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Lesson Transcript


Risa: Imagine you're staying in your Japanese friend's house, and you're invited to take a bath. What do you do? こんにちは。りさです. Risa here. Anyone can learn how to take a Japanese style bath. In this lesson, you'll learn how. Ben and Taichi are relaxing in the living room after the dinner. Let's watch!
Taichi's mother: ベン、おふろ、どうぞ。
Ben: はい、ありがとうございます。
Taichi's mother: たいち、ベンくんをお風呂場に案内して。
Taichi: わかった。
Taichi: 最初に、ここで、シャワーを浴びて。それから、湯船に入って。
Ben: わかった。
Risa: Now with English translation.
Taichi's mother: Ben, the bath is ready for you.
Ben: Okay, thank you!
Taichi's mother: Taichi, show Ben where the bathroom is.
Taichi: Sure.
Taichi: That a shower here first, then you can get in the bath.
Ben: Got it.
Risa: Here are the key words and phrases you need.
Ben: ふろ
Risa: : ふろ
Alisha: bath
Risa: : ふろ, ふろ, ふろ
Ben: ふろ場
Risa: : ふろ場
Alisha: bathroom
Risa: : ふろ場, ふろ場, ふろ場
Ben: 案内する
Risa: : 案内する
Alisha: to show
Risa: : 案内する, 案内する, 案内する
Ben: シャワー
Risa: : シャワー
Alisha: shower
Risa: : シャワー, シャワー, シャワー
Ben: 浴びる
Risa: : 浴びる
Alisha: to shower, to bathe
Risa: : 浴びる, 浴びる, 浴びる
Ben: 湯船
Risa: : 湯船
Alisha: bathtub
Risa: : 湯船, 湯船, 湯船
Ben: 入る
Risa: : 入る
Alisha: to enter
Risa: : 入る, 入る, 入る
Ben: 分かる
Risa: : 分かる
Alisha: to understand
Risa: : 分かる, 分かる, 分かる
Key Phrases
Risa: Here are the key phrases from the scene.
Alisha: In the scene, what did Ben say to show that he understood the instructions for taking a bath?
Ben: わかった。
Risa: わかった。わかった。わかった。
Alisha: This phrase is commonly used to mean "OK" or "I got it" in casual conversation. This is the informal past tense of a verb meaning "to understand.”
Risa: わかる
Alisha: In formal conversation, you will use its formal past tense…
Risa: わかりました
Alisha: …meaning "I understood."
Alisha: Now you try! Say Ben's line.
Taichi: それから、湯船に入って。
Ben: わかった。
Alisha: When Taichi was explaining how to take a bath, what phrase did he use to express the action of getting in the bathtub?
Ben: 湯船に入って。
Risa: 湯船
Alisha: “a bathtub”
Risa: に
Alisha: a place marking particle, in this case, "in,"
Risa: 入って
Alisha: which is the te-form of a verb meaning "to enter" or "to get into,"
Risa: 入る。
Risa: 湯船に入る
Alisha: …literally means "to enter a bathtub," but actually means "to soak in a bath" or "to soak in hot water."
Alisha:In this case the te-form is used, as in…
Risa: 湯船に入って。
Alisha: A sentence ending with the te-form of a verb is used when you tell someone to do something. So…
Risa: 湯船に入って
Alisha: …means "soak in the bath.”
Alisha: Taichi uses this verb form in another place in the scene.
Ben: ここでシャワーを浴びて。
Alisha: “Take a shower here.”
Alisha: Now you try! Say Taichi's line telling Ben to take a bath.
Ben: それから、湯船に入って。

Lesson focus

Risa: Now, the lesson focus. Here’s how to take a Japanese style bath.
Alisha: Japanese houses usually have a separate bathroom and toilet room. The bathroom is called…
Risa: ふろ場  
Alisha: and the toilet is called…
Risa: トイレ。
Alisha: The Japanese bathroom consists of a washing area,
Risa: 洗い場
Alisha: and a bathtub
Risa: 湯船
Alisha: You are supposed to wash your body and shampoo your hair in the washing area. The bathtub is filled up with hot water for you to soak and relax.
Alisha: Usually the hot water in a bathtub is not replaced every time a person takes a bath, and each family member uses the same water. You can imagine that it's important to keep the bath water clean! That's why it's so important to rinse your body first.
Alisha: When you're washing in the washing area, be careful not to splash soap into the bathtub.
Alisha: For many Japanese people, the purpose of taking a bath is to relax. Also, raising your body temperature is considered good for your health. So get in the mindset of relaxation and learn to appreciate the Japanese style of taking a bath!
Risa: Now it's time to practice your new ability.
Alisha: Now that you know everything about Japanese baths, you want to explain them to your friend. Ready? Here we go.
Alisha: Your friend asks you if you can tell him how to take a Japanese bath. What should you say to signify that you understand?
Risa: わかった。
Alisha: You want to tell him to take a shower here. What do you say?
Risa: ここで、シャワーを浴びて。
Alisha:Then, you want to tell him to soak in the bath after that. What do you say?
Risa: それから、湯船に入って。
Alisha:Great job!
Risa: わかった。
Risa: ここで、シャワーを浴びて。
Risa: それから、湯船に入って。


Risa: よくできました! Now, watch the scene one more time. After that, you're ready to take a Japanese style of bath. Enjoy the bath and relax! じゃまたね!