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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Kanji Time. Today, we are going to review five kanji from N4. If you want to do the quiz first, go to these times. Let’s start. ダン!(Dan!)
Negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy. On-reading, フ、ブ (fu, bu). 不安 (fuan), being anxious. 寝不足 (nebusoku), lack of sleeping. ダン!(Dan!)
Generation, world, society, public. On-reading, セイ、セ (sei, se). 世界 (sekai) meaning world. Kun-reading, よ (yo) as in 世の中 (yononaka) meaning world. ダン! (Dan!)
Lord, chief, master, main thing, principle. On-reading, シュ、ス (shu, su). 主義 (shugi) meaning principle. Principle. Kun-reading, ぬし、おも、あるじ (nushi, omo, aruji). 主 (aruji) , owner, the head of a family. この家の主。(Kono ie no aruji.) ダン!(Dan!)
Ride. On-reading, ジョウ (jō) as in 乗馬 (jōba) meaning horse riding. パカラッパカラッ。(Pakara pakara.) パカラッパカラッ。(Pakara pakara.) パカラッパカラッ。(Pakara pakara.) Kun-reading, の (no) as in 乗り場 (noriba) meaning platform. 一番乗り場に、一番乗り場に参りますのは、新宿行き、新宿行きでございます。(Ichi-ban noriba ni, ichi-ban noriba ni mairimasu no wa, Shinjuku iki, Shinjuku iki de gozaimasu.) Train’s coming. 一番乗り場から、電車に乗る。(Ichi-ban noriba kara, densha ni noru.) ダン!(Dan!)
Matter, thing, fact, business, reason. Yeay! On-reading, ジ (ji) as in 食事 (shokuji) meaning a meal, kun-reading, こと (koto) as in 物事 (monogoto) meaning things.
Okay. It’s quiz time.
Say the reading on the following kanji:
食事 (shokuji)
主 (aruji)
不安 (fuan)
世の中 (yononaka)
乗る (noru)
Now, say the meaning of the following words:
世界 (sekai) World
寝不足 (nebusoku) Lack of sleeping
物事 (monogoto) Things
乗馬 (jōba) Horse riding
主義 (shugi) Principle
Okay. Today, we reviewed five kanji from N4. Thank you for watching and have a good day. Bye.


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Risa, I enjoy your video as you are a cheerful and pleasant looking lady with a lot of energy. But you seem to hurry as if you want to finish the lesson in record time. Its not conducive to learning Japanese by an average learner trying to grasp the language new to him. Unfortunately, your video does not allow a slower pace of play back thus allowing me to absorb the material in the prescribed time.

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wooow that was a great lesson I really need it I only know this one (事)😅😅 so I really need this .