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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! Welcome to BASIC JAPANESE WRITING. The fastest, easiest and most fun way to master the Japanese alphabet!
You've learned these 35 katakana characters from the previous lessons.
In this lesson where skipping ahead to the R column where you'll learn five new katakana characters.
The first katakana character for this lesson is ラ. ラ.
Try to think of ラ as a ROCKING CHAIR.
Katakana ラ is written in 2 strokes.
The first stroke is a horizontal line.
The second stroke starts as a longer horizontal line parallel to the first stroke. It then turns sharply and makes a curved diagonal line going down until the bottom center.
Ok, let's see it again.
Next up is the katakana character リ. リ.
リ looks exactly like its hiragana counterpart but without the "hane" part.
Katakana リ is written in 2 strokes.
Katakana リ is written just like its hiragana counterpart but without the hane so the first stroke is just a vertical line going down.
The second stroke starts at the same height of the first stroke. Draw a longer stroke going down, curving to the left.
Ok, let's see it again.
The third one is the katakana ル. ル.
To remember this character, think of it as the ROOTS of a tree.
Katakana ル is written in 2 strokes.
The first stroke starts as a straight vertical line then it curves slightly to the left.
The second stroke starts as a vertical line to the right of the first stroke. It turns sharply when reaching the bottom and makes a short curved diagonal line.
Ok, let's see it again.
This is the katakana character レ. レ.
Think of レ as a RAZOR blade.
Katakana レ is written in 1 stroke.
Start by drawing a vertical line, then at the bottom, turn and make a short curved diagonal line.
It is a wider version of the second stroke of katakana ル.
Ok, let's see it again.
And our final character for this lesson is the katakana ロ. ロ.
ロ looks like a ROBOT'S mouth.
Katakana ロ is written in 3 strokes.
The first stroke is a straight vertical line.
The second stroke starts where the first stroke starts. It goes to the right, then turns sharply and goes straight down.
The third stroke is a horizontal line that closes up the box.
Ok, let's see it again.
Let's see all the characters again. ラ, リ, ル, レ, ロ.
Quiz time!
Now, let's review what you've learned. I'll show you a character or a word and give you time to say them. Ready?
ホテル. This means "hotel."
トイレ. This means "the toilet." It's best to remember this one if you're going to Japan.
テレビ. It means "TV." As you can see it's short for "television."
カラオケ. It's the popular Japanese pastime - "karaoke."
イギリス. イギリス is the "United Kingdom."
アルバイト. It means "part-time work."
プロポーズする. This means "to propose marriage."
クレジッドカード. This means "credit card." Japanese people wouldn't understand if you just say "card" so make sure to say the whole thing - クレジッドカード.
Great job! Do you know what the ultimate flashcard game for reading hiragana and katakana is? Try doing Japanese karaoke! You'll need to read the characters fast in order to sing properly. I suggest starting with some slow songs first!
Ok, let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned.
In this lesson, you learned ラ, リ, ル レ, and ロ. Just like in the hiragana lesson, please take note that we skipped the Y column this time so that we could discuss all the Japanese digraphs in the next lesson.
よくできました!You've now mastered 86 Japanese characters.
Hungry in Japan? You'll learn some words to find in a menu like バーベキュー, チョコレート, ジュース and even メニュー itself in the next lesson when we tackle the Y column.
Before you go, practice writing the following words on your own!
And to learn MORE Japanese, go to JapanesePod101.com.
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See you in the next lesson! またね!