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Lesson Transcript

Nozomi: みなさんこんにちは。Nozomiです。
Marky: Marky here. Welcome to japanesepod101.com and today, we are once again talking about
Nozomi: Aomori-Ben.
Marky: Yes the Aomori dialect. So Nozomi san, thank you for coming again.
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: 元気ですか?
Nozomi: はい。とっても元気ですよ。
Marky: よかったですね。 So last time, we talked a little bit about some famous places in Aomori.
Nozomi: Yes.

Lesson focus

Marky: And you told us about Hirosaki Park. I’ve heard that in Hirosaki city and some other places in Aomori, there are some very famous festivals.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Can you tell us what these festivals are?
Nozomi: Yes, yes of course. There are a lot of kinds of festivals in Aomori.
Marky: Can you tell us the names of a few of the festivals?
Nozomi: ねぶた祭り、ねぷた祭り、立ちねぶた祭り
Marky: What are these festivals famous for?
Nozomi: Big festival.
Marky: They are just…
Nozomi: わかんない。なんて言えばいいかわかんない、英語で。
Marky: Okay so that’s a little difficult. So I am going to give a write up about that in the PDF. So be sure to check out the PDF. I want to mention a couple more things about Aomori. First one is the Seikan Tunnel.
Nozomi: はい。青森駅から函館(はこだて)駅をつないでいます。
Marky: Okay so this tunnel connects.
Nozomi: Yeah.
Marky: Aomori station and Hakodate station.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Where is Hakodate?
Nozomi: Hokkaido.
Marky: Aomori is the top of Honshu.
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: And the next island up is
Nozomi: Hokkaido.
Marky: Hokkaido. Very famous for seafood.
Nozomi: どこがですか?北海道が?
Marky: Hokkaido and Aomori right?
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: And I know you love fresh seafood and sashimi and sushi.
Nozomi: No, no, no, no そんなことないよ。
Marky: You don’t?
Nozomi: Actually Aomori is famous for fresh sushi or sashimi but I hate that kind of me.
Marky: Oh Nozomi, maybe you are the only person in Japan I’ve met.
Nozomi: Yes もったいないですね。
Marky: It’s a shame. Okay, well anyways, that means more for me. So the next thing I want to mention is a little known fact. There is a very famous person buried in Aomori.
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: Yes. Whose grave is in Aomori?
Nozomi: Jesus Christ is buried in Aomori.
Marky: Yes Jesus’s grave is in Aomori and people don’t believe me when I tell them this.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: But it’s – I don’t know if it’s true but there is a grave there right?
Nozomi: Uhoo..
Marky: And it’s been there for a long time.
Nozomi: Yes maybe.
Marky: All right. Let’s get on with our lesson. Who are our two characters today Nozomi?
Nozomi: KotaくんとAyumiさんです。
Marky: Kota and Ayumi.
Nozomi: 犬のお散歩をしているAyumiさんが、Kotaくんに出会いました。
Marky: While Ayumi is walking her dog, she met Kota.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: That said, let’s get into today’s lesson.
晃太: どしちゃ?何しちゅんず?
あゆみ: わ、今、犬の散歩しちゃのよ。
晃太: んだが、なんぼめんこい犬っこだな。でけえ。
あゆみ: んだべ。がっぱどまま食うはんででけえべ?
晃太: んだ。うちの犬はすぐかっちゃくはんでまいねよ。
あゆみ: んだのかー。危ねな!
Nozomi: 今度はもっとゆっくりお願いします。
こうた: どしちゃ?なにしちゅんず?
あゆみ: わ、いま、いぬのさんぽしちゃのよ。
こうた: んだが、なんぼめんこいいぬっこだな。でけえ。
あゆみ: んだべ。がっぱどままくうはんででけえべ?
こうた: んだ。うちのいぬはすぐかっちゃくはんでまいねよ。
あゆみ: んだのかー。あぶねな!
Natsuko: 次は英語が入ります。
晃太: どしちゃ?何しちゅんず?
Hey what’s up? What are you doing?
あゆみ: わ、今、犬の散歩しちゃのよ。
I am walking my dog.
晃太: んだが、なんぼめんこい犬っこだな。でけえ。
Oh yeah, hey what a cute doggie! He is big.
あゆみ: んだべ。がっぱどまま食うはんででけえべ?
Isn't he? Since he eats a lot of food, he is big.
晃太: んだ。うちの犬はすぐかっちゃくはんでまいねよ。
Huh, our dog is quick to scratch people. It’s not good.
あゆみ: んだのかー。危ねな!
Wow! That sounds dangerous.
Marky: Nozomi san
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: 今日の会話はどうでしたか?
Nozomi: 今日の会話はおもしろかったですね。
Marky: なんでですか?
Nozomi: 私は犬が大好きなんですよ。とってもおいしいですよね。
Marky: Ah you love cute dogs.
Nozomi: Yeah because it’s delicious.
Marky: Yes very, very delicious. おかしいな。
Nozomi: No I don’t eat dogs.
Marky: Ah all right. Anyways, let’s take a look at our vocabulary. Shall we?
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Our first phrase we saw before in another lesson.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Can you give us the full phrase?
Nozomi: どしちゃ?何しちゅんず?
Marky: And what does this mean?
Nozomi: ひさしぶり。何してるの?
Marky: How have you been? What are you doing?
Nozomi: Yeah yes.
Marky: Or long time no see. What are you doing?
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: Next phrase.
Nozomi: わ
Marky: And we saw this before in another lesson. This means
Nozomi: わたし
Marky: I or me.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Next word is
Nozomi: しちゃのよ。
Marky: And what is しちゃ?
Nozomi: している。
Marky: This is the state of walking. I am now in a state of doing something and next is
Nozomi: んだが。
Marky: And this means
Nozomi: そうですか。
Marky: Next is
Nozomi: なんぼ。
Marky: In our other lesson, this meant how much is it for price.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: And in this situation, it’s different right?
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: To explain the meaning here, I want to talk about the next word
Nozomi: めんこい
Marky: And this means
Nozomi: かわいい
Marky: You’ve got the phrase なんぼめんこい犬
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: This means
Nozomi: What a cute dog!
Marky: What a cute dog! So めんこいis cute and this なんぼ just means like how cute it is.
Nozomi: Yes, yes.
Marky: Okay. Okay the next phrase is
Nozomi: でけぇ
Marky: In standard Japanese, this is
Nozomi: でかい
Marky: Again I hear this word a lot. And it means
Nozomi: 大きい
Marky: Right really big but this is kind of slang right?
Nozomi: Umm…
Marky: This isn’t formal Japanese.
Nozomi: そうですね。
Marky: Can I use this in a business meeting?
Nozomi: たぶん使わないでしょうね。
Marky: Maybe I shouldn’t use it I guess and our next word is
Nozomi: んだべ。
Marky: And what is this in standard Japanese?
Nozomi: そうでしょ?
Marky: Don’t you think? or right? Okay next is
Nozomi: がっぱど
Marky: And this means
Nozomi: たくさん、いっぱい
Marky: Right. So very or a lot.
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Okay next.
Nozomi: まま
Marky: What does this mean?
Nozomi: ごはん
Marky: And in standard Japanese, what does this mean?
Nozomi: おかあさん
Marky: Yeah like mom…
Nozomi: Yeah.
Marky: Basically yeah.
Nozomi: Yeah.
Marky: Okay next phrase is
Nozomi: かっちゃく
Marky: かっちゃく means
Nozomi: ひっかく
Marky: And that means
Nozomi: Scratch.
Marky: Yes to scratch like an animal scratches it.
Nozomi: Yeah.
Marky: This is the same for dogs and cats?
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: How about an angry girlfriend?
Nozomi: 言いますね。
Marky: It’s the same?
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: Okay. All right, next phrase is
Nozomi: Markyさんは女の子にかっちゃかれたことがあるんですか?
Marky: めぐせ。 I am not saying. Okay next phrase is
Nozomi: まいね。
Marky: We saw this in a couple other lessons. This means
Nozomi: だめ
Marky: だめ。 No…Can you give us an example sentence?
Nozomi: ちゃんと食べねばまいねよ。 You have to eat ちゃんと。
Marky: ちゃんと。 Clean your plate we would say…
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: Okay our next phrase is
Nozomi: んだのか。
Marky: And what is this in standard Japanese?
Nozomi: そうなんだ、そうなのか。
Marky: And this means like oh really, is that so?
Nozomi: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Marky: Yeah is that a fact and Nozomi, our final word is
Nozomi: あぶね。
Marky: And what is this in standard Japanese?
Nozomi: あぶない。
Marky: In this lesson, we had でけぇand あぶね check the PDF. Again we have a short write up about this grammar point. This happens in standard Japanese also right?
Nozomi: はい。
Marky: So is this polite?
Nozomi: Maybe no.
Marky: It’s like a bad word?
Nozomi: Yes.
Marky: How bad?
Nozomi: I don’t know but when I say that in my house, my mother is get angry.
Marky: Your mother gets angry?
Nozomi: Yes. Mother is get angry とか頭悪いんじゃん。


Marky: Be careful with this one guys. All right, so on that one, we have to leave you. That’s all the time we have today.
Nozomi: へばまんず。
Marky: またね。
Nozomi: Bye bye.


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