Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! It’s me Risa again. I’m still here at the Chiba Makuhari Messe for the very first Comic-Con in Japan. As you may have guessed, one of the things Comic-Con is famous for… cosplay!
キャラクターがならんでます。(Kyarakutā ga narande masu.) ”Characters are standing side by side.”
Where are you from?
Originally, I’m from Canada, but right now, I live in Japan.
Are you a big fan of American comics?
Oh heck, yeah! Probably, Jubilee from X-men is one of my favorites.
かえるのは10ぷんぐらい、(Kaeru no wa juppun gurai,) “It took about 10 minutes to change into”
きんがくとしてはたぶん10,000から15,000えんぐらい。(kingaku to shite wa tabun ichi-man kara ichi-man go-sen-en gurai.) “these costumes. It costs about 10,000 to 15,000 yen.”
コスプレ、ハリー・ポッターですか。(Kosupure, Harī Pottā desu ka.) “Is your costume Harry Potter’s?”
ハリーのおとうさんの。(Harī no o-tō-san no.) “Harry’s father’s.”
ハリーの!ちょっとマニアックなほうに。(Harī no! Chotto maniakku na hō ni.) “Harry’s…! A bit minor one.”
マニアックなほうに、きょうは。(Maniakku na hō ni, kyō wa.) “I chose a minor one today.”
すごいすきなんですか。ハリー・ポッターのえいがが。(Sugoi suki nan desu ka. Harī Pottā no eiga ga.) “Do you like Harry Potter movies so much?”
すきです、だいすきです。(Suki desu, daisuki desu.) “Yes, I do. I really like them.”
How do you think about this?
Oh it’s awesome, sugoi, very sugoi.
What is the highlight of all these?
Getting the picture with Stan Lee.
Stan Lee picture, hai.
You paid for it?
I want to see it.
Here, here.
He’s like a legend.
Wow! Lovely!
I got to see Stan Lee.
Yeah! He’s so sweet.
Oh he’s so sweet and he’s so cute and he’s like everyone’s grandpa and I just, I don’t know. I want to take him home and feed him dinner.
こんにちは。(Kon’nichiwa.) “Hello.”
わたし、あんまりアニメにくわしくないんですけど、(Watashi, anmari anime ni kuwashikunai n desu kedo,) “I am not familiar with anime,”
きょうなんのコスプレしてらっしゃるんですか。(kyō nan no kosupure shite rassharu n desu ka.) “but what character are you cosplaying today?”
バットマンのアーカム・シティっていうほうの、ハーレイ・クインで、あの、(Battoman no Ākamu Shiti tte iu hō no, Hārei Kuin de, ano,) “This is Harley Quinn in Batman Arkham City,”
スーサイド・スクワッドとはちがう、ゲームの。(Sūsaido Sukuwaddo to wa chigau, gēmu no.) “not Suicide Squad one, it’s from the video game.”
あ、ちょっと… (A, chotto…) “It’s like a…”
そうなんですよ、そうなんです、あの、キャラとかは (Sō nan desu yo, sō nan desu, ano, kyara toka wa) “Yes, it is. The same character,”
いっしょなんですけど、でてるさくひんがバットマンですので。(issho nan desu kedo, dete ru sakuhin ga Battoman desu node.) “but this one is in Batman Series.”
かみのけのいろもちがうんですね。(Kaminoke no iro mo chigau n desu ne.) “The hair color is different.”
そうなんですよね。(Sō nan desu yo ne.) “Yes, it is.”
なんかこのキャラクターのいいところをおしえてください。(Nanka kono kyarakutā no ii tokoro o oshiete kudasai.) “What do you think this character’s brilliant thing is?”
いいところ…いいところ… (Ii tokoro… ii tokoro…) “The brilliant thing… the brilliant thing…”
なにもわかんない。(Nani mo wakannai.) “I have no idea at all.”
あくなんだけど、にくめない。(Aku nan da kedo, nikumenai.) “She is evil, but you can’t dislike her.”
にくめない。(Nikumenai.) “Can’t dislike her.”
そして、かわいい。(Soshite, kawaii.) “And she is cute.”
えいがもみればわかるとおもうんですけど、すごく。(Eiga mo mireba wakaru to omou n desu kedo, sugoku.) “If you watch the movie, you will find she is really.”
へえ。(Hee.) “Aha.”
すごいコスプレのひといました? (Sugoi kosupure no hito imashita?) “Have you found someone wearing awesome custome?”
デッドプール。(Deddopūru.) “Deadpool.”
デッドプール? (Deddopūru?) “Deadpool?”
なんにんかいるんですけど、 (Nan-nin ka iru n desu kedo,) “There are some people cosplaying as Deadpool,”
みなさんクオリティーがたかいです。(Mina-san kuoritī ga takai desu.) “and all of their cosplay are high-quality.”
あとバットマン。(Ato Battoman.) “And batman.”
バットマン。 (Battoman.) “Batman.”
Have you seen the true batman walking around us?
Yeah, that was so cool.
You’re so happy.
I am so happy. This is like nerd paradise.
いつもそうやってよくコスプレしてるんですか。(Itsumo sō yatte yoku kosupure shite ru n desu ka.) “Do you often cosplay like today?”
そうですね。(Sō desu ne.) “Yes, I do.”
だいたいどれくらいかけてコスプレしてるんですか。(Daitai dore kurai kakete kosupure shite ru n desu ka.) “Approximately, how long does it take to cosplay?”
ええ…あの、ふくをつくるきかんとかですか。(Ee...ano, fuku o tsukuru kikan toka desu ka.) “You mean, how long it takes to make costumes?”
え、じぶんでつくってるんですか! (E, jibun de tsukutte ru n desu ka!) “Do you make your costumes by yourself!?”
いや、あの、 (Iya, ano,) “Well…”
ボロボロです。 (Boroboro desu.) “It is worn out.”
え、すごい、じぶんでつくってるんだって。へえ。 (E, sugoi, jibun de tsukutte ru n datte. Hee.) “Awesome. She makes her costume by herself. Aha.”
So you have been living in Japan for a long time?
A year and a half.
A year and a half?
What do you think about Japan?
Ah, sugoi.
It’s really busy, but it’s never boring.
Everybody here is so polite like you can never find the amount of like respect for each other here like you could like anywhere else.
I’m happy to hear that.
So great! We love the culture. We’re slowly learning Japanese. I’m just, I’m really slow.
Can you give us a Japanese word or phrase?
Or the phrase you like.
かわいい (kawaii) “cute”
And… すみません (sumimasen) “excuse me”
I mix it with English. I go - sumima’xcuse me?
Thank you.
Yeah, absolutely.
Wow! Their costumes are so くふうしてる (kufū shite ru) “exercising their ingenuity”.
みんなそれぞれじぶんのすきなキャラクターを (Minna sorezore jibun no suki na kyarakutā o) “Everyone enjoyed Comic-con,”
じぶんのすきなようにきて、コミコンをたのしんでました。(jibun no suki na yō ni kite, Komikon o tanoshinde mashita.) “cosplaying as their favorite characters in their own way.”
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