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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Kanji time. Today, we are going to review N3 kanji. レッツラゴー!(Rettsura gō!) 行きましょう。(Ikimashō.) 学びましょう。(Manabimashō.) ホッ!(Ho!) If you want to do the quiz first, please go to these times.
This kanji means proportion, divide, separate, split, tear. The on-reading for this kanji is カツ (katsu) as in 割愛 (katsuai). 割愛 (katsuai) means omitting and the kun-reading is わ、さ、わり (wa,sa, wari) as in 役割 (yakuwari) meaning role. 私の役割。(Watashi no yakuwari.) あなたの役割。(Anata no yakuwari.) 私の役割は… (Watashi no yakuwari wa…) Mic test, mic test! マイク・テストをすることです。(Maiku tesuto o suru koto desu.)
This kanji means add, increase, join, include. The on-reading is カ (ka) like in 増加 (zōka) meaning growth, increase and the kun-reading is くわ (kuwa) like in 加える (kuwaeru). 加える (kuwaeru) means to add. 塩を加える。(Shio o kuwaeru.) オリーブオイルを加える。(Orību oiru o kuwaeru.) う~ん、味が薄いな。(Ūn, aji ga usui na.) そうだ!(Sō da!) 塩を加えよう。(Shio o kuwaeyō.) Perfect! バン!(Ban!)
This kanji means help, assist, rescue. デン!(Den!) The on-reading is ジョ (jo) as in 救助 (kyūjo) meaning to rescue, aid. The kun-reading is たす、すけ (tasu, suke) like in 助かる (tasukaru) meaning to get out of trouble, be saved. うわ~、きれいな魚がいっぱいだー。(Uwā, kirei na sakana ga ippai dā.) ボコボコボコボコ…。(Boko boko boko boko…) あー、きれいな魚がいっぱいだ。(Ā, kirei na sakana ga ippai da.) ボコボコボコボコ…。(Boko boko boko boko…) あ、足がつかない!(A, ashi ga tsukanai!) キャー、助けてー!(Kyā, tasuketē!) あぁ、ありがとうございます。(Ā, arigatō gozaimasu.) 助かりました!(Tasukarimashita!) あ~!(Ā!) 気をつけなきゃ。(Ki o tsukenakya.)
This kanji means exert, toil, as much as possible, endeavour. The on-reading is ド (do) like in 努力 (doryoku) meaning effort and kun-reading is つと (tsuto) like in 努める (tsutomeru) meaning to endeavour. バン!(Ban!)
This kanji means labor, thanks for, reward for, trouble. The on-reading is ロウ (rō) like in 苦労 (kurō) meaning hardship. And the kun reading is いたわ、ねぎら (itawa, negira) as in 労う (negirau) meaning to labor. 苦労を労う。(Kurō o negirau.) お疲れさま。(Otsukare-sama.)
Quiz time!
Say the reading of the following kanji:
割愛 (katsuai)
労う (negirau)
加える (kuwaeru)
助かる (tasukaru)
努力 (doryoku)
Now, say the meaning of the following words.
努める (tsutomeru) To endeavour
苦労 (kurō) Hardship
増加 (zōka) Increase, growth
救助 (kyūjo) Rescue, aid
役割 (yakuwari) Role
That’s all for today. Did you learn something new? I hope so. See you at the next kanji time. Bye for now. Bye bye! See you next week.
Help, rescue, assist, help, I need somebody help, I need da da da


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