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"Hi everyone! I'm Kana Kano."
In this lesson, you'll learn how to talk about the weather in Japanese.
This is Karen Lee, and she's in rainy Tokyo.
She's on a long-distance call with Miki Mori, her former homestay mother.
Miki asks,
"How's the weather?"
てんきは どうですか。(Tenki wa dō desu ka.)
Listen to the conversation, and focus on the response.
てんきはどうですか。(Tenki wa dō desu ka.)
あめです。(Ame desu.)
Once more with the English translation.
てんきはどうですか。(Tenki wa dō desu ka.)
"How's the weather?"
あめです。(Ame desu.)
"It's rainy."

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Can you say "it's rainy" in Japanese?