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Lesson Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the Culture Class: News and Current Events in Japan, Season 1 - Lesson 17, The Programming Education Boom
A new learning approach is being adopted to teach students skills for the future.
In this lesson, we'll learn about this news story.

Lesson focus

A "program" is like a set of instructions needed in order for a computer to process data.
This set of instructions must be 100% accurate. When the computer does not move or does not proceed, there is always a mistake in the set of instructions, i.e. the "program.”
In order to operate the computer properly, it’s necessary to repeat the input operations you want to give the computer. For that, you must establish the input order and whether the computer is working properly. If it freezes, the cause must be discovered.
"Programming education" exists to help children learn logical thinking, the ability to organize and process knowledge and information, and perseverance to work through these procedures.
The purpose of "programming education" is not to learn a programming language, but to foster universal skills, regardless of the future occupation, through various projects.
In other words, students would learn from "programming" rather than learning programming.
Although there may be some changes in the way this new education is labeled or managed in the future, it is certain that it will be included in the next curriculum guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Prior to this, various services are already being offered in PC classes and at major cram schools throughout the country.
Also at bookstores, many books for parents and teachers are lined up, and various services and applications are available on the Internet.
However, contrary to such a boom, concrete things such as which grade, what and how to learn, and how to evaluate have not yet been clarified. Besides, there are still many problems, such as how to secure the teachers and whether learning time can be secured.


Those are the key facts about the programming education boom.
If you want to find the related Japanese keywords, make sure to check out the lesson notes.
Okay, that’s all for this lesson. Thank you for listening everyone, and keep listening for more of the most talked about news stories in Japan!