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Lesson Transcript

And I think you're all just wonderful.
I’m waiting the people, these people.
なんか、めいよかいちょう、(Nanka, meiyo kaichō,) “Well, an honorary chairperson,”
めいよとくべつこもんとか。(meiyo tokubetsu komon toka.) “an honorary special adviser or someone like that.”
このコミコンをひらくにあたってかんけいしたひととか、(Kono Komikon o hiraku ni atatte kankei shita hito toka,) “Concerned persons who worked on opening this Comic-Con”
あとスタン・リーさんもきます。(ato Stan Rī-san mo kimasu.) “and Stan Lee will also appear.”
こっちからいきますか。(Kotchi kara ikimasu ka.) “Shall we start from this side?”
いや~これはもうひつようないくらいみんな、すばらしいえがおですね。(Iyā kore wa mō hitsuyō nai kurai minna, subarashii egao desu ne.) “Everyone has their most perfect smile.”
はいどうぞ、おねがいします。(Hai dōzo, onegai shimasu.) “Yes, please. Please go ahead.”
さあそれではですね。いきますか。(Sā soredewa desu ne. Ikimasu ka.) “Okay. Shall we begin?”
それではいきましょう。(Soredewa ikimashō.) “Let’s begin.”
それでは、どうぞー!テープカット! (Soredewa, dōzō! Tēpu katto!) “Please go ahead! Cut the tape!”
ありがとうございましたー! (Arigatō gozaimashitā!) “Thank you very much!”
ありがとう、ありがとう、ありがとう。(Arigatō, arigatō, arigatō.) “Thanks, thanks, thanks.”
とうきょうコミックコンベンションじっこういいんかい (Tōkyō Komikku Konbenshon jikkō iinkai) “Akiko Santo, the honorary chairperson”
めいよかいちょう、さんとうあきこ。(Meiyo kaichō, Santō Akiko.) “of Tokyo Comic-Con Executive Committee.”
おめでとうございます。 (Omedetō gozaimasu.) “Congratulations.”
ミスター・スタン・リー。 (Misutā Stan Rī.) “Mr. Stan-Lee.”
まさにレジェンドのコメントでございます。(Masa ni rejendo no komento de gozaimasu.) “The legend is going to give a speech.”
それでは、スタン・リーさん、よろしくおねがいいたします。(Soredewa, Stan Rī-san, yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.) “Now, Mr. Stan Lee, please go ahead.”
I wish that my Japanese was a little better than it is so I’ll say this in English - I thank you very much. I appreciate this deeply and I think you’re all just wonderful. Thank you.
みなさまごぞんじのとおりたけうちりょうまさんは (Mina-sama gozonji no tōri Takeuchi Ryōma-san wa) “As you know, Ryoma Takeuchi is a current-popular young actor”
げんざいだいかつやくちゅうのにっぽんをだいひょうするわかてはいゆうです。(genzai daikatsuyakuchū no Nippon o daihyō suru wakate haiyū desu.) “who represents the performing scene of Japan.”
たけうちさんもだいのアメコミファンなんですよね。(Takeuchi-san mo dai no Amekomi fan nan desu yo ne.) “You are a big fan of American comics, Mr. Takeuchi?”
もうぜんぶみてます。 (Mō zenbu mite masu.) “I have watched all of them.”
いやちょっとえらべないんですけど、(Iya chotto erabenai n desu kedo,) “Well, it is difficult to choose the best,”
ぼくはキャプテンアメリカ (Boku wa Kyaputen Amerika) “but I like Captain America”
がいちばんすきで (ga ichi-ban suki de) “the best.”
アメコミかいのレジェンド、ミスター・スタン・リー。(Amekomikai no rejendo, misutā Stan Rī.) “The legend of American comics, Mr. Stan Lee.”
ようこそ。(Yōkoso.) “Welcome.”
Thank you for coming.
おこしくださいました。(Okoshi kudasaimashita.) “Thank you for coming.”
かずかずのだいヒットアメリカンコミックスのげんさくしゃ、(Kazukazu no daihitto Amerikan Komikkusu no gensakusha,) “The original author of numerous hugely successful American comics,”
スタン・リーです、おねがいします。(Stan Rī desu, onegai shimasu.) “Stan Lee. Go ahead, please.”
I hope you see my back. I would have thought I was in America if I hadn’t known that I’m in beautiful Tokyo. It is very hard to believe that this is your first comic convention because this looks as professional, as exciting and as wonderful as the ones that we have in the United States. In fact, you're going to give us a lot of competition I can see that.
スタン・リーさんにあったら、(Stan Rī-san ni attara,) “I had something to say”
ひとついいたいことがあったんですよ。(hitotsu iitai koto ga atta n desu yo.) “to Mr. Stan Lee.”
いいですか。(Ii desu ka.) “May I?”
It’s dream to perform a marvel hero character.
つたわったのかな。(Tsutawatta no ka na.) “Did it work?”
And which character is that as if I don’t know?
いやー、mutants。(Iyā, mutants.) “Well, mutants.”
Mutant, mutant, mutant.
You look a little bit like a mutant.
すこしミュータントふうにもみえますね。(Sukoshi myūtantofū ni mo miemasu ne.) “You look like a mutant a bit.”
ちょっと、あのミュータントふうにみえますね。(Chotto, ano myūtantofū ni miemasu ne.) “Well, you look a bit like a mutant.”
でもほんとうに、マーベルがだいすきなんで。(Demo hontō ni, Māberu ga daisuki nan de.) “I really like MARVEL.”
I admire your taste and your judgement.
とてもいいしゅみですね。(Totemo ii shumi desu ne.) “I admire your taste.”
ありがとうございます。(Arigatō gozaimasu.) “Thank you very much.”
にんむかんりょうです。(Ninmu kanryō desu.) “I have accomplished my assignment.”
But you’re the prettiest girl of all.
おしゃしん… (O-shashin…) “...photos…”
とてもすてきですね。(Totemo suteki desu ne.) “It looks amazing.”
I am so impressed by what I had seen. I am so impressed by the good humor and the good nature and the way you all seem to be enjoying yourselves so much. And this first convention is as big and as good as any of the big conventions in the United States so I wish you a lot of luck and I know these conventions will get bigger and better and the most important part of all, I hope I get invited to some of them again because I think you're wonderful. Thank you.


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