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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Kanji Time. Today, we are going to study N2 kanji. 参りましょう。(Mairimashō!) If you want to do the quiz first, please go to these times. These times.
This kanji means drama, play, drastic, fast. The on-reading is ゲキ (geki) as in 悲劇 (higeki), meaning tragedy. あ~…。(Ā...) あ~…。(Ā…) Or in 劇場 (gekijō), meaning theatre. 劇 (geki), meaning play. 場 (jō) means place. Where the place for plays. 劇場 (gekijō), meaning theatre.
This kanji means merit, efficacy, benefit. The on-reading is コウ (kō) like in 効果 (kōka), meaning effect. And the kun-reading is き (ki) like in 効き目 (kikime), meaning effect. あ~、眠い。(Ā, nemui.) いただきます。(Itadakimasu.) あ~、ありがと。(Ā, arigato.) う~!(Ū!) Energetic! 効き目。(Kikime.) 栄養ドリンクの効き目。(Eiyō dorinku no kikime.)
This kanji means brave, courage, be in high spirits. The on-reading is ユウ (yū) like in 勇気 (yūki), meaning courage. 勇気をもって臨む。(Yūki o motte nozomu.) And the kun-reading is いさ (isa) like in 勇ましい (isamashii), meaning brave. パカラッパカラッパカラッパカラッ。(Pakara pakara pakara pakara.) おら~、どけどけ!(Orā, doke doke!) 行くぜ!(Iku ze!)
This kanji means recruit, gather (contributions), enlist, get more. The on-reading is ボ (bo) like in 募集 (boshū), meaning invitation, recruitment. ピリッピ~。(Pirippī.) Good morning everyone, JapanesePod Radio です!(desu!) 私たちは今、日本語をしゃべれるナビゲーターを募集しております!(Watashi-tachi wa ima, Nihongo o shabereru nabigētā o boshū shite orimasu!) 応募はこちらまで!(Ōbo wa kochira made!) Bye! And the kun-reading is つの (tsuno) like in 候補者を募る (kōhosha o tsunoru), which means to accept application.
This kanji means power, forces, military, situation. The on-reading is セイ (sei) like in 体勢 (taisei), meaning posture. 変な体勢。(Hen na taisei.) 変な体勢。(Hen na taisei.) 悪い体勢。(Warui taisei.) And the kun-reading is いきお (ikio) as in 勢いよく (ikioi yoku) which means with great force. 勢いよくジャンプする、あ…。(Ikioi yoku janpu suru, a…) 勢いよくジャンプする。(Ikioi yoku janpu suru.)
Quiz time!
Say the reading of the following words:
募集 (boshū)
劇場 (gekijō)
勢いよく (ikioi yoku)
効果 (kōka)
勇ましい (isamashii)
Now, say the meaning of the following words:
候補者を募る (kōhosha o tsunoru) to accept application
悲劇 (higeki) tragedy
効き目 (kikime) effect
勇気 (yūki) courage
体勢 (taisei) posture
Thank you very much for watching. 勇気をもって、行きましょう。(Yūki o motte, ikimashō.) エイ、エイ、オー!(Ei, ei, ō!) Bye bye. See you next time.
This kanji means drama, drastic, pla- +plastic, drama, play, drastic. Mecsicacy… 絶対違う。(Zettai chigau.) 絶対違う、もう。(Zettai chigau, mō.) Efficacy. パカラッパカラッパカラッ。(Pakara, pakara, pakara.) Freedom!


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