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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Today is spring activities. So let’s go.
花粉症 (kafunshō)
花粉症 (kafunshō) means hay fever. 私は花粉症です。 (Watashi wa kafunshō desu.) ほんとに、ひどいんですね。 (Honto ni, hidoi n desu ne.)
巣立ち (sudachi)
巣立ち (sudachi) means leaving the nest. 巣立ち?むずかしいな。 (Sudachi? Muzukashii na.)春は巣立ちの季節だ。 (Haru wa sudachi no kisetsu da.) これ、おかしいよ、絶対、もう。 (Kore okashii yo, zettai, mō.) 巣立ちなんて、使わないけど、日本語、あんまり。 (Sudachi nante, tsukawanai kedo Nihongo, anmari.)
出会い (deai)
出会い (deai) means meeting. 出会い (deai). 新しい環境には、新しい出会いがたくさんある。 (Atarashii kankyō ni wa, atarashii deai ga takusan aru.) はい。 (Hai.)
ちょっと、暑くなってきた。 (Chotto, atsuku natte kita.)
入学式 (nyūgakushiki) means entrance ceremony
4月は卒業式の。。あ、入学式だ。 (Shi-gatsu wa sotsugyōshiki no.. a, nyūgakushiki da.) 4月は入学式の季節だ。 (Shi-gatsu wa nyūgakushiki no kisetsu da.)
The last one.. あ、見ちゃった。。 (A, michatta)
新入社員 (shinnyūshain)
新入社員 (shinnyūshain) means new employee. 4月には新入社員がたくさん入ってきます。 (Shi-gatsu ni wa shinnyūshain ga takusan haitte kimasu.)
In the last week’s video I said “いらただしい” (iratadashii) but it was actually “いらだたしい” (iradatashii) and it was actually my speaking habit. Sorry about that. ごめんなさい 。 (Gomennasai.)
また来週。 (Mata raishū.) See you next week.


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Hello everyone.

That's a nice lesson! (Well thought and performed.) :thumbsup:

It is great to have the same text in the video and in the lesson notes.


My favorite word is sudachi (leaving the nest).

I like it because the Kanji are nicely depicting the meaning of the word; reminds me on how the little birds on my balcony stood in the nest before taking their first flight.

次のレッスンの楽しみに。 :D


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