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"Hi everyone! I'm Kana Kano."
In this lesson, you'll learn how to make small talk about the weather.
This is Karen Lee.
She sees her neighbor, Ichika Ishikawa, and starts a conversation by saying,
"It's hot today, isn't it?"
きょうは あついですね。(Kyō wa atsui desu ne.)
Listen to the conversation, and focus on Karen's comment.
きょうは あついですね。(Kyō wa atsui desu ne.)
そうですね。(Sō desu ne.)
Once more with the English translation.
きょうは あついですね。(Kyō wa atsui desu ne.)
It's hot today, isn't it?
そうですね。(Sō desu ne.)
It is, isn't it?

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