyo, including Shinjuku gyoen, Yoyogi park, Ueno park, etc.
We're now here at Chidorigafuchi, it's one of the most popular places in Tokyo to see cherry blossoms.
桜 (sakura) is "cherry blossom"
満開 (mankai) is "full bloom"
桜が満開です。 (Sakura ga mankai desu.)
夜桜がピンクにライトアップされてます。 (Yozakura ga pinku ni raitoappu saretemasu.)
桜 (sakura) "cherry blossom"
満開 (mankai) "full bloom"
花見 (hanami) "cherry blossom viewing"
春 (haru) "spring"
ピンク/桃色 (pinku/momoiro) "pink"
公園 (kōen) "park"
ピクニック (pikunikku) "picnic"
夜桜 (yozakura) "night time cherry blossom viewing"
花 (hana) "flower"
花見客 (hanamikyaku) "cherry blossom viewer"
Thank you for watching, 皆さん (mina-san).
Have you had any experience of hanami?
If you have, please let us know in the comments.
Bye-bye! See you!