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Lesson Transcript

ひろこです (Hiroko desu.)
Hiroko here.
Welcome to japanesepod101.com kanji corner brought to you by japanesepod101.com. Start speaking Japanese in minutes. Get your free lifetime account at japanesepod101.com, it’s a grove.
Lesson 3.
A Forest Full of Kanji!
Okay so you’ve grown a tree and then a grove.
Now you are ready to turn the grove into a forest.
Just imagine a big tree that stands at top of your two small trees.
And you’ve written Japanese kanji meaning forest.
Let’s try to draw today’s kanji.
Big tree on the top, small trees at the bottom.
The meaning for this kanji is a forest.
Now we are going to have a trick for memorizing this kanji in just a minute but first we are going to look at the kanji readings.
Remember kanji has two readings? One is 音読み (on'yomi) On readings and the other one is 訓読み (kun'yomi) the Kun readings. Long story short, On readings come from Chinese and the Kun readings come from Japanese. For more information about the reading, visit our website at japanesepod101.com and get the lesson notes.
Okay let’s look at the reading for this kanji.
The On reading for this kanji is シン (shin) and the Kun reading for this kanji is もり (mori) .
Now remember the hint that I was telling about? Let’s take a look at that. I need a green pen again.
The point in memorizing もり (mori) is to picture in your mind that there was a grove, or a smaller wood which is Hayashi, and the bigger tree governs the smaller trees. So remember that the tree on the top is wider than the bottom two trees.
Now let’s take a look at the stroke order. First we have big tree on the top and tree #2. Remember you stop here and the third tree. We will try one more time. 1, 2, 3, 4 big tree on the top, 5, 6, 7, 8 stop here, 9, 10, 11, 12.
Now let’s look at some sample words and phrases.
The On reading for this kanji is shin and look we have the kanji we learned the last time. リン (rin), the grove. So now we have 森林 (shinrin), a forest or big forest or big grove.
Next we have Kun reading mori. This also is a common Japanese name just like Hayashi, Hayashi san, we have 森さん (Mori-san) san here, Mr. or Mrs. Mori.
And one quick note here, when two kanjis are used in one word, not always the case, but we usually use On reading.
Get the lesson notes for this kanji lesson at japanesepod101.com, go to japanesepod101.com and sign up for your free life time account and start speaking Japanese in minutes.
Thank you for watching ありがとうございました (Arigatō gozaimashita.)


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