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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Kanji time. We are going to learn N5 kanji today. 用意はいいですか。(Yōi wa ii desu ka.) Are you ready? Let’s go. If you want to do the quiz first, please go to these times. ドゥン!(Dun!)
This kanji means week. The on-reading for this kanji is シュウ (shū) like in 週末 (shūmatsu) meaning weekend. Yeay! I love the weekend. And 一週目 (isshū-me) meaning the first week. First week. 一 (ichi) means one, 週 (shū) means week and 目 (me) literally means eye, when you attach it with nouns, it expresses rank. 一週目。(Isshū-me.) The first week. 二週目。(Ni-shū-me.) The second week. 三週目。(San-shū-me.) The third week. デン!(Den!)
This kanji means ten or cross. The on-reading is ジュウ、ジッ(jū, ji) like in 三十 (san-jū) meaning thirty and the kun-reading is とお、と (tō, to) as in 十日 (tōka) means the 10th of the month. デン!(Den!)
This kanji means to leave, to get out, to go out, to take out. The on-reading is シュツ (shutsu) like in 出国 (shukkoku) meaning leaving a country. Goodbye Japan. And the kun-reading is だ、で (da, de) as in 出る (deru) meaning to go out. は~い。(Hāi.) あ、スタジオから今出ます!(A, sutajio kara ima demasu!) あ、はい、お待たせしました。(A, hai, o-matase shimashita.) 出る。(Deru.) カメラの、フレームの中に入る、出る。(Kamera no, furēmu no naka ni hairu, deru.) 入る、出る。(Hairu, deru.) To go in, to go out, to go in, to go out デン!(Den!)
This kanji means to write 書く (kaku). The on-reading for this kanji is ショ (sho) like in 書道 (shodō) meaning calligraphy. 命!(Inochi!) And the kun-reading is か (ka) like in 書く (kaku) meaning to write. 日記を書く。(Nikki o kaku.) 今日は、曇り空から晴れになりました。(Kyō wa, kumorizora kara hare ni narimashita.) 私はおいしいご飯を食べて、とても幸せです。(Watashi wa oishii gohan o tabete, totemo shiawase desu.) 明日も笑っていられますように。(Ashita mo waratte iraremasu yō ni.) おやすみなさい。(Oyasuminasai.) 日記を書く。(Nikki o kaku.)
This kanji means woman, female. The on-reading for this kanji is ジョ、ニョ (jo, nyo) like in 女子 (joshi) meaning girl(s). Girl(s) just wanna have fun. Girl(s) and the kun-reading is おんな、め (onna, me) as in 女の人 (onna no hito) meaning woman. 女の人と男の人。(Onna no hito to otoko no hito.) 女の子と男の子。(Onnanoko to otokonoko.)
Quiz time!
Say the reading of the following words:
三十 (san-jū)
女の人 (onna no hito)
出る (deru)
一週目 (isshū-me)
書く (kaku)
Now, say the meaning of the following words:
出国 (shukkoku) leaving a country
書道 (shodō) calligraphy
週末 (shūmatsu) weekend
女子 (joshi) girl(s)
十日 (tōka) 10th of the month
That’s all for today. 皆さん、見てくれてどうもありがとうございました。(Mina-san, mite kurete dōmo arigatō gozaimashita.) Thank you so much for watching. よし、日本を出国するか!(Yoshi, Nihon o shukkoku suru ka!) 行ってきまーす!(Ittekimāsu!) 上を向いて歩こう~。(Ue o muite arukō.) ピュ~。(Pyū.) 命!(Inochi!) あ、印って書いちゃった、間違えて。(A, shirushi tte kaichatta, machigaete.) なんでだろう?(Nande darō?) 多分分かんなかった。(Tabun wakannakatta.)


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