Lesson Transcript

Natsuko: 第25回中級レッスン、この番組はエァクレーレンの提供でお送りしています。こんにちは、Natsukoです。
Take: こんにちは、Takeです。
Natsuko: 今日は、特別な企画があるので、いつもの中級レッスンはお休みです。Takeさん、どんな企画だかご存じですか?
Take: え?何があるんですか?

Lesson focus

Natsuko: 今日はですね、ドラマのビデオが配信されるんですよ。
Take: One girl, one podcast, searching for that one true love, I love. In a city where true love can be so hard to find, one girl goes against the odds and opens her heart to the world but what will the world say. More importantly, what will you say? I love brought to you by japanesepod101.com where you have a chance to be part of the show. へー、それはおもしろそうですね。
Natsuko: おもしろそうでしょ?
Take: はい。
Natsuko: 実は、私もまだ見てないんですけど、
Take: はい。
Natsuko: Chigusaさんと、あとYoshiさんが出てるらしいですよ。
Take: あ、そうなんですか。
Natsuko: これは絶対見なきゃですね。
Take: ほんとですね。
Natsuko: ビデオはJapanesepod101のウェブサイトで見られますよ。
Peter: That’s right. Today we are bringing back video. We are interrupting today’s intermediate lesson to bring you a video cast intermediate lesson. Now this is for everybody. Everybody who’s been with us from the start. Here it is, this is a culmination of everything we have been working at. There are some new things in there but a lot of review. We have Chigusa san, we have Yoshi san bringing you six months of Japanese. Now it’s a short drama and it’s going to be an ongoing drama and not only is it going to have cast members from japanesepod101.com, we want you, the listeners to participate in it. The title of the show is Natsuko san?
Natsuko: I Love.
Peter: I Love and the theme of the video cast is that Chigusa san is looking for Mr. Right. In order to find Mr. Right, she appears on the podcast, introduces herself and makes a request for video messages from you, the listeners.
Natsuko: You can’t miss that.
Peter: Yeah. Now here is where you come in. We would like you, our listeners to send us your video clips. We want to see you guys using your Japanese. Now here are the specifications. First, you have to introduce yourself, country, city, name and first time greetings. For example, let’s have Take san introduce himself the way it should be on the video.
Take: 日本の、東京の、Takeです。
Peter: Take from Tokyo, Japan.
Take: Chigusaさん、よろしくお願いします。
Peter: That was nice.
Natsuko: Nice.
Peter: Next we have age.
Take: 3才です。
Peter: 3 years old.
Natsuko: Is that real? Is that?
Peter: Then your hobby?
Take: 趣味は、シェークスピア高橋さんの写真を集めることです。
Peter: He likes to collect pictures of Shakespeare Takahashi. Your いいところ. Your good point, your selling point.
Take: 自分のSales Pointは、シェークスピア高橋さんのものまねができることです。
Peter: His selling point is that he can imitate Shakespeare Takahashi.
Natsuko: Umm very unique.
Peter: Too unique. Finally now we haven’t decided whether we are going to put this in or not but for all you Romeos out there, we need you to sing a few lines of Utada Hikaru's First Love. So the lyrics are on the home page. So you have to serenate Chigusa san a little bit. So in addition to your introduction, we are going to have you sing a few lines.
Natsuko: Is that optional?
Peter: No got to do it but still we are not sure if we are going to use it yet. There are still some copyright and issues still things we are working out but we are going to get that information and if we can use it, we are going to use it. If not, well we are going to try. Now the format we are going to take this in is mini-DVD, DVD, CD, VHS, you can mail it into us. Also for the computer savvy people out there, you can upload it and then we will download it but for more details and for all the specifications, please stop by japanesepod101.com. We are really expecting big things out of this.
Natsuko: Yeah I am really looking forward to it.
Peter: We want to see our listeners speaking Japanese.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: Now once we get this, we are actually going to edit it and you will be appearing in the next episode of I Love with Chigusa commenting.
Natsuko: Wow!
Peter: We want everybody. Please send it in. We want everybody participating out there.
Natsuko: It’s like an American idol. A big campaign, isn’t it?
Peter: Big campaign here. Big campaign and the more participation, the better. So I think we may have Take san doing one. Take san, do you want to join in the competition?
Take: いやー、僕はちょっと応募はやめとこうかと思うんですけれども、もしかしたら、シェークスピア高橋さんは応募するかもしれませんよ。
Natsuko: ほんとですか?
Peter: You are not going to participate but Shakespeare Takahashi might participate. Now that’s something we look forward to.
Natsuko: Not sure, not sure yet.
Peter: I think people want to know what he looks like.
Natsuko: Yeah.
Peter: Yeah and here is the thing, be creative. We want to see different kind of clothes, different kind of background, anything, anything, well in the realm of tastefulness. Anything you want to send in, we really want to see but the point is you have to do it in Japanese and it can’t be over a minute. There are specifications. For more details, stop by japanesepod101.com. Again you are going to introduce yourself, first country, city, name, then a hello greeting to Chigusa san, next age, then your hobby, then your selling point and then finally we want to hear you sing a few lines as many people as possible. Of course, if you don’t put it in, we will still take the video but it would be nice to have it. The next video episode will be the last Friday of this month. The deadline to get this stuff in is the 18th. So you have two weeks. Get started as soon as possible and again everybody, please send it in.
Natsuko: よろしくお願いします。


Peter: Please enjoy the video today. Again you can see it on the website or it’s available through two of three of our feeds. We actually have three feeds, one audio only. Then we have one audio/video. The video cast is available through that and a video cast only. In addition, we’d love to hear feedback on the video, feedback, feedback, feedback. We’d like to thank Jeff Cook for making this possible. He played a huge role. He was the Director of Photography. He helped us out putting it together, editing. We’d like to say to him a big thanks.
Natsuko: ありがとうございます。
Peter: And of course to you Chigusa san and Yoshi san. Everybody please enjoy the video and let’s see if we can turn this into something big.
Natsuko: みんながんばってね。
Peter: Furthermore we’d like to say with this video cast, we do have a learning center. All the questions are there just like in normal class. In addition, basic subscribers have access to the PDF which includes everything that was said in today’s lesson. What we are releasing is the English subtitle version but for premium subscribers, you have the other options. All right, we are really excited today.
Natsuko: Yes.
Peter: So again please let us know what you think and that’s going to do for today.
Natsuko: じゃ、また来週。
Take: じゃ、またね。

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