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Lesson Transcript

Mic check check! Mic check check! Hi everyone. Welcome to kanji time. Today, we are going to 私たちはN2の漢字をレビューします。(Watashi-tachi wa enu tsū no kanji o rebyū shimasu.) we are going to review N2 kanji. Let’s go!
チェキチェキ、ヨー!(Cheki cheki, yō!) Oh, if you want to do the quiz first, please go to these times. チェキチェキ、ヨー!(Cheki cheki, yō!)
This kanji means another time, again. The On reading is サイ、サ (sai, sa) as in 再開発 (saikaihatsu) meaning redevelopment. And the kun-reading is ふたた (futata) as in 再び (futatabi) meaning again.
This kanji means frozen, refrigerate, freeze. The On reading is トウ (tō) like in 冷凍 (reitō) meaning freezing, refrigeration. And the kun-reading is こお、こご (kō, kogo) as in 凍る (kōru) meaning ice up. 凍る、溶ける。(Kōru, tokeru.) 凍る、溶ける。(Kōru, tokeru.) アイスが溶ける!(Aisu ga tokeru!)
This kanji means publish, carve, engrave, shave. The On reading is カン (kan) like in 週刊 (shūkan) meaning weekly. 週刊漢字タイム。(Shūkan kanji taimu.) weekly kanji time. And 朝刊 (chōkan) morning newspaper. ピン!(Pin!)
This kanji means printing, print, brush, rub. The On reading for this kanji is サツ (satsu) as in 印刷 (insatsu) meaning printing and the kun-reading is す (su) as in 刷る (suru) meaning to print. そこの君、ニュースペーパーを、刷ってくれ!(Soko no kimi, nyūsu pēpā o, sutte kure!) はーい。(Hāi.)
This kanji means ticket, certificate, note. The On reading is ケン (ken) as in 乗車券 (jōshaken) meaning ticket (for transportation) and 券売機 (kenbaiki) meaning ticket-vending machine. はい、お客様、まず券売機でチケットをお買い求めください。(Hai, o-kyaku-sama, mazu kenbaiki de chiketto o o-kaimotome kudasai.) はい、ありがとうございます。(Hai, arigatō gozaimasu.) はい、ラーメン一丁!(Hai, rāmen icchō!)
Quiz time!
Say the reading of the following kanji:
冷凍 (reitō)
週刊 (shūkan)
印刷 (insatsu)
再び (futatabi)
乗車券 (jōshaken)
Now, say the meaning of the following words:
刷る (suru) to print
券売機 (kenbaiki) ticket-vending machine
凍る (kōru) to ice up, freeze
朝刊 (chōkan) morning newspaper
再開発 (saikaihatsu) redevelopment.
Thanks everyone for watching. That’s all for today. Thank you very much. またね!(Mata ne!) Bye bye. キンキラキン。(Kinkirakin.) キンキラキン。(Kinkirakin.) キンキラキンにさりげなく~。(Kinkirakin ni sarigenakū.) さりげなく、俺のやり方。(Sarigenaku, ore no yarikata.) 怖い。(Kowai.) 怖い?(Kowai?) あ、い、う。(A, i, u.) あ~、あー、やめてくれ!(Ā, ā, yamete kure!) 印刷するんだ、ニュースだ!(Insatsu suru n da, nyūsu da!) 特大号だ!(Tokudaigō da!) 印刷してくれー。(Insatsu shite kurē.) はい、分かりました、先輩。(Hai, wakarimashita, senpai.) フッフッフッ。(Fuffuffu.) ナイス。(Naisu.) はい、どうぞ。(Hai, dōzo.) はい、どうぞ、早っ!(Hai, dōzo, haya!) お客様、まず券売機でチケットをお買い求めてくだ…。(O-kyaku-sama, mazu kenbaiki de chiketto o o-kaimotomete kuda…) めっちゃ一人ゆっくり動いてる。(Metcha hitori yukkuri ugoite ru.) Finish!


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