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Lesson Transcript

リサの富士~。(Risa no fujī.) ドッスーン、ドッスーン。(Dossūn, dossūn.) はっけよーい、のこった!(Hakke yōi, nokotta!) Hi everyone. Welcome to Kanji Time. Today, we are going to review N1 kanji. Let’s go. N1, N1. If you want to do the quiz first, please go to these times.
This kanji means street, ward, town, even number. The on-reading is チョウ、テイ (chō, tei) as in 丁度 (chōdo), meaning exactly. And 丁寧に (teinei ni), meaning respectfully, politely.
This kanji means moreover, also, furthermore. The kun-reading is か (ka) as in 且つ (katsu), meaning besides and 且つ又 (katsu mata), meaning furthermore.
This kanji means hill, knoll. The on-reading is キュウ (kyū) as in 砂丘 (sakyū), meaning sand dune. And the kun-reading is おか (oka) as in 小高い丘 (kodakai oka), meaning small hill. 丘を越え、行こうよ~。(Oka o koe, yukō yō.) なんたらかんたら...。(Nantara kantara...)
This kanji means third class, 3rd in rank. The on-reading is ヘイ (hei) like in 丙種 (heishu) meaning C-grade or third-class. And 丙丁に付す (heitei ni fusu), meaning incinerate secret documents.
This kanji means rust-colored, red, red lead, pills. The on-reading is タン (tan) like in 鉛丹 (entan), meaning red lead. And 牡丹 (bodan), meaning a peony.
Quiz time!
Say the reading of the following kanji:
丁度 (chōdo)
鉛丹 (entan)
丙種 (heishu)
小高い丘 (kodakai oka)
且つ又 (katsu mata)
Now, say the meaning of the following words:
丙丁に付す (heitei ni fusu) Incinerate secret documents
牡丹 (botan) a peony
砂丘 (sakyū) sand dune
丁寧に (teinei ni) politely, respectfully
且つ (katsu) besides
So we reviewed N1 kanji today. Wasn’t it really hard? Thank you for watching. See you next time, またね (mata ne), bye bye. 一本!(Ippon!)


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